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A guide to crossing Cook Strait: what it’s really like to cross one of the ‘most dangerous’ bodies of water and how operators decide if it’s too choppy


As a quartermaster on the ferries crossing the Cook Strait, Mick Williams remembers the times when waves crashed over the bow of a ferry as the ship crashed into the water.

But those days were rare, Williams said. “Chances are you’ll have a good trip.”

He noted that he was speaking from the perspective of a sailor, who had worked on ships around the world, so his perception may be different from that of someone who has spent little time on the water.

People knew conditions in Cook Strait could change quickly, he said, and that’s part of why the body of water had an undeserved bad reputation.

* Inter-island ferries cancelled, wild weather continues
* Safety is paramount following the Wahine disaster
* Ferry passengers endure a ‘roller coaster’ ride over the Cook Strait in a 7-meter high swell

Waves crashed overboard during a 2017 Cook Strait ferry crossing.


Waves crashed overboard during a 2017 Cook Strait ferry crossing.

“I don’t want to dramatize. I love it, it’s a nice stretch of water,” Williams said.

“I certainly wouldn’t stop anyone from crossing the Cook Strait, but you pick your time,” he said. “It’s beautiful on a beautiful day.”

Large waves and high winds are causing some Cook Strait ferry crossings to be canceled, and on Wednesday MetService warned of a risk of large swells through Thursday evening along the Porirua and Kāpiti coast .

From time to time, the advancing crossings cause a bit of a stir.

A Cook Strait ferry heading for Picton on a stormy day in July 2017


A Cook Strait ferry heading for Picton on a stormy day in July 2017

For example, passengers on the Kaiarahi ferry in the winter of 2017 reported that they were almost out of vomit bags. Those on board who regularly crossed the strait said it was the worst sailing they had experienced. Interislander subsequently canceled sailings due to deteriorating weather conditions which had caused a 7m swell.

On Wednesday, Interislander executive managing director Walter Rushbrook said guidelines for deciding whether to call off a sailing include a wave height of 5m for passenger crossings and 5.5m for cargo crossings.

A ferry captain had absolute authority to cancel crossings at lower heights if he felt it was warranted, Rushbrook said.

“These standards ensure both the comfort of our passengers and the safety of the freight we carry on board our ferries.”

Big waves on Wellington's south coast.  (file photo)


Big waves on Wellington’s south coast. (file photo)

Williams said he remembers times when no one could stand still on deck. “In my case, you cling to the steering wheel. I was also trying to steer the ship through the weather,” he said.

He was unsure of the height of the biggest swells he had encountered in the strait, but said they were “pretty high”.

“The bow goes straight up in the air and then it comes back down and hits the water. It’s quite powerful.

On a reassuring note, Williams said the ferries had enough personnel on board to deal with the worst-case scenario, and the crew members were experienced sailors.

He pointed out that around half of the journey from Wellington to Picton was also in the calmer waters of the Marlborough Sounds and Wellington Harbour.

The entrance to Wellington Harbor (file photo)


The entrance to Wellington Harbor (file photo)

Even on a calm day there was a bit of a swell at the entrance to Wellington Harbor and the ship was starting to move. “There will be some kind of swell and then the ship will go through it on its own,” Williams said.

Navigating through the Sounds entrance required concentration. “At the entrance, all tides meet”, although it was not something passengers would notice.

“I never get tired of crossing the Marlborough Sounds. You always see something different,” he said.

Williams said it was not uncommon for a passenger to fall ill even on a calm crossing, but it was rare. Even under more normal conditions, it was unusual for anyone to get sick.


The April 15, 2020 swell on Wellington’s south coast damaged homes.

On its website, Interislander said strong northerly winds were generally nothing to worry about. The water would remain calm, but the outside decks could be closed.

“However, a strong southerly wind, said to be from the south, can cause significant swells,” the company said.

“Our Interislander Cook Strait ferries have outriggers, which help keep our vessels stable in moderate swells. But there will be days when we are sailing in choppy conditions that are a bit uncomfortable for some.

“There are also times when we delay or cancel departures when it is too dangerous to leave.”

Passengers could postpone their trip to a day with better weather conditions. Depending on the type of fare, they might do it for free or might have to pay a fee.

A Niwa study said the Cook Strait was known for a high frequency of strong winds.

“Northerly winds occur more frequently, but are generally not associated with high waves in the strait,” the study said.

The Kaitaki ferry arriving at Picton


The Kaitaki ferry arriving at Picton

High waves did affect the strait when the winds came from the south, due to the relatively open exposure to that direction.

A Niwa report on Wellington’s climate said that in an average year Baring Head – on the south coast of the North Island near the entrance to Wellington Harbor – had 255 gusty days winds greater than 63 km/h and 72 with gusts greater than 96 km/h.

The Cook Strait acted like a “giant wind tunnel,” according to the Niwa report. This was because it was the only space between the mountainous North and South Islands, and located within the westerly wind belt known as the Roaring Forties.

“The swell over the Cook Strait can increase rapidly with a storm from the south, sometimes reaching heights of 15m or more.

“Due to wind funneling and strong tidal currents, Cook Strait is considered one of the most dangerous and unpredictable bodies of water in the world.”

TSA found stowaway cat in checked bag at JFK airport



For once, it’s a good thing the cat is out of the bag.

When a traveler from New York unknowingly packed a cat in his checked luggage earlier this month, the feline would have been on a flight to Florida had it not been for the x-ray machine and security guards at the international airport John F. Kennedy of New York, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

The stowaway was discovered when an alarm went off at JFK’s checked baggage checkpoint on Nov. 16, according to TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein. Officers looked at the x-ray image and saw the clear outline of an animal.

“The bag was opened by a TSA agent, who was shocked to see a living orange cat inside,” Farbstein wrote in an email.

TSA agents contacted Delta, the passenger’s airline, which then called the passenger to Orlando, Farbstein said. The passenger said the cat was not his, but belonged to someone else in his household.

The cat was brought home safely, but following the feline fiasco, the passenger missed his flight. He was able to book for the next day, “without the cat!” Farbstein added.

Everything you need to know about flying with pets, from the people who do it the most

Tuesday, Farbstein tweeted a photo of the incident, which shows a black, slightly unzipped suitcase with conspicuous orange fur inside.

It was not the first time in recent years that a pet nearly ended up on a flight, unbeknownst to its owners. In October 2021, Kristi and Jared Owens were checking their luggage at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport in Texas when the Southwest Airlines ticket agent informed them that the bag was overweight.

When the couple opened the bag to repack and avoid a fee, they were shocked to discover Ickytheir 5-pound chihuahua, tucked into one of Jared’s cowboy boots.

Couple discover their luggage is overweight due to stowaway dog

“It was just surreal,” Kristi told The Washington Post at the time. “Are we really seeing our dog in our suitcase right now? Is this happening? »

With the help of Southwest employees, the Owens called a relative to pick up Icky and rushed to catch their flight to Las Vegas.

Icky and the cat bound for Orlando are lucky to have been found before being put on a plane with the rest of the checked luggage, which could have been fatal. Baggage compartments on passenger flights are pressurized, but they can drop in cold temperatures, according to Air Canada.

How to Help Street Cats and Dogs You Meet While Traveling

On Delta, small dogs, cats and pet birds can travel in a cabin carrierbut for large animals that must travel in the hold, special arrangements must be made through Delta Cargo.

At the security checkpoint, pets must be removed from their carriers and carried through the screening machine, according to the TSA’s guidance page, “Taking Your Human on a Plane: What Every Pet Needs to Know.”

“Don’t put me in the X-ray tunnel. Seriously, it’s not fun for me,” the agency said. “Get me out, put my EMPTY travel bag on the belt and leave my x-rays with the vet.”

BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR FEET ON VACATION, MAKE SURE THEY’RE READY FOR THE TRIP – Boca Raton’s most trusted source for information


Whether you’re traveling across the country or to a faraway destination, don’t turn this into a vacation from hell. . . for your feet. Make sure your feet are ready to travel or you’ll feel them whining and complaining wherever you go.

One of the most important parts of your body that you’ll need to ensure you’re healthy and fit for the trip are those extremities. Better make sure they are in good working order for traveling

These precious pedestals will hold you like statues as you tirelessly adventure, climb hills, wait in long queues, travel miles and miles exploring endless sights.

Forget the free foot and the free fantasy. You want safe, pain-free footing.

Before you walk a lot, you need to know how your feet touch the ground. This will not only determine how wonderful your vacation is, but also other outcomes they report, such as aging, pain, arthritis, or possibly the need for knee, hip, or surgery. from the back, hardly the vacation you want.

The way your feet touch the ground will affect the stresses placed on your knees, hips and back. Most people strike the ground with the outside or inside of their feet.

You can examine the sole of your sneaker/shoe and if you see that the outer surface is wearing down, then you are a supinator and one overhand sneaker/shoe will give you the misalignment correction you need. If you see that the inside of your sole is wearing down, you are a pronator and one supination sneaker/shoe will give you the misalignment correction you need.

One exceptional source to consult on the health of those perilous foundations we commonly call our feet is a battle-scared veteran US Air Force doctor who happens to be one of the world’s most eye-catching orthopedic surgeons, the Dr Zvi Pearlstein. . Wearing his SKNEEKERS, I find the heel of the transformational sole makes my life’s journey easy.

Today, Dr. Zvi is a wellness consultant who invented “Skneekers”, a unique prescription to remedy foot problems before they lead to more serious conditions affecting the knees, hips and back .

He calls him Skaters to emphasize the intimate relationship that our feet have with our knees, that we want to stay married and not divorced and end up in surgical court. supination of the feet causes compressive stresses of the medial or internal compartment of the knees and overhand causes compressive stresses of the lateral or external compartment of the knees.

Dr. Zvi’s solution is to fix your shoes before your supination Where overhand causes your bones in your knees, hips and back to be crushed, requiring surgery to repair collateral damage.

It says it’s the same as the wheel alignment tires on your car. It does wheel alignment on sneakers and shoes, so you’ll walk more comfortably balanced.

You can find out more about Dr. Zvi and Skneekers at https://www.drzvi.com/ and https://skneekers.com/

Tom Madden is a seasoned world traveler who, when not sightseeing, writes insightful books, his latest WORDSHINE MAN, on how to make your writing inviting, available on Amazon. He is also the CEO of the international public relations company TransMedia Groupserving customers worldwide since 1981.

Isle of Wight tourist attraction Tapnell Farm to improve camping


A POPULAR tourist attraction on the Isle of Wight is looking to turn its seasonal campsite into a more permanent offering.

Tapnell Farm, based on the outskirts of Freshwater, is looking to install 32 high-quality tourist pods, each with enough space for four beds.

They would be clad in roughly sawn and stained vertical timbers, with some walls featuring a latticework living wall.

Currently the site is the zorbing course and also in the summer houses 30 bell tents and a communal activity tent.

The new tourist modules would be mobile, but would be a more permanent element.

The seasonal campsite operated from May 1 to September 30 and was previously used by the National Citizens Service.

Over the past year, Tapnell Farm has partnered with Camp Libertas, which offers children ages 8-15 the opportunity to connect with nature.

Planning Officer, on behalf of Tapnell Farm, BCM says the proposal will provide a high quality solution that breaks the seasonality of trade.

It is proposed that the permanent shower and toilet block remain.

A landscaping plan is also proposed as part of the development of the campsite.

It includes the planting of 70 indigenous trees; a grassy meadow of 21,300 m²; 195 m² of mixed native hedgerows and 1,900 m² of tree and brush plantings.

You can view the application, 21/01931/FUL, on the Isle of Wight Council’s planning register. Comments can be made until December 16.

Planning permission had already been refused for seven permanent free-standing tourist domes because the domes were considered inappropriate for the visual amenity and character of the area.

Visa backlog forces Canadians to cancel trips to India


It’s 8:30 a.m. on a chilly Friday morning in Surrey, British Columbia, and a line of people winds its way around a shopping mall in suburban Metro Vancouver.

They’re not here for the mall candy store or the Filipino fusion restaurant. Most of them waited hours for Indian visa at BLS international visa application center.

Dozens of people lined up outside the BLS international office in Surrey, British Columbia, on Friday, November 18. This comes amid numerous reports of delays in India’s visa processing system. (Lyndsay Duncombe/CBC)

Arminder Bajwa is one of hundreds of Indian visa applicants who say backlogs in the system are leaving people like him in limbo as visa applications have surged amid a drop in global travel restrictions. He’s been here since 5:30 a.m. when the temperatures were near zero.

Indian visa applicants request the return of a electronic visa program that allowed online applications and was in place in Canada before the pandemic, as well as more staff to deal with processing delays reported across the country.

“I spent about $8,000 on tickets,” Bajwa says in the queue, surrounded by dozens of other people trying to warm up. “For my sister’s wedding… she’s my sister, and I have to be there because it’s like a tradition.

“This situation, inflation and everything…$8,000,” he repeats.

A Sikh wearing a turban looks at the camera.
Arminder Bajwa is one of dozens of applicants, some of whom had been queuing outside the visa office since 3 a.m. He has already booked tickets, which cost him thousands of dollars, so that he and his family can travel to India. (Radio Canada)

But Bajwa’s passport has been in the hands of authorities at the BLS office for more than 17 days, and he is desperate.

Another person online said they had been waiting for more than two months – despite advice from the Indian consulate announced deadline of 30 days for a visa.

Prior to the pandemic, applicants like Bajwa had access to an all-virtual e-visa application, a program that has been halted due to travel disruptions.

And while the program has been reinstated in over 156 countries, it has yet to be reinstated in Canada, despite the fact that India largest source status new Asian immigrants to Canada since 2016.

Indian High Commissioner-designate Sanjay Kumar Verma said visa applications had reached dramatic levels, but denied widespread delays.

But a voicemail from BLS International, to which the Indian High Commission has outsourced its visa applications, says “processing times have been extended”.

The company did not return a request for comment. But acknowledgment of the delays is little consolation for Bajwa and others in her situation.

“The population of Surrey in Metro Vancouver is exploding. It’s growing day by day,” he said. “They need more offices. They need more staff.”

Travel agent says e-visa should be restored

Manpreet Grewal, the manager of the My Dream Traveler agency in Mississauga, Ontario, says BLS should consider opening more offices in Canada and Ontario.

She says she’s been hearing about delays in the system for months and has even posted several TikToks for visa applicants seeking advice.

“Nowadays, there are only a location in Brampton for the whole of Greater Toronto,” she told CBC News in an interview.

Currently, there are nine BLS International offices across the country – the only center that processes Indian visa applications in Canada. They are concentrated in the largest urban centers, even as more and more immigrants make their way to small communities. This means that those who live far from urban centers must either send their documents to the BLS centers or go there in person.

Grewal, and the Indian Association of Tour Operators, demanded the return of the electronic visa program. The program allows people from eligible countries to complete the application and obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), before having their e-visa stamped in their passport at their destination.

A dark-haired woman is typing on a computer.
Manpreet Grewal, a travel agent in Mississauga, Ontario, has created a number of TikToks with advice for people in need of Indian visas. She says it’s hard to get appointments, even for people who need them right away because their Indian parents have died. (Radio Canada)

If applicants have Canadian citizenship, even if they were born in India, they must obtain a visa to return, as India does not allow dual citizenship.

“The main reason [for] the delay for visas is because they don’t open e-visas,” she said.

High commissioner cites limited resources

The High Commissioner-designate denied there had been any significant delays across the system, although he admitted there had been massive increases in application volumes which had squeezed resources.

“If I look at Ottawa… October 2022 [visa] submissions compared to October 2021, submissions are up 605%,” Verma told CBC News in an interview.

He said the comparisons were similar for Vancouver and Toronto, with respective increases of 203% and 188% since last October.

A Zoom screenshot of an Indian in costume framed by an Indian and two Canadian flags.
Sanjay Kumar Verma, the high commissioner-designate, said applicants should use the drop-off service at BLS International sites – which are only located in Canada’s largest cities – to avoid long lines. (Radio Canada)

Verma encouraged applicants to check the visa application deadlines on the commission’s website and said those waiting in lines at BLS offices were walk-ins.

“As far as we are concerned, we process visa applications and grant visas to eligible applicants much, much faster than people would otherwise think,” he said.

Regarding the e-visa program, Verma said the program is being restored “country by country, taking into account resource constraints.”

“There are discussions. There are considerations. There are moves in that direction. When it is finally decided by the two governments, then, of course, we will hear the outcome,” he said.

A request for comments from Foreign Affairs Canada was not returned on time.

Andrea McCandless Coulter | News, Sports, Jobs


Andrea McCandless Coulter of Beaufort, SC, died Thursday at Caroline Cottage. She was born in Washington, Pennsylvania, one of the twin daughters of Alberta Black and Merle Eugene McCandless. She was married to the late Kenneth I. Coulter.

Andrea graduated from Hollidaysburg High School, Allegheny College, Meadville, with a bachelor’s degree, from the University of Delaware with a master’s degree in education; and Temple University, with a doctorate in education. Her career in education spanned 34 years and progressed from a social studies and English class, then K-12 social studies coordinator at Penn-Delco School District, Aston, to assistant professor of Education at Allegheny College, Meadville, to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Riverview Intermediate Unit, Clarion, to the Educational Support Consultant for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the Northwest Region.

During this time, she received three scholarships: American scholarship to Eastern College, Pennsylvania; a JISEA fellowship in Japan; and a Fulbright Fellowship in China. She was executive secretary of the Pennsylvania Council for Social Studies for six years and served on the board of the National Council for Social Studies for over three years. She has presented numerous workshops on China, Japan, global education and educational support at local, regional, state and national conferences.

Andrea and her husband retired to Beaufort, SC, in 1994. They became members of First Presbyterian Church in Beaufort, where over the years Andrea served as a deacon, elder, moderator, historian, and Presbyterian Women’s Secretary; and President of TNT Circle. She was also a member of the adult choir and the bell choir.

Andrea was also active in the community. She was twice president of the Cottage Farm Property Owners’ Association and once treasurer. She has served on the Curriculum Committee of the Creative Retirement Center and has taught several courses. She was a former secretary of the Friends of Beaufort County Library. She has taught several courses at the University of SC-Beaufort. Andrea was a member of the Beaufort Duplicate Bridge Club and the Blue Stockings Book Club.

Andrea loved to travel and was able to visit countries on every continent except Antarctica. Although his favorite destinations are Egypt, Turkey, China and Japan, a three-month sabbatical trip to Europe was also memorable. But most important to her was her family, her church and her friends, and she loved everyone. She loved to sing, read, play bridge, participate in church activities and stay in shape at Life Fit. She loved to laugh and her easy smile was contagious.

Andrea is survived by her twin sister, Linda McCandless Hockinson (Joel); stepchildren, Kenneth H. Coulter and Katherine Coulter Herbert; nieces, Jenny M. Emerick, Julie H. Hubler (Greg) and Grace McCandless; and nephews, Christopher McCandless (Carol), Craig Hockinson (Jodi) and Jesse McCandless. She was predeceased by her husband, Kenneth; brother, John Philip McCandless; and his nephew, Jeffrey Hockinson.

A memorial service will be held at First Presbyterian Church at a later date. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorials be sent to First Presbyterian Church, PO Box 1226, Beaufort, SC 29901. Anderson Funeral Home and Crematory serves the family.

Beaulieu: the National Automobile Museum is preparing for a major overhaul


ONE OF Hampshire’s top attractions has celebrated its 50th anniversary by unveiling plans to give the site a major overhaul costing at least £15million.

The National Automobile Museum of Beaulieu intends to implement a series of improvements in order to reach a wider and more diversified audience.

The award-winning museum needs to raise between £15m and £20m over the next seven years to meet its targets.

Its origins date back to 1952, when the previous Lord Montagu displayed five classic cars in the entrance hall of his ancestral home, Palace House.

Daily Echo: Over 20 million people have visited the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu since it opened in 1972More than 20 million people have visited the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu since it opened in 1972 (Photo: Chris Yandell, NewsQuest)

Jon Murden, new director of the National Motor Museum Trust, said: “Motoring is changing rapidly and so are the expectations of our visitors.

“We cannot rest on our laurels – it would be a great disservice to the legacy of Edward, Lord Montagu in establishing the museum.”

The proposed improvements could lead to an increase in the number of objects on public display.

Dr Murden said: “We must seek to collect vehicles, self-memorabilia and all other objects that reflect and tell the ever-changing experience of motoring.”

Work is due to start next year with a £600,000 program to refurbish parts of the museum.

Daily Echo: Over 20 million people have visited the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu since it opened in 1972More than 20 million people have visited the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu since it opened in 1972 (Photo: Chris Yandell, NewsQuest)

The current Lord Montagu, whose father died in 2015, said visitor numbers were down from the post-lockdown boom of 2021, but up significantly from 2019.

Hailing 2022 as a “return to normal”, he said: “For the first time in three years, we have been able to run a full program of events including Supercar Weekend, 16 Simply rallies and both Autojumbles.”

The showroom dates from 1972, when it replaced the much smaller Montagu Motor Museum.

A total of 640,501 people visited the new attraction in its first year, compared to 70,000 who visited Beaulieu two decades earlier.

Daily Echo: Exhibits include a children's caravan used by King Charles and the Princess Royal when they were youngExhibits include a children’s caravan used by King Charles and the Princess Royal when they were young (Photo: Chris Yandell, NewsQuest)

Lord Montagu said the opening of the National Motor Museum was one of his father’s proudest moments and the culmination of more than 20 years of work.

He added: “Half a century later, the charity he created, the National Motor Museum Trust, continues his legacy.

“The museum has had over 21 million visitors since 1972, houses 275 vehicles and, together with its libraries and archives, is one of the most important automotive collections in the UK.”

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How busy airports will be this year – NBC Boston


Thanksgiving travel is expected to ramp up this week at Logan International Airport in Boston, with nearly 64,000 travelers expected during peak days.

This is around 20,000 more travelers per day than at the same time in 2021.

The TSA has issued a warning for travelers, saying they should expect long lines at Logan, especially next Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Sunday after Thanksgiving. In other words, pack your patience.

Many are expected to travel by road and air for Thanksgiving next week.

“We try to recruit as much staff as possible, especially during the busiest times of the holiday travel season,” TSA spokesman Dan Velez said. “But there will be a backup with the line because of the number of people traveling.”

Velez suggested people arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure and have travel documents ready to go through security.

Travelers are also advised to exercise caution when packing hand luggage. Velez said people transporting Thanksgiving goods that contain liquids must turn them over or check them in as cargo.

“If you’re traveling with food, keep in mind that if you can spray it, spill it, spill it, pump it, or pour it, it has to be in your checked bag,” Velez said. “These items cannot be, due to liquid rules, in your hand luggage.”

Velez also posted advice on traveling with guns.

Demand is growing and prices are skyrocketing for trips before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Guns can only travel in controlled backs,” he said. “[They] must be declared to the airline you are traveling with. They must be locked, unloaded and placed in a hard case so that they are completely inaccessible.”

A record 26 firearms were improperly secured at Logan this year, according to the TSA. Penalties could include loss of pre-screening privileges and fines of up to $14,000.

Another tip to speed up the security check process is to put all your loose items like watches, phones, keys or wallets in your hand luggage. It will also help avoid losing some of those belongings when you go to collect them.

Record numbers expected to hit the road

Roads and highways are also expected to be extremely busy before and after Thanksgiving. Massachusetts transportation officials and the AAA are warning that travel is expected to approach — if not exceed — pre-pandemic levels.

In a Wednesday briefing, Massachusetts Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver said roads in the Bay State will be significantly busier than in recent years and possibly exceed pre-pandemic levels. .

Thanksgiving traffic congestion will actually begin Thursday, a week before the holiday, according to Gulliver. Roads are expected to be busier than usual over the weekend and traffic jams will be “very, very heavy” on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

He noted that where most people used to travel after work on Wednesday, “we’ve seen people spread out a bit more”, which also impacts the Tuesday commute before Thanksgiving. .

But Sunday will have “by far” the worst congestion of the week, as people head home.

The Department of Transportation released this schedule showing when to expect major delays on major highways between Monday and Sunday after Thanksgiving:

This year will mark the third-busiest Thanksgiving travel season since 2000, with 98% volume compared to pre-pandemic years, according to AAA.

When it comes to the best times to go, experts say Thanksgiving morning before 11 a.m. or before 8 a.m. the day before Thanksgiving.

Business News | The Indian Travel Show will be held in Bangalore in January 2023


New Delhi [India], November 17 (ANI/SRV): Indian Travel Exhibition (ITE), will be held at Manpho Convention Center in Bangalore on January 21-22, 2023. The event will be managed by Show Buddy Entertainment Pvt Ltd. The Trade Connect is the magazine partner, while Indian Journo and Travel Trade News are the media partners. Travel Agents Association of Karnataka (TAAK), Karnataka Traders Chamber of Commerce (KTCC), Business Achievers India Foundation (BAIF), Hajj Travel Agent Federation of India (HTAFI) and others will join in the future as support organisations. This will be India’s first travel and tourism exhibition. Major service providers from various countries, state governments, union territories, airlines, cruise lines, hotels and resorts, ticketing platforms, app-based aggregators, travel agents, pilgrimage organizers religious, etc. participate in “INDIAN TRAVEL EXHIBITION”.

The Arab-Asian Chamber of Commerce is organizing the “Indian Travel Exhibition” in Bangalore with the aim of revitalizing the travel and tourism industry in the post-Covid era.

Read also | Toh Bataiye Iss Baar Ki “sabse Sahi Hai Jodi” Ka Title Kis Jodi Ko Milega? … – Latest Tweet from ColorsTV.

The Asian-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AATCOC) is the place to inspire tomorrow’s leaders, organizations, individuals and entrepreneurs to help Asian and Arab businesses grow and thrive. AATCOC was founded to bridge the gap between Asian and Arab businesses, with a particular focus on the MSME sectors.

The Asian-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AATCOC) wishes to support organizations and entrepreneurs in their professional achievements by conducting research and recognizing their efforts.

Read also | Twitter Blue With Verification “Completely Flawed,” Says Margrethe Vestager, Europe Head of Competition; slams Elon Musk.

ATCOC has collaborated with the government administrations of several countries in various areas of trade and industry, travel and tourism boards by implementing specific initiatives, responding to important industry concerns and acting as a catalyst for policy change.

Entrepreneurs are inventive and imaginative. To stay competitive in domestic and global markets, they constantly introduce new products and methods, as well as unique services. Such inventive attempts can now be encouraged and promoted within the larger goal of qualitative growth. AATCOC honors these entrepreneurs for their outstanding achievements with awards to motivate and encourage them.

After the huge success of the two-day trade awards event, India Trade Awards 2022, Abdul Musaddiq, Managing Director of the Arab-Asian Chamber of Commerce, is fully prepared for the Indian Travel Exhibition (ITE). He further said: The Arab-Asian Chamber of Commerce (AATCOC) was established to facilitate business conduct and facilitate collaboration between businesses and governments of various countries for the sake of qualitative development.

In the battle against the COVID outbreak, it is about realizing the goal of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for an Atma Nirbhar Bharat and restoring the economy.

The INDIAN TRAVEL EXHIBITION will function as a catalyst to transform travel and tourism into an engine for economic growth, job creation and cultural integration. It is the next leading travel and tourism exhibition in India.

For more details and registration visit our websites www.indiantravelexhibition.com or www.ite.ind.in or www.aatcoc.org

This story was provided by SRV ANI will not be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/SRV)

(This is an unedited and auto-generated story from syndicated newsfeed, LatestLY staff may not have edited or edited the body of the content)

Green Heart of Kenya – Arup


Make the most of the existing landscape

Water management for Green Heart of Kenya was identified as a major challenge early on, especially as the site’s water supply is unreliable. Rather than using an expensive seawater system – which would create problems for the project budget – our team found the solution to use rainwater harvesting and treated effluent from the treatment plant to meet the site irrigation water requirements.

Retention ponds have been proposed to mitigate and store both stormwater and treated wastewater, creating a healthy ecosystem that takes a nature-based approach to managing flood risk. We also recommended the use of local plants and crops acclimatized to the region, as they consume less water compared to imported vegetation.

Like its water supply, the location’s power grid is equally unreliable. In response to this, we planned to produce solar energy on site. This will not only reduce carbon emissions, but also give residents and businesses access to a secure source of renewable energy they can rely on.

Moreover, energy, water and agriculture systems operate in combination rather than in isolation. For example, we used an agrivoltaic approach, which allowed us to use the same land for solar power generation and agriculture. In addition to saving space, solar panels also serve to shield plants from local sunlight, helping them grow more efficiently by reducing drought stress and regulating temperatures. As a result, future residents will be able to thrive and enjoy reliable urban power levels in a beautiful rural location.

Ohio Ski Resorts 2022


PENINSULA, Ohio (WJW) — Vail Resorts is preparing to open its three local ski resorts for a new season, hoping to put some of the challenges of 2021 behind them.

The company aims to open stations in Boston Mills, Brandywine and Alpine Valley on December 17.

Resorts could start snowing as early as this weekend.

“Temperatures are dropping this weekend, so we’re hoping to fire up cannons to make piles of snow, we don’t know if it’ll open early, but we’re still looking at December 17 as a start date,” the carrier said. lyrics Jake Campbell.

The resorts are looking to rebound from a difficult 2021 winter in which warmer than average temperatures in December combined with staff shortages to keep two of its resorts closed at the start of the season and limit the opening hours of Boston Mills.

“I think that was our biggest challenge, and we raised the minimum wage to $20 an hour, so I can say with confidence that we’re well staffed right now, there are still a few positions left,” he said. said Campbell.

Additionally, the company was still struggling to follow health and safety protocols as COVID-19 remained a concern.

Campbell said vaccination and masking requirements have now been lifted, as have last year’s restrictions on accessing resort dining areas.

During the off-season, the company made a major investment in its lifts at Boston Mills and Brandywine.

A total of about five million dollars was spent to install new elevators that could carry twice as many people.

“So that means more time on the snow, less time in the queues, which is really going to increase the experience you have at those resorts because those are our main lifts,” Campbell said.

Some additional facelifts will be noticeable inside the stations themselves.

And while whether resorts actually open largely depends on the elements, resorts are already offering online packages for the upcoming season, hoping to catch up with last year’s challenges.

“I grew up with these stations too. I learned to ski and ride here like many of you have, and it really takes a lot of dedicated staff and team members to bring this place to life, and I’m so thrilled to welcome everyone for this season,” Campbell said. .

Senior Travel Guide: How to Have Incredible Adventures as a Senior


By MP Deepu

Look forward to traveling in your golden years! It’s time to rediscover the art and pleasure of travelling. Why should you travel less or reduce frequent trips? The knowledge you’ve gained over the years really helps you take full advantage of the new experiences found as you travel through the later phase of life. Going out and meeting new people will keep seniors active and socially involved.

It’s no secret that traveling can be a refreshing experience for everyone. Whether at any age, taking a break from your usual routine and heading out on a short adventure trip can do wonders for your physical and emotional health.

Older people have the advantage of having free time to travel and explore the world. They can seize the opportunity to sign up for senior group trips and fully experience their second leg.

Tips for having amazing adventures as a senior

Choose the location wisely: As a senior, the very first thing you need to do is to choose your travel location wisely. Gone are the days when you just choose any random location and jump into the most unexpected and thrilling adventure. A wise choice of destination depends on the type of vacation you want. It could be the mountains calling to you, a sunny beach, a spiritual visit, or a historic place. Figure out your mood, then consider choosing locations that might work for you. Consider comfort and convenience when deciding where to go!

Read also | India’s elderly population is changing, is the nation ready?

Travel insurance is essential: Going without travel insurance is not advisable for the elderly. It goes without saying that getting travel insurance before going on vacation is definitely imperative. Imagine if you travel without insurance and end up needing medical attention abroad; it can be very expensive. Old age is more susceptible to unexpected illnesses. Don’t let him spoil the party for you. Travel insurance acts as a safety net and makes your trip hassle-free.

Make your reservations: Advanced planning means advance reservations. Imagine reaching your destination excited to find that there is no accommodation available, wasting your time looking for it. It is therefore recommended to book in advance to avoid any last minute cancellations. Knowing that your reservations are confirmed, you’ll have peace of mind and can look forward to exploring the destination you’re heading to.

Say yes to exciting adventures!

Say yes to amazing adventures! In fact, traveling to an older life enriches your experience because you are now wiser than before. A little getaway to cool off is always appreciated, no matter what your age. Exciting activities await you. Feel free to experience new adventures like rafting, jungle safaris and many more organized for all age groups.

Travel is indeed an investment in itself. And as the saying goes “In the end, you only regret the risks you didn’t take”, so don’t think about your old age before saying yes to an incredible adventure. Planning, packing, travel, stay, place, and companions will make your journey healthy. Let travel therapy rejuvenate you!

(The author is co-founder and chief operating officer, Senior World. The opinions expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of FinancialExpress.com.)

FAA Incoming Airline Seat Size Comments


The Federal Aviation Administration wanted feedback from travelers on the flight, particularly the size of seats on the planes.

Boy, did they give it to them.


And the consensus was what you might expect – the seats are too small, travelers said, according to the results received to date.

The FAA began soliciting opinions on airline seat sizes in August, and the public comment period was flooded with thousands of thoughts on the subject. The public comment period ended on November 1; now the FAA says it is sifting through responses.

trendy now

“We will review all applicable comments,” the government agency said. “Our review has no set deadline.”

It’s no surprise that this is taking a long time, not considering that the FAA said it received more than 21,000 responses. The comments were apparently aimed at improving airline security measures and the ability to get in and out of seats and aisles in the event of an emergency on a flight. But commentators have turned it into a referendum on seat sizes.

“Airplane seats are MUCH too small. There needs to be a minimum size set, and it needs to be larger than the current size,” wrote commentator Epiphany Pizor. “Estimates indicate that less than TWENTY PERCENT of Americans can fit into today’s airplane seats, and whether or not you think fat people deserve to be treated with dignity, that number is totally unacceptable.”

As Americans grow — some experts say by as much as 30% over the past 30 years — airline seat size has become an issue for the traveling public and for carriers. United Airlines, in fact, said earlier this month that it was deliberately not to sell certain seats on its flights to ensure better weight distribution on the plane.

“Only about 50% of the population can fit into the seats and for men only about 13% have narrower shoulders than the seats,” said Paul Hudson, president of FlyersRights.org and member of the advisory board on FAA aviation regulations. told Good Morning America in August.

Sukanta Kundu Parthib’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur


“Sukanta Kundu Parthib is the founder and CEO of Editorialge.com. Here he shares his struggle and life experience to become a successful entrepreneur.

His monthly income is now in seven figures. It has created jobs and opportunities among the younger generation. Here, he tells his journey and how his dream of being one of the best businessmen comes true.

Sukanta Kundu is a renowned entrepreneur, writer, journalist and digital marketer, as well as a poet. He has an experience of over 10 years as a digital marketer and digital marketing consultant. In addition, he enjoys reading books, writing, traveling and researching. He has published two books relating to poems in Bengali.

He started his career as a freelance writer and journalist in different Bangladeshi media. For 23 years he has been writing poems, short stories and novels. Noted that his pen name is Sukanta Parthib. And his real name is Sukanta Kundu according to the government document.

As a successful entrepreneur, he led the parent organization – Editorialge.com and other online portals – Articleify.com, Techidea.net, Techyfilm.com and Editor99.com – to number one in the world. He is enthusiastically looking for young writers and digital marketers who can lead the world in this industry in the future.

He founded the Editorialge.com on October 30, 2019 and since then he hasn’t looked back and taken his business to a new height of success.

In the exclusive interview, Sukanta Kundu Parthib said, “I started my career as a freelance writer and SEO specialist in Upwork and Fiverr. Since then, I dream of creating a platform in our country, which can give opportunities to work as a freelancer. Then I created Editorialge.com, the parent company.

“In fact, I look forward to working with the emerging young professionals who will lead the world in the future. There are many emerging freelance professionals who want to start a freelancing career. This idea paved the way for me to become a successful entrepreneur.

“There is no alternative to hard work. If you want to succeed in your field or achieve the goal you want and set for yourself, you have to work hard,” he said.

“Patience and courage always make a fortune,” he added.


His plan is to create a multinational company of skilled content writers, digital marketers, graphic designers and web developers. Her life purpose is to work for the well-being of people, nature and the environment.

It has created jobs and opportunities for 30 unemployed young people in the Indian subcontinent. Currently, Editorialge.com is one of the top genuine and credible websites around the world.

In his next one-year plan, he wants to create jobs through his platform for 100 young people around the world. And in the future, the platform will be able to give work to many other independent professionals. As a human rights activist, he wants to work for deprived people for their equal rights and humanity.


“As a successful entrepreneur, I want to give advice to new entrepreneurs who have just started their startup. First you define your goal, your mission and your vision. Then, set your target according to your goals and objectives I am quite sure that if you work hard according to your plan and your goal, you must succeed,” Sukanta said.

“Sometimes I face difficult situations and it seems that I had to let go of my entrepreneurial spirit. But in a few moments, I set my goal and target again. That’s why I am now here and in this position. So.”

“So never give up on what you want or want,” the successful entrepreneur said.

“On October 30, we celebrated Third anniversary of the founding of Editorialge. It looks like we started our journey yesterday. In the blink of an eye, three years have passed. We continued to do things that no one else had done before and played a big role in the industry. May this journey continue in the days to come!

“I am grateful to all of you who are connected to us. So stay with us. Don’t leave us,” he added.


Editorialge was founded by Sukanta Kundu Parthib on October 30, 2019. Sukanta faced some challenges running the blog site. Although it was difficult for him, he did not give up on his dream, but tried many times. Well, three years have passed! Its members currently work in four countries: Bangladesh, India, the United States and Singapore.

Since the beginning of its journey, Editorialge tries to present resourceful and organic content on entertainment, technology, health, sports, travel and current issues with authentic sources. Its teams across the subcontinent work vigorously and always try to reveal the truth objectively and accurately.

Editorialge’s wings are now flying not only in the country but also around the world. Day by day, the website has become very popular among overseas readers. Stay tuned!

Media Contact: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEditorialge

Twitter: https://twitter.com/editorialge

Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Regional offices: India, Singapore and USA.

FIFA urges fans to enjoy Qatar’s unique tourist attractions


The International Football Association (FIFA) has published on its official website a tourist guide of cities, landmarks and activities that fans should explore when visiting Qatar to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 , which begins on November 20 and ends in December. 18.

FIFA has indicated that the Qatar 2022 World Cup tournament will undoubtedly offer football fans the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience in the Gulf country, with cities of the future, adventures in the desert and possibilities endless shopping. Qatar will offer the visiting public everything from sightseeing trips to nature tours that cover all aspects of local life, and will provide visitors with a variety of activities to suit all tastes.

Qatar to provide
sustainable transport

Over the past few years, Qatar’s transport infrastructure has been transformed to provide fast and efficient options for residents and fans during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, FIFA announced on its official website on Saturday. Guided by Qatar’s National Vision 2030 which aims to reduce the country’s dependence on hydrocarbons, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) worked with a range of stakeholders to fast-track a host of transportation projects ahead of the World Cup, including Doha metro, highways, electric buses and trams. Public transport will be free for Hayya Card holders between November 10 and December 23, 2022.

The FIFA guide explained that there are five things fans can expect when visiting Qatar during the World Cup, the first of which is generosity and hospitality, as residents of Qatar are renowned for their hospitality and traditionally share their food with their guests, and this culture is still embedded in Qatari society and permeates all aspects of life in Qatar.
Serving customers with Arabic coffee and sweets remains an expression of Qatari hospitality and rich and unique cuisine, which over the years has been influenced by delicacies from the Indian subcontinent, Iran, the Levant and of North Africa. The guide stopped at resorts and beaches, of which there are many in Qatar, and everyone can relax, and among these resorts is Sealine Beach Resort, one of the most beautiful coastal areas near from the capital, Doha, and visitors can also spend time at Al Ghariya Resort on the waterfront. extends over several kilometres.
The third distinctive element that FIFA has highlighted in its guide is islands and water sports. Qatar, due to its geographical location, rich marine life and clear waters, is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts.
The guide also reviewed the historical places and castles of Qatar, where antique lovers can discover many historical sites that tell the story of the distant past of the State of Qatar.
The fifth and final thing that visitors to Qatar must experience are desert adventures and sand dunes. In addition to beautiful beaches and islands, Qatar also has beautiful desert and rocky terrain.
Visitors can enjoy desert safaris, camel rides and camping under the stars in a Bedouin tent, or perhaps a visit to the Khor Al Adaid region, which features scenic sand dunes nicknamed the “inland sea”.
There is also Al Jassasiya, a fascinating area filled with rock carvings, where visitors can see examples of prehistoric carvings.

Phu Quoc Travel Guide: What to Explore, What to Eat, How to Get There


Phu Quoc is unrecognizable today as the poor fishing village it once was. It is a top tourist destination – the only locality in Vietnam offering 30-day visa-free entry.


The ideal time to visit Phu Quoc is from November to April, when one is reasonably assured of calm waters and warm sunshine, ideal for a range of outdoor activities, including the most relaxing of all – sunbathing.

This period coincides well with the winter holiday escape that many Western tourists plan, so Phu Quoc has become a favored destination for them.

While some also take advantage of the rainy season on the island between May and October, others are a bit worried about getting stuck on the island if the weather deteriorates.


Phu Quoc is divided into four main areas: the center (Duong Dong Town) and the southern, northern and eastern areas. Either way, it will take at least two days to tame the island, so an extended stay is ideal.

At the southern tip of Phu Quoc, Sao Beach stretches over seven kilometers and its turquoise waters and white sand never fail to charm visitors.

Tourists experience outdoor activities at Sao Beach in Phu Quoc. Photos by Shutterstock

Those who want to burn off some energy on the beach can jet ski or kayak, windsurf, fish, snorkel and dive.

Renting a jetski costs between 350,000 and 400,000 VND (14-16 USD) for 15 minutes, and windsurfing costs 800,000 VND.

Kayak rental services cost between 100,000 and 150,000 VND per person.

Diving excursions are highly recommended here as the coral reefs and diverse marine ecosystem are easily accessible and not very expensive, between 300,000 VND and 1.5 million VND per person.

The longest beach in Phu Quoc, Bai Truong (Long Beach) has a coastline of about 20 km from Dinh Cau Port.

Parallel to the beach runs the famous Tran Hung Dao street.

Many restaurants, motels, resorts, shops, restaurants and other entertainment services are concentrated here.

patron deity

Perched on an oddly shaped rock formation overlooking the ocean, 200 meters west of Duong Dong town, Dinh Cau is the most visited temple in Phu Quoc. Fishermen pray there regularly for a good trip.

Dinh Cau Temple in Phu Quoc. Photo of Khuong Nha

According to historical records, the temple was built in 1937 and underwent restoration in 1997. Winding stone steps lead up to the sacred site.

A highlight near Dinh Cau is the Phu Quoc Night Market which opens from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends, making it a hub of nightlife on the island. As in other markets of this type, local culinary specialties, including seafood, spices, condiments and handicrafts, are sold by dozens of vendors.

Visitors at Phu Quoc Night Market near Dinh Cau Temple. Photo by Ngoc Thanh

The Phu Quoc Prison and Ho Quoc Pagoda are important cultural and historical attractions of the island.

Covering an area of ​​400 hectares, the prison was once the largest facility in the south and held more than 32,000 political prisoners during the war.

First built by the French colonialists, the prison was rebuilt in 1967 and expanded to 12 main areas with 500 barracks.

Phu Quoc Prison now serves as a historical museum. Photo by Shutterstock

With the advent of peace after decades of war, the prison now serves as a historical museum. It has a two-story gallery with two separate spaces.

A screening room gives a brief introduction to the history of Phu Quoc Island and an exhibition room features 43 artifacts, over 100 documentary illustrations and camp archives.

With an English description and narration, the prison is a welcoming historical monument for foreigners.

Meanwhile, Ho Quoc Pagoda is the largest spiritual complex on the island with its design inspired by the architectural styles of the Ly-Tran dynasties.

In the courtyard of the temple, a monolithic marble Buddha statue blesses devotees.

At the southern tip of Phu Quoc, Thom Islet has seen a tourism boom in recent years, dominated by luxury resorts and water sports services.

Hon Thom Islet is surrounded by dense jungles and turquoise emerald waters. Photo by Khanh Tran

The Eco Beach Diving & Water Sport Zone offers a 950,000 VND package trip that includes a 20-minute snorkeling experience.

You can also scuba dive with an air bottle (650,000 VND per person) and have an underwater video recording done (600,000 VND).

To get to Hon Thom Islet, visitors must take a three-wire cable car with a total length of 7,899 m.

From the cabin, the view of clear blue waters with boats is one to capture and remember.

Visitors can also book a VND 1 million combo package to visit four lesser-known islets off An Thoi Island: Hon May Rut Trong, May Rut Ngoai, Gam Ghi and Mong Tay (Fingernail).

May Rut Islet. Photo by Khanh Tran

For this tour, visitors will be picked up from hotels in Duong Dong town. After reaching the port of An Thoi, the islets are accessible by canoe. Diving and snorkeling services are available. Those prone to seasickness may consider missing this excursion.

A squid fishing trip usually starts in the afternoon and ends around 10:00 p.m. Visitors can rent their own boat if they are in a large group or join other small groups. Tickets cost around 330,000 VND ($14.20) per person, with the price varying by company and season. Freshly caught seafood will be cooked and served directly on the boat.


Most accommodations are located in Duong Dong Town.

Famous five-star hotels include Saigon Phu Quoc Resort and Eden Resort where stays can be enjoyed at over VND 1.5 million per night.

Three to four star hotels charge between 1 and 1.5 million VND while two star establishments like Gold Hotel, Lavita Hotel, Sea Star Resort and Kim Hoa charge between 600,000 and 800,000 VND per night.

Unlike Nha Trang where the beaches are easily accessible from the main road, visitors have to travel some distance to get to Phu Quoc beaches from the city. Those looking for a quiet, relaxed, and tranquil stay should look to resorts, villas, or bungalows near the beach.

The northern tip of the island is home to several famous resorts including Vinpearl Phu Quoc, Nam Nghi Coral Peninsula Phu Quoc and Fusion Resort Phu Quoc.

Nam Nghi Coral Peninsula Phu Quoc. Photo courtesy of the station

In the east of the island, the Rocks Beach Boutique Phu Quoc opened its doors at the beginning of this year in Ham Ninh commune.


Raw herring salad can be found in nearly every restaurant on the island, from upscale establishments to budget establishments.

Raw herring salad is a signature dish in Phu Quoc. Photo by Huynh Nhi

The salad, made with fresh vegetables, herbs, coconut and peanuts, is wrapped in rice paper and served with fish sauce as a dipping sauce. The natural sweetness and sweetness of fresh fish, the tartness of vinegar and lime juice, the minty flavor of herbs, the crunch of vegetables, especially coconut, and a hint of saltiness from fish sauce make it a tasty, very popular dish.

The dish can be tried at 262 Nguyen Trung Truc Street in Duong Dong City or 217 April 30 Street.

Grilled half-naked pen shell is another popular local dish, grilled with scallions and other herbs with a garnish of oil or with salt and chili flakes.

Unlike being boiled or fried, grilled pen shell retains its much-loved chewiness.

The dish can be found at stalls in the Phu Quoc Night Market.

Bunken (ken noodles) in Phu Quoc is distinct from the versions found in Chau Doc and Can Tho in the Mekong Delta.

Bowls of bun ken are served at a streetside stall in Phu Quoc. Photo courtesy of ansapsaigon

Fish cooked in a savory curry seasoned with lemongrass and coconut milk is garnished with little bread and a layer of fermented papaya salad. Not as common as other foods, little bread can only be found in two places on the island: Dinh Cau Night Market and Ut Luom, a street stall on April 30th Street.

Another specialty of Phu Quoc are sea urchins – grilled, served in sour salad, roasted or boiled.


Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways and Vietjet Air offer direct flights from Hanoi and HCMC to Phu Quoc with return fares ranging from VND 2-3 million ($80.68-$121).

Phu Quoc International Airport is about 15 minutes from the city center. Some luxury hotels and resorts offer free shuttle services to and from the airport for guests.

In addition to direct flights, visitors can reach Phu Quoc by motorbike, coach, speedboat or ferry.

Speedboat services from the mainland Ha Tien and Rach Gia to Phu Quoc take about two hours.

The most popular means of transport on Phu Quoc Island are taxis and motorbikes.

Car rental services offer packages to explore the southern and northern tips of the island for 500,000 to 700,000 VND per person.

Motorcycle rental costs between 100,000 and 150,000 VND per day. Tenants usually collect the customer’s ID (passport, etc.).

Phu Quoc Island is seen from above. Photo by Ngoc Thanh

History of Lan Huong, Hoang Phong

Nexion Travel Group pays tribute to veterans with its Veterans Travel Program


Host agency is offering a scholarship for veterans and active duty military spouses to learn the travel agency business

IRVING, TX, November 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — November 11th is a day that mixes spirited celebration and somber commemoration as Americans honor those who have served and continue to serve in the armed forces. This Veterans Day Nexion Travel Groupthe industry’s leading hospitality agency for independent travel professionals, spotlights veterans of the travel industry and the unique talents and knowledge they bring to this already diverse and dynamic field.

Since its inception in 2018, the Nexion Fellowship Program for Traveling Veterans has welcomed nearly 200 members. This program helps veterans access the education and resources they need to become independent travel professionals.

Veterans in Travel is offering a 50% scholarship to the award-winning Travel Leaders of Tomorrow virtual campus, which includes a rigorous curriculum, study group cohort, lectures by professors and industry leaders, and assistance with a business plan. After completing the virtual campus, traveling Nexion veterans can join Nexion Travel Group without paying an activation fee and have the option of being mentored by another veteran.

“Veterans are an untapped resource in the travel industry,” said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, President of Nexion Travel Group. “They have often traveled the world through their experiences in the armed forces and learned valuable skills during their military careers. They bring commitment, intelligence and determination to their businesses and make excellent travel advisors.”

Such a person is Manuela Henninga US Air Force veteran who served just under 30 years before going into business and starting his own travel agency, Vivi’s travels. For her, it was a natural transition.

“Veterans are well suited for a career in the travel industry,” says Henning. “We can draw on our own experiences, as most of us have lived or deployed to remote locations during our military careers. We also have access to a large network of other veterans, which gives us a great starting point to build our own client base. The Traveling Veterans Nexion program is a great entry point into the field, and so far my experience has been nothing short of amazing. I have had the chance to meet other veterans in the program, and because of that common experience that we all share, we were able to build relationships that I’m sure will be lasting, we were able to rely on each other others throughout training and beyond, much like when we were in service.”

Henning has been recognized with Nexion’s rising star award this year for her intense dedication to her business, consistently selling trips while engaging in the hard work of being a parent.

Nexion Veterans in Travel is also available for active duty military spouses. Due to the nature of military life, spouses often find themselves moving frequently, and often on short notice. Becoming a travel consultant is a great option for a portable and lucrative career that can be done from anywhere.

“Military spouses are an extremely important part of a military’s life,” Friedman commented. “Their home support allows their military spouse to focus on the big picture and often dangerous work they do. It is our privilege to provide a pathway to business ownership through this program. Spouses of military members know what it means to be flexible and serve others – being a travel counselor is a natural fit for them.”

As with any entrepreneurial venture, a myriad of challenges await these brave individuals as they transition from military to small business owner, but the skills and connections gained over years of service, combined with an insatiable appetite for exploration and adventure, are often a winning formula for success. in the travel industry. Or, as Henning puts it:

“Some bonds can never be broken; something every veteran knows and takes with them into the next chapter of their life. For me, that’s true of traveling veterans as well.”

All travel professionals interested in learning how to succeed as professional business owners, backed by Nexion Travel Group’s many benefits, are encouraged to call 800-747-6813 or email [email protected]. To learn more about the Nexion Veterans in Travel program, visit https://veteransintravel.com/.

About Nexion Travel Group

Nexion® Travel Group is a fully accredited hospitality agency, offering membership to independent travel professionals since 1995. Nexion Travel Group provides ticketing, operations and fulfillment support to independent travel professionals, associated the best tools, technologies, marketing, education and support. . As a member of Travel Leaders Group, a division of Internova Travel Group, Nexion Travel Group is the complete onboarding agency for Multi-Agent Agencies, Corporate Agencies, Experienced Agents and Newcomers to the Travel Industry. ‘industry.

About Internova Travel Group

Internova Travel Group is one of the world’s largest travel services companies with a collection of leading brands providing personal, high-level travel expertise to leisure and corporate customers. Internova manages leisure, business and franchise businesses through a portfolio of distinct divisions. Internova represents more than 70,000 travel counselors at more than 6,000 company-owned and affiliated locations, primarily in United States, Canada and the UKwith a presence in more than 80 countries.

Berit Griffin
[email protected]

SOURCE Nexion Travel Group

Tencel and Jeanologia define simple pleasures through the joy of denim


Dorothy Crouch, Contributing Editor | Thursday, November 10, 2022

As the world emerged from COVID-19 lockdowns, Lenzing and Jeanologia has teamed up with the sixth edition of the Sustainable Denim Wardrobe, examining methods to bring joy to clothing. The mission of both companies has long been a sustainable approach to manufacturing, with both being leaders in the quest for more eco-friendly denim.

“The thing is, from the beginning with Tencel, the unique selling proposition has always been an environmentally friendly fiber, but for many years that fell on deaf ears,” said Michael Kininmonth , business development project manager at Lenzing, celebrating 30 years. anniversary of its Tencel Lyocell. “Now we continue to promote the idea of ​​responsible treatment, but working with Jeanologia and working with the premium mills that we make, everyone is trying to create the best in class in terms of a sustainably responsible commercial collection. .”

Design with joy in mind

Denim leaders asked the question, “What makes you feel good?” to 50 people whose responses candidly described the people, experiences and destinations they had longed for during the darkest days of the pandemic. The team found that respondents found the greatest joy in unexpected and seemingly basic experiences. These included waking up in the morning and applying perfume, traveling, having a romantic dinner, exercising, laughing, spending time with loved ones and exchanging a hug. or a kiss.

The most popular elements were music and nature, while balance was also a popular theme. Lenzing and Jeanologia wanted to channel these feelings, emotions and experiences into a print created by independent fashion designer and consultant Betina Grosser, who described the final design as a “dopamine trip”.

“We saw in print the opportunity to foster an emotional connection and convey the message through the collection. Nature is very important not only as it is, but also having the opportunity to do our favorite activities surrounded of her,” said Grosser. “The inspiration for the print is based on surrealism with psychedelic overtones.”

Grosser’s design is featured not only in campaign materials, but also in clothing from the Simple Pleasures collection, which relied on Lenzing’s Tencel Lyocell and technology from Jeanologia. The print is presented in a number of different pieces such as a three button waistcoat, a collared button up Tencel shirt and a reversible waistcoat. Print design details have been applied to the linings and laser elements have been included in areas such as the inside of blazer lapels, along the legs of jeans and on the back of a denim jacket .

“We transferred the concept to the garments from the print itself and the laser detailing. This micro level is represented by what we call “hidden treasures”, explains Carme Santacruz Zaragozá, creative director at Jeanologia. “These are depictions of everyday things laser etched into clothing in unexpected places like in the selvage or hidden on the flaps of the garment. Our motto is: “Always look on the bright side of life”, obviously a reference to “Monty Python”. It’s a way to extend that storytelling through the finishing details as well.

The simplicity of durability in denim

Through this latest sustainable denim wardrobe, the hope is that the inspiration to create more timeless pieces will support a circular economy in fashion. By relying on sustainable processes that produce quality garments, the life cycle of these garments can be extended, thereby reducing waste.

“I hope the philosophies behind this collection will encourage designers to create more responsibly made garments and consumers to give these garments a longer ‘first life’ and reuse them in ‘later lives’ by new ones. owners,” Kininmonth said. .

The intention behind the Simple Pleasures collection was to create classic silhouettes that are not based on trends but on style, according to Santacruz Zaragozá. Lenzing and Jeanologia called on textile partners who contributed to the collection. These included Bossa, denim cone, Kaihara, Orta Anadolu and Prosperitywhile House of U served as printing partner.

“It’s a collection that could be a source of inspiration for creative people and also a way of saying that we can do beautiful things with meaningful clothes and with an approach not only to sustainability in terms of technique and finishing. and materials but also combined with an important concept of storytelling”, explained Santacruz Zaragozá.

Each sourcing item and process has been considered for its potential impact on the environment, according to the Environmental Impact Measurement Platform. The process measured the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used to create the garments, and no resources that would give a high score were used. Designs were created and reviewed digitally to reduce waste from physical samples. Notions including cork patches, laser logos, buttons with eco finish and hang tags made from recycled materials.

“We need to approach sustainability from a holistic perspective. We need to take care of our footprint and look for materials and processes that are friendly to people and the environment,” said Grosser. “This collection [also] tell a story. He’s looking for the value of having a connection to bond people – from the people who took the survey for the collaborative design process to the people who now see that process and relate to the project and the apparel.

Florida attractions announce closures ahead of storm


ORLANDO, Fla. – As Hurricane Nicole approaches Florida, area theme parks and attractions are preparing.

Some attractions have announced closures, while others are still “watching” the storm before making adjustments to operations.

Here is a list of closures and changes, which will be updated as new information becomes available.


Aquatica Orlando will be closed Wednesday and Thursday due to Tropical Storm Nicole. The water park plans to reopen on Friday.


Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will be closed Thursday due to Tropical Strom Nicole. In a statement, the park said it made the decision after “reviewing the latest track of Tropical Storm Nicole and to ensure the safety of our ambassadors, guests and animals.” Busch Gardens encourages visitors to check its website for updates on the reopening of the park.


Disney World is closing its theme parks in phases on Wednesday due to Tropical Storm Nicole.

The parks will close from 5 p.m. Wednesday and remain closed until Thursday morning, the station said in an update on its website. “Theme parks are unlikely to reopen at their scheduled time tomorrow, November 10,” the notice reads.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be the first park to close at 5 p.m. Disney’s Hollywood Studios will close at 6 p.m., followed by EPCOT and Magic Kingdom at 7 p.m. Due to park closures, Disney is canceling all Wednesday night shows, including Disney. Enchanting, Harmonious and Fantastic!

Disney Springs also closes early Wednesday, with the entertainment, dining and shopping complex scheduled to close at 7 p.m. and remain closed until Thursday morning.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park will be closed Thursday, while the Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens mini-golf courses will close early Wednesday (at 7 p.m.) and remain closed Thursday.


Gatorland will be closed Thursday due to approaching Tropical Storm Nicole weather conditions. The park plans to reopen on Friday, with regular hours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The ICON Park Wheel will close at 3 p.m. Wednesday and will remain closed Thursday. The Carrousel de la Promenade will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Restaurants and other attractions at the resort will remain open for business, officials said, unless the weather becomes too severe.


The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex announced it would be closed Wednesday and Thursday due to expected severe weather from Tropical Storm Nicole. The visitor complex plans to reopen on November 11 after carrying out a “thorough assessment of the property”.


Legoland Florida Resort is adjusting its park hours in response to Tropical Storm Nicole. On Thursday, the Legoland Florida theme park will be open from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., while the Peppa Pig theme park will be open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Legoland water park will be closed.

Legoland Florida hotels will remain open and continue normal operations.


SeaWorld Orlando will close at 4 p.m. Wednesday due to Tropical Storm Nicole. The park will remain closed Thursday and plans to reopen Friday.

“Precautions are in place following the park’s comprehensive weather preparedness plan to ensure the safety of our animals and ambassadors during this time,” SeaWorld said in an update on its website.


Volcano Bay Water Park will be closed Wednesday due to Tropical Storm Nicole.

Universal also announced that Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and CityWalk will close at 5 p.m. Wednesday. A phased/delayed reopening is expected on Thursday, the station said in the update. Universal’s hotels will remain operational so they can focus on supporting customers.

All the risky traveler hotspots to avoid in 2023, according to a leading travel guide


Tourism can be an economic boon for many places, but it can also wreak havoc on the environment and local people. Renowned travel guide Fodor’s has released its “No List” of travel hotspots to avoid in 2023 to encourage travelers to think twice before booking their next flight.

Unlike the federal government’s travel warning list, these destinations cover damaged natural attractions and overcrowded cultural hotspots that need a break from visitors.

“This year’s No List does not serve as a boycott, ban or cancellation of any kind, but a call to travelers to think wisely about the choices we make,” Fodor’s explained.

If you find it annoying when groups of tourists descend heavily on the sidewalk of St-Laurent Boulevard, preventing you from passing, imagine how Venetians feel outnumbered by 370 tourists to one in their hometown. Or perhaps consider renting a bike instead of a car on your next trip to scenic spots in France, England and Thailand to preserve their natural beauty for future generations. Here are some of the destinations you might want to avoid this year:

French coastline

Etretat beach in Normandy.

Pixattitude | The time of dreams

France is facing major erosion along its famous beaches caused by swarms of tourists. The small town of Étretat in Normandy was particularly affected and had to briefly close its sewage treatment plant after a malfunction while trying to filter three times the usual amount of waste. Foot traffic also causes more landslides in the area.

Lake Tahoe, California

u200bClear waters of Lake Tahoe.

The clear waters of Lake Tahoe.

Christian Araujo | The time of dreams

Increased traffic is polluting the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. “When it rains or the snow melts, stormwater carries fine particles of pollution into the lake, obscuring its cobalt blue waters,” Fodor’s warns. While local authorities are unwilling to discourage visitors, many have acknowledged that ‘we all need to give nature a break’. Research is underway to find ways to take cars off the road in favor of cycle lanes.


A penguin on a dirty iceberg in Antarctica, as a cruise ship passes by in the background.

A penguin on a dirty iceberg in Antarctica, as a cruise ship passes by in the background.

Steve Gould | The time of dreams

While the South Pole does not receive huge amounts of tourism, the people who visit it are all sequestered on the Antarctic Peninsula. This region has seen temperatures warm and wildlife decline at some of the fastest rates in history. Boats and planes to and from the compact site pollute the surrounding waters. Dirty, blackened ice retains more heat from the sun, resulting in much faster melt rates.

Venice, Italy and the Amalfi Coast

u200bCrowds walk along a canal and cross a bridge in Venice, Italy.

Crowds walk along a canal and cross a bridge in Venice, Italy.

Yuryz | The time of dreams

Overcrowding in Venice, Italy has long destabilized local infrastructure. Not only is increased traffic already increasing flood-prone waters, but the ratio of nearly 400 tourists per day to just one Venetian resident is pushing many locals out of their homes. Local authorities appeal to longer-term visitors who stay and learn about the city’s way of life. Meanwhile, the Amalfi Coast also faces hordes of visitors, which cause mile-long traffic jams in the mountainous area. “You could have an ambulance [in that traffic] and anything can happen,” a deputy mayor told CNN. To reduce the number of cars on the road, residents have been assigned days of the week they are allowed to drive based on whether their license plate ends in an even or odd number.

Cornwall, England

u200bPeople crowded on Fistral Beach in Cornwall.

People thronged Fistral Beach in Cornwall.

Dennis Kelly | The time of dreams

The idyllic coastline in the west of England is facing a housing crisis as temporary accommodation displaces residents and drives up house prices. The volume of visitors to Cornwall, known for its delicious bakeries and surf-friendly beaches, has become overwhelming in recent years and the infrastructure isn’t there to handle them. Roads are narrow and parking is limited, which has led to severe traffic jams and heavy pollution. Some local officials have recently asked tourists to stay away during peak summer hours.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

An Amsterdam canal filled with boats.

An Amsterdam canal filled with boats.

Louis Henault | The time of dreams

The influx of tourists to Amsterdam is equivalent to the total population of the Netherlands (17 million people). Now the locals are acting on the overcrowding situation. Beer bikes are now banned downtown and a ban on degenerate cannabis tourists could come into effect. Passenger caps have been put in place at the airport until March next year and may well be extended.


u200bCrowds swim in Thailand's iconic Maya Bay.

Crowds bathe in Thailand’s iconic Maya Bay.

Xinhua | The time of dreams

Over-tourism in Thailand is damaging national parks so much that they now close for at least one month a year. Maya Bay in Phi Phi Leh which was popularized by The beach with Leonardo di Caprio welcomed around 3,000 visitors a day for years and finally had to close in 2018 due to severe ecological and marine damage. Swimming is now prohibited and only 380 tourists are allowed on the site every hour. The constant influx of tourists, however, has an impact on nature in the region.


u200bA humpback whale tail in the waters off Maui.

A humpback whale tail in the waters off Maui.

Ideaphotos | The time of dreams

Hawaiian residents can be fined for non-essential water use, but tourists have unlimited access to water at hotels, pools, and golf courses. In fact, over 60% of fresh water consumption on the island of Maui goes to tourism. Native Hawaiians ask travelers to avoid coming to the islands out of respect.

Platforms like Booking.com distribute tourism more fairly. This is how


In search of a happier life: “collect moments not things.” This is the advice that a contemporary author, Karen Salmansohn, gives to her readers. And maybe that underlies the human desire to travel and explains our thirst for creating new experiences, for creating unforgettable memories. This road has inspired wanderlust since time immemorial, but can we still “collect moments” at tourist hotspots or should we venture further afield and explore off-the-beaten-track destinations?

What we found is an emerging consensus among travelers about wanting to avoid busy and over-visited destinations.

At Booking.com, we conduct annual traveler surveys. And This year, we collected the opinions of more than 30,000 people in 32 countries and territories. What we found is an emerging consensus among travelers about wanting to avoid busy and over-visited destinations. A third (33%) said they chose to travel outside of high season and more than a quarter (27%) chose to travel to a less popular destination in the past 12 months. When considering future plans, 40% said they would travel exclusively outside peak season to avoid overcrowding, and 64% revealed they would avoid popular tourist destinations and attractions to ensure dispersal more uniform of the impact and benefits of their visit. Nearly a third (31%) would even be willing to choose an alternative to their preferred destination to avoid overcrowding.

In 2019, only a small fraction of home sales in Europe went to rural areas (16%). Yet when talking about the share of total sales via online travel platforms, the number more than doubles (38%).

Given that the growth of the travel and tourism sector has been exceed overall economic growth for decades, pressure on tourist hotspots is unlikely to ease. On the other hand, we see how consumer preferences change in response.

The digitalization of the global economy has brought many advantages to consumers in the travel and tourism sector.

What can be done in this context, and what role could online travel agencies (OTAs) play? We ordered Tourism economy to explore exactly that question, and that’s what to research found.

It is widely believed that online travel platforms increase transparency in the market and also make it easier for customers to find and book online. The contrast is particularly stark considering the pre-internet days when options for would-be world explorers were limited to whatever the local travel agency included in their catalog. Offline channels to discover a destination and book your next trip stay importantbut it is undeniable that the digitization of the global economy has brought many advantages to consumers in the travel and tourism sector.

Online platforms, by offering more choice, also help to expand tourism outside urban centers

By expanding consumer choice, OTAs impact the rates charged by accommodation providers, making travel more affordable. This particularly benefits low-income households, who might otherwise not be able to afford no travel at all.

But there is a second-level effect which, so far, has not been studied at the required level of detail. The Tourism Economics study shows that online platforms, by offering more choice, also contribute to expanding tourism outside urban centers as shown in this graph.

Online platforms do not distinguish or discriminate between channels and non-channels; everyone is welcome to list their rooms and use our global reach to attract customers.

Comparing the European travel accommodation market as a whole against rooms sold through online platforms, Tourism Economics found that rural areas benefit most from the additionality of nights booked through online platforms. In 2019, for example, only a small fraction of home sales in Europe went to rural areas (16%). Yet when talking about the share of total sales via online travel platforms, the number more than doubles (38%).

While hotels owned by international chains tend to be concentrated in popular destinations with high tourist densities, accommodations in general, including independent hotels, small B&Bs, agritourisms, various forms or alternative accommodations, are much more widely distributed, as evidenced by the ads on Booking. .com.

Without online platforms like Booking.com, a higher concentration of visitors in a few hotspots would have been the most likely scenario

Online platforms do not distinguish between chains and non-chains, everyone is welcome to list their rooms and use our global reach to attract customers. Our primary goal is to give travelers maximum choice and empower them to make decisions with confidence. But what we’ve noticed, based on internal data from Booking.com, is that the locations that chain hotels naturally gravitate towards are more economically prosperous than those covered by smaller independent accommodations. Looking at the GDP per capita of regions in the top quartile of chain penetration across Europe, we find that it is on average around 30% higher than the bottom quartile. In the example with Germany, it is €50,400 compared to €32,180 for the reference year 2019.

In the travel and tourism sector, where Europe remains an undisputed champion, OTAs have played a strong and constructive role — generate significant volumes of additional tourist overnight stays and support GDP growth and job creation in a wide range of destinations. Without online platforms like Booking.com, a higher concentration of visitors in a few hotspots would have been the most likely scenarios. But, as we strive to expand tourism to off-the-beaten-path destinations, we are responding to changing consumption preferences and to make it easier for everyone to discover Europe in all its diversity and beauty.

Source: Booking.comSource: Booking.com
Source: Booking.com

*This article was originally published on A world to discover

See source

Meet the MBA Class of 2024: Ryan Weathers, Yale SOM


“Avid traveler and lifelong learner passionate about using technology to advance health equity.”

Hometown: Pinewood, New York

Fun fact about yourself: I’m color blind, which meant I had to spend extra time making sure my PowerPoint slides didn’t contain incompatible color schemes.

Undergraduate School and Major: Binghamton University – Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Management Information Systems

Most recent employer and job title: Manager, Advisory – KPMG LLP (New York Office)

The Yale School of Management is considered a goal-oriented program. What is your mission? How will your MBA at Yale SOM help you fulfill this mission? My long-term goal is to create digital health products that leverage technology to deliver quality, affordable healthcare to vulnerable populations, improving access to care and reducing health inequities. SOM’s mission to educate leaders for business and society attracts students who want to solve the world’s greatest problems – being surrounded by classmates who share and support a similar mission inspires me to achieve my own goals.

Apart from your classmates, What was the key element of the Yale SOM MBA program or programming that led you to choose this business school and why was it so important to you? One of the many reasons I chose SOM was the flexible MBA program and the business school’s integration with its parent university. The flexibility offered in the program was important to me as I plan to explore new areas of interest and take advantage of electives offered by other schools (e.g., Yale Law School and Yale School of Public Health).

What class, club or activity are you most excited about at Yale SOM? I’m most excited about the Product Management course, which focuses on designing and marketing technology-driven products in B2C environments. As an aspiring product manager, I look forward to the course’s hands-on learning opportunities, which challenge students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world problems faced by leading technology companies.

Describe your biggest achievement in your career so far: My greatest accomplishment has been leading incredibly talented and diverse teams while working and living in eight countries on four continents. During my time abroad, I had the opportunity to explore new cities and cultures, broaden my perspectives and take part in unique and unique experiences.

What led you to pursue an MBA at this point and what do you hope to do after graduation? After spending years working as a consultant, I have reached an inflection point in my career. I had to choose between continuing my career as a consultant – which has become more specialized over the years – or taking a leap of faith and pursuing a role and an industry that really excited me. I chose the latter and haven’t looked back. After my MBA, I hope to work as a product manager at a mission-driven technology company, where I can solve tough problems and have a meaningful impact on the world.

What is one thing you have recently read, watched or listened to that you would highly recommend to future MBAs? Why? I read recently Atomic Habits by James Clear and strongly recommends this book to future MBAs. Applying to business school is a daunting process, especially when you’re studying for the GMAT and writing essays while working full time. Atomic Habits provides evidence-based frameworks and strategies to help you build good habits and break bad ones. The knowledge I gained from the book helped me build habits that are critical to my success and demonstrated the power of small habits and consistency.

What other MBA programs have you applied to? Haas, Ross, Tuck, Wharton

What advice would you give to help potential candidates gain admission to the Yale SOM MBA program? I would advise potential applicants to start early and avoid rushing through the application process. Use the extra time to engage in personal reflection. It’s important to understand why you want an MBA and how SOM can help you achieve your goals. This exercise will help you write compelling essays, prepare for interviews, and prioritize your time when you arrive on campus. There are an endless number of activities to get involved in, so being able to identify what is most important will allow you to get the most out of your two years at SOM.


Travel industry executive and philanthropist Alan E. Lewis dies at 74


“We had a huge argument over the direction of my life,” Mr. Lewis wrote in “Driving With No Brakes,” a 2010 memoir. lack orientation. Was I going to be a lifeguard for the rest of my life?

Heeding unsolicited fatherly advice, he took a job in his father’s small travel business and soon launched his own business, the first steps to becoming one of the most successful travel industry entrepreneurs in Boston.

Mr. Lewis, who was chairman of the Grand Circle Corp. international travel conglomerate and chairman of Kensington Investment Co.died of an apparent cardiac event at his Kensington, NH, house wednesday. He was 74 and split his time between Boston and Kensington, a small town his maternal ancestors helped settle in the 1600s.

Along with his wife, Harriet, Mr. Lewis was among Greater Boston’s most prolific and diverse philanthropists. The couple and their foundations have given more than $250 million to more than 500 projects in 50 countries, according to the Lewis family.

Over the years, donations from the Lewis family have also helped fund organizations and programs such as the West End House Boys & Girls Club and Boston Foundation StreetSafe Boston Initiative to Reduce Youth Violence. The couple created a community advisory group to work with organizations such as Artists for Humanity and House of Liberty, according The Boston Foundation.

Nationally and internationally, their philanthropic contributions have supported programs at Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, a beekeeping project run by the Maijuna Native in the Peruvian Amazon, and solar energy initiatives in villages in India and Tanzania.

While building his first travel business, selling it, buying it and starting another travel agency, and then launching a philanthropic life that didn’t fit established patterns, Mr. Lewis developed a philosophy he was eager to to share.

“Break the rules,” he said in an interview with the University of New Hampshire a few years ago, published on Youtube.

“Keep breaking them. Keep making mistakes,” he said, adding that “this world wants you in a box. The world pushes you into a little box. Break the rules.”

Born in Boston on July 17, 1948, Alan Elliot Lewis was the son of Elizabeth Sawyer Lewis and Edward Lewis.

“My parents divorced when I was a young child, and I only saw my father occasionally,” Mr Lewis wrote, “but each encounter left an indelible mark.”

As well as running United Travel Service, a travel company that got Alan into the industry, Edward was a convicted bookmaker.

Mr Lewis credited his father with teaching him to always help the underdog. And Mr Lewis said his childhood – with his repeated address changes – inadvertently paved the way for his career in the adventure travel industry.

“Every new place I argued with because I was a new kid in the neighborhood, and that helped prepare me for my life,” he said of his youth in the interview with the UNH. “It was great for me because I was getting used to change. I got used to adapting to new places.

Childhood also brought him to the place he considered his spiritual home. When he was 5, his mother began putting him on a bus in Boston to send him to visit his maternal grandmother, Ruth Sawyer, in Kensington.

In the late 1970s, Mr Lewis and his wife bought land in Kensington from his great-uncle. They expanded their holdings to 600 acres, which are now home to what is known as Alnobaa retreat, leadership and wellness center.

“He always called it a sacred spiritual place,” said Martha Prybylo, executive vice president for social mission at Alnoba. “He roamed this property at all times of the day and felt a special responsibility to care for the land of his ancestors.”

While at Newton South High School, Mr Lewis met Harriet Rothblatt. They dated briefly and became a couple in their twenties.

“I was raised in a traditional New England family with my eyes on college,” she wrote in “Driving With No Brakes,” which they co-wrote. “Alan was a street savvy kid with big dreams and a colorful past. You can see the attraction.

They married in 1972, the year before he co-founded Trans National Travel, and celebrated their 50th anniversary last month.

In the mid-1980s, they sold their stake in their travel company, known as TNT, in order to travel more themselves and spend more time with their two children.

Then Mr. Lewis learned that Grand Circle Travel was for sale. The company was losing $2 million a year when they bought it in 1985. The couple grew it into a business with over $600 million in annual revenue and 35 offices around the world.

They founded Grand Circle Corp., which also includes two other travel businesses they acquired, and Kensington Investment to manage the family’s real estate and investments, as well as their philanthropy.

Harriet chairs the Lewis Family Foundation. Their daughter, charlotte of Marblehead, is Kensington’s Chief Operating Officer. Their son, Edward of Park City, Utah, is the general manager of Kensington.

As well as three grandchildren, Mr Lewis is also survived by a brother, Hank, with whom he had high-profile business disagreements that turned into court cases. Additionally, Mr. Lewis is survived by two half-siblings, Steven Rittenberg and Susan Lewis.

Interment will be private and the family will sit shiva Monday to Friday from 4pm at Alnoba in Kensington.

“He’s been so long to be in our lives, either physically or through phone calls or letters or email,” Charlotte said of her dad.

“He really was such a loving man,” she said. “He was the biggest mentor, the biggest coach, the biggest supporter: ‘I’m always in your corner and I always have your back.’ “

Mr Lewis, she added, “had a serious code, and that was to tell the truth and follow your dreams”, even when that meant going through tough times.

“The last thing he said to me was, ‘Be comfortable being uncomfortable,’ and that’s how I want to live my life,” Charlotte said.

Particularly in his later years, Mr Lewis became more thoughtful, writing in journals and sending “beautiful letters to his associates and friends”, Charlotte said.

Although Mr Lewis “was a serious man, he also liked to have fun”, she said, and in the end he insisted that others do too.

Before Mr Lewis died, he had planned to accompany his son to a beach to surf, ‘but he felt tired and decided to lie down,’ Charlotte said. “Her last words to Edward were, ‘Go and have fun.’ “

Bryan Marquard can be reached at [email protected]

Jeep® is launching its European marketing campaign for its all-new Avenger (JJ) B-UV!


Last week, Jeep® brought to the European market the first episode of “Concentrated Freedom”, a fully dedicated digital series to the all-new Jeep Avenger (JJ). Created by Lunartic Productionsepisodes will feature celebrity influencers revealing Jeep Avenger features in original and entertaining ways.

2023 Jeep® Avenger BEV. (Jeep).

The B-segment small utility vehicle (UV) is aimed at active people looking for a 100% electric vehicle with a modern design, compact dimensions and spacious interiors, but characterized by Jeep DNA that offers a combination unique in capabilities, style, functionality and technology to meet the needs of always-connected customers.

German, presenter, creative consultant and fashion expert, Rabea Schif, will accompany influencers in the three episodes of the new marketing campaign. Jeep says it will go on an adventure filled with music, freedom and fun, with the new Jeep Avenger becoming the perfect companion for adventure.

2023 Jeep® Avenger BEV. (Jeep).

The first episode of the miniseries takes place in the fascinating setting of the Dolomites. It starts in two separate but related contexts. In the first scene Leonardo Fioravanti, one of Europe’s most talented surfers and nature lovers – selected to compete for Italy in the Tokyo Olympics – is excited about the Jeep road trip. At the same time, the episode introduces the audience to Rabea, as she drives the new Jeep Avenger and heads towards Leonardo. These two distinct ways of conceiving freedom – the freedom to drive anywhere and the freedom to feel comfortable in nature – come together and create a strong bond.

Then begins the road trip that leads the two protagonists to get to know each other and discover the many features of the new Jeep Avenger: from level 2 autonomous driving to advanced safety and connectivity systems. In addition, the new SUV guarantees a fully digital on-board experience thanks to a total display area of ​​20.5 inches, which keeps all on-board information under control. It also offers a suite of services and features that users can enjoy remotely.

2023 Jeep® Avenger BEV. (Jeep).

Thanks to the Jeep mobile app, for example, Rabea and Leo find the nearest charging station where a pleasant surprise awaits them: charging will be really quick and easy. Indeed, the Jeep Avenger has a new generation electric propulsion system that combines a new electric motor and a new battery. Using a 100 kW Mode 4 DC cable connected to fast public charging, three minutes of charging is enough to ensure a travel distance of 30 kilometers (18.6 miles). Also, 24 minutes are enough to recharge the batteries from 20 to 80% charge. In addition, the 54 kWh battery provides a range of 400 kilometers (249 miles) in the WLTP cycle, which becomes 550 kilometers (341 miles in the urban cycle).

Pre-orders for the Jeep Avenger 1st Edition opened on October 17. The 1st Edition is an exclusive fully charged, fully electric and eye-catching configuration. A 1.2-liter turbocharged inline three-cylinder engine version of the 1st edition is available in Italy and Spain.

MECCA FOR GUESTS: New businesses will be a boon for tourism and technology | New


NOTNew local businesses and attractions are not only bringing more business to the area, but also a greater influx of tourists.

Cherokee Nation Businesses recently opened the Cultural Pathway in Tahlequah on September 1 and the Anna Mitchell Cultural and Welcome Center in Vinita on October 3.

Principal Chef Chuck Hoskin Jr. believes these new attractions will have a tremendous impact on tourism in the area.

“It can be both destinations, as well as stops people find along the way,” Hoskin said.

Hoskin said the Culture Trail is a nice feature to have in Tahlequah.

“Downtown is really beautiful, but there are areas that needed cleaning and sprucing up,” Hoskin said.

This idea, he said, was implemented on a larger scale in Vinita for the cultural center, located next to Route 66 and Highway 44.

“It has the potential to attract a lot of tourists and show them how they can explore the Cherokee Nation,” Hoskin said.

And that potential could soon be realized.

“What I’ve heard from staff at the Anna Mitchell Cultural Center is that there’s a lot of interest in Route 66 [enthusiasts] to see the rest of Vinita,” Hoskin said. “It’s great.”

Anecdotally, Hoskin said he heard people in Tahlequah being struck by the beauty of the cultural gateway.

The common thread between these two new adventures? Hoskin said the two were first lady January Hoskin’s brainchild.

“I just followed his lead and the great team at Cherokee Nation Businesses,” he said.

These many new projects play into an overriding goal of Cherokee tourism and culture, Hoskin described as “ambitious.” With Tahlequah as the epicenter of the Cherokee Nation, the idea is to think more broadly.

“Our goal is an opportunity for local residents or tourists to really get a sense of the Cherokee Nation wherever they are,” he said.

Hoskin said that will likely take a long time to accomplish.

It’s been a big year for tourism in and around Tahlequah, and it’s only getting bigger. One company in particular that is creating over 200 tech jobs is Provalus.

“Provalus is training its first class of new Tahlequah employees to provide IT support to a diverse customer base. They hope to have 230 full-time employees within the next three years,” Mayor Sue Catron said.

Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Nathan Reed said the company has hired nearly 50 people from Tahlequah and surrounding areas as of October 27. Reed met a man who plans to move to the area just for work.

Catron said people move to Tahlequah for a number of reasons.

“Some were looking for a quieter, more family-centric place than where they previously resided. Tahlequah and Cherokee County continue to attract retirees who want an active, outdoor lifestyle with easy access to urban amenities, such as concerts, shopping and airports in Tulsa or Fayetteville,” she said.

Additionally, Catron said more people who support nearby businesses are coming to Tahlequah.

“And of course, as high-speed internet access becomes more available, people who work from home or in online sales find it easier to live in a place they love,” Catron said.

Here’s how ultra-rich travel


When the ultra-rich travel, it’s almost nothing like the travel plans of ordinary people.

There has never been a time in history when it has been easier for an ordinary person to experience what it is like to live the life of a billionaire, at least for a few days, than in our time with AirBnB and affordable flights to just about anywhere on the planet. Anyone on an ordinary salary can now afford to stay in the most lavish rooms of some of the most exclusive hotels in the world.

On the other hand, a weekend spent at the Bristol or a few lazy days on a beach in Thailand will not be enough for the 1% of today’s society. The richest people in the world have really different travel habits compared to the rest of the world, and they experience the world in a very unique way. Keep reading this travel guide to billionaires to find out how the ultra-rich travel.


Fully bespoke travel experiences

The wealthy don’t just pick up a copy of Lonely Planet and try to piece together an itinerary themselves. They want an experience that is unique to them and curated by people who have impeccable taste and broad industry expertise. Many wealthy people, before going on vacation, will pay between $50,000 and $100,000 to have a luxury guide plan the perfect vacation for them. This can include everything from dining at Michelin-starred restaurants to participating in one-of-a-kind private cultural excursions. Everything will be planned without them having to do anything.

Members Club Luxury Vacation

It is a common misconception that wealthy people frequently engage in solo trip. Although they can arrive by private jet, ultra-wealthy travelers often like to travel in large groups and participate in social activities throughout their vacation. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to book a vacation package if you’re under 30 and want to go on a group trip. Many will sign up to become members of exclusive private clubs, such as a VIP casino club that caters to high rollers and people who want to travel to places like Miami Beach, Iceland and the Bahamas in the company of friends. other affluent travellers. with similar interests. Even a vacation can be used to meet new people and build professional relationships.

RELATED: A paradise for the rich: what makes Monaco one of the most expensive countries in the world

Long journeys away from home

Besides wealth, time is another luxury enjoyed in excess by the richest 1% of the income distribution. Traveling to Budapest for five days will not bring the wealthy the cultural enrichment they seek because they know it. They often plan to stay in one place for four weeks to six months at a time, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the culture and experience life as if they were natives. There are a host of companies that cater to this market and specialize in providing wealthy globetrotters with luxurious long-term accommodation.

A vacation off the radar

Paris, New York, Milan or Venice probably come to mind when you think of a luxury vacation. Nevertheless, the wealthy generally do not consider these major tourist spots as vacation destinations as they prefer to avoid the crowds. The wealthy tend to stay in places that very few tourists have heard of, let alone visited. In case you’re curious, the current hot places for the ultra-rich are Isfahan in Iran, Lima in Peru, Tbilisi in Georgia and Seydisfjordur in Iceland.

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Luxury yacht trips

If you want to cruise around on a yacht without being popular or wealthy, your only option is to charter one for the day and pay a significant sum of money for the luxury of doing so. Individuals (most of the time) go to great lengths to earn their money, and they want to spend it in a way that will leave them with a positive mental attitude towards themselves. A yacht is pretty good at doing that, and before you ask, no, it doesn’t matter how big it is because no matter how you spin it, a yacht is still a yacht, and that’s extremely awesome.

Traveling by private jets

The phrase “travel in styleshould not be confused with this. Your private jet is still considered a private jet despite the fact that it may not be the largest in the world. The rich and famous, even those who take multiple trips there each day, week, month, or year, probably aren’t blind to the privilege of being one of the only people a jet is for. There’s no point in trying to hide the fact that it’s the choice that the majority of us will envy.A private jet is the ultimate way to travel.

You must know that if you really want travel the world like a billionaireall you have to do is book a vacation to East Iceland for six months, where you’ll be with other billionaires and your day will be meticulously planned for you.

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Sources: LUX Magazine, Telegraph, TravelExpert

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Taylor Swift reportedly turned down Super Bowl offer to play halftime next year

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NAA and ACA to honor pilots and aviation volunteers for helping those in need


“I feel like I got caught hand in the cookie jar,” says John Lunseth, pilot and longtime volunteer for Angel Flight Central, based in Kansas City, Missouri. “I do what I do because I love it.”

Lunseth was recently surprised to learn that the National Aeronautic Association (NAA), in partnership with the Air Care Alliance (ACA), will honor him as a Distinguished Volunteer Pilot. The 2022 Organizations Public Interest Flying Awards recognize volunteer pilots, as well as other volunteers and organizations committed to flying to help others and those who support this work.

For Lunseth, there’s more than one cookie in that jar.

On November 18, Angel Flight Central will honor the pilot, who is also an intellectual property attorney, with its Lewis Young Pilot of the Year award. According to the NAA, since 2011, Lunseth has flown more than 93 Angel Flight missions, donating the use of his aircraft — and fuel costs totaling more than $61,000 — to provide non-emergency medical flights for relief purposes. health and humanitarian care.

Lunseth says as soon as he logged the 500-hour minimum that Angel Flight requires to volunteer as a pilot, he signed up. “It seemed like a fun thing to do as a way to help out,” he says.

In his Mooney M20K 231, he says he “carried hundreds of pounds of blood and bone marrow donations,” from breast milk to medically fragile babies, HIV-positive children in special summer camps, and patients.

According to Lunseth, the relationships, albeit temporary, he forms with his passengers are one of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering.

“I can’t be the only one who started and said, ‘The $100 burger is getting old, I gotta do something useful. “”

David Knies

“In most cases, patients are anxious, not so much about the flight, but about what’s going on with them,” he says. Many of the patients he has transported are battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. “It’s a real ordeal for them and we see them sink little by little, and we don’t win every time,” he said. “[But] you strike up a conversation and you spend two hours with them. And you hope that at the end of the flight, they feel a little better and have a little more hope, and that they feel like there’s someone else by their side .

Another thing Lunseth finds rewarding is knowing that the donation of his plane and time goes 100% to the recipients. For most nonprofits, only a percentage of donations go directly to programs, and the other percentage pays for administrative and fundraising costs. “The real thrill is that the gift goes directly to the person sitting in the right place,” he says.

Lunseth isn’t the only Angel Flight volunteer the NAA and ACA will recognize with a 2022 Utility Flight Award.

Flipping the $100 burger

David Knies also volunteered for Angel Flight. In his twenties, he chaired the board of Angel Flight Southeast. He has also volunteered for Angel Flight Soars, Vital Flight, FlyQuest (a STEM education organization), and the ACA. The latter, a partner of the Public Benefit Flying Awards, helps refer patients and volunteer pilots to nonprofit flying organizations that provide free flights for medical and humanitarian purposes and lobby for legislative support for their activities. Knies will receive the NAA/ACA award for outstanding achievement in advancing public service flight.

With more than 2,300 flying hours, David Knies regularly uses his Cessna 210 to get non-emergency patients where they need to go. [Courtesy: David Knies]

According to the NAA, Knies has dedicated more than half of his life to flying patients for free and supporting organizations that facilitate such flights. He owns a travel agency, a Cessna 210, and works as an office manager for Air Comfort Control, a residential air conditioning company in Huntsville, Alabama.

Knies said at one point that he wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. While trying to rack up his flying hours in the late 1990s, he discovered that Angel Flight Georgia and Angel Flight Southeast were looking for pilots. He was hooked.

He says he enjoys difficult-to-schedule flights the most, whether due to passenger and cargo weight, range or routing. “I see them as missed opportunities,” he says. “My backup mission is to use my travel agency business and buy them a plane ticket.”

Knies encourages other pilots to volunteer for public benefit flying organizations.

“There never seems to be an end to the number of people who need help, but there always seems to be that finite number of people willing or able to help,” he says. “I can’t be the only one who started and said, ‘The $100 burger is getting old, I gotta do something useful. “”

Knies, who sits on the ACA’s board of directors, said his desire to raise awareness of the services offered by public interest flying organizations – and the opportunities for pilots to help – led him to get involved with the ACA. He suggests that those in need of a non-emergency medical flight, and the pilots who are willing to fly them, reach out to the TO THAT.

Other 2022 Public Interest Flight Winners

In addition to Lunseth and Knies, the NAA and ACA will recognize:

Wayne Maynard – Distinguished Volunteer Pilot

Maynard, who has served as chairman of Angel Flight South Central’s board of directors since 2019, and is a CPA and certified financial planner, “embodies selflessness in his unwavering commitment to charitable flying and helping others,” according to the report. NAA. “His dedication to undertaking as many missions as possible, even in the most difficult times, while providing compassionate care to his passengers, is inspiring.”

Staff Sgt. Michael Fontaine – Distinguished Volunteer

An active-duty military liaison for Honor Flight San Antonio, Fontaine coordinated full logistical support for two complimentary flights that provided war veterans with all-expenses-paid trips to visit their memorials in Washington, DC, according to the NAA. Fontaine also worked to secure funding for special events and honored trips, planned and executed fundraising events, briefed personnel at various airlines and security agencies to promote and garner support for the flight’s mission. honor of San Antonio, and has established a recognition program for active duty military volunteers who devote time to honoring our nation’s heroes, according to the NAA.

The National Business Aviation Association – Public Interest Flying Champion

“The NBAA has a long history of supporting the work of charitable aviation by helping individuals and communities in need through business aviation and by telling the stories of volunteer pilots and other charitable organizations across the aviation,” says the NAA. Additionally, the people of the NBAA donate their time, effort, and personal involvement to engage in public service flying, and have provided their facilities, publications, and other resources to significantly advance the missions of all groups, according to the NAA.

The 2022 Public Interest Flight Awards will be presented at a date and location to be determined. For more information: www.naa.aero.

CRA INTERNATIONAL, INC. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (Form 10-Q)


Forward-looking statements

Except for historical facts, the statements in this quarterly report are
forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are merely our current
predictions of future events. These statements are inherently uncertain, and
actual events could differ materially from our predictions. Important factors
that could cause actual events to vary from our predictions include those
discussed below under the heading "Risk Factors." We assume no obligation to
update our forward-looking statements to reflect new information or
developments. We urge readers to review carefully the risk factors described in
the other documents that we file with the Securities and Exchange Commission
("SEC"). You can read these documents at www.sec.gov.

Our principal Internet address is www.crai.com. Our website provides a link to a
third-party website through which our annual, quarterly, and current reports,
and amendments to those reports, are available free of charge. We believe these
reports are made available as soon as reasonably practicable after we file them
electronically with, or furnish them to, the SEC. We do not maintain or provide
any information directly to the third-party website, and we do not check its

Our website also includes information about our corporate governance practices.
The Investor Relations page of our website provides a link to a web page where
you can obtain a copy of our code of business conduct and ethics applicable to
our principal executive officer, principal financial officer, and principal
accounting officer.

Significant Accounting Policies and Estimates

Our critical accounting policies involving the more significant estimates and
judgments used in the preparation of our financial statements as of October 1,
2022 remain unchanged from January 1, 2022, except for the accounting policies
related to business combinations as described below. Please refer to Part II,
Item 7, "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results
of Operations" of our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended
January 1, 2022, filed with the SEC on March 3, 2022 (the "2021 Form 10-K") for
details on these critical accounting policies.

Business Combinations. We account for business acquisitions using the
acquisition method of accounting, which requires assets acquired and liabilities
assumed to be measured and recorded at their estimated fair values as of the
acquisition date, with certain exceptions. Right-of-use assets and lease
liabilities are recorded on the date of acquisition in accordance with ASC Topic
842, Leases. In addition, contract assets and contract liabilities are recorded
in accordance with ASC 606, as we adopted Accounting Standards Update No.
2021-08, Business Combinations (Topic 805): Accounting for Contract Assets and
Contract Liabilities from Contracts with Customers on the first day of fiscal
2022. All other tangible assets and identifiable intangible assets acquired and
liabilities assumed are recorded at their fair value as of the date of

The purchase price is determined as the fair value of consideration transferred.
Goodwill is recognized for the excess of consideration transferred over the net
value of assets acquired and liabilities assumed. Intangible assets that are
separate from goodwill and have determinable useful lives are valued separately.
Fair value measurements require extensive use of estimates and assumptions,
including estimates of future cash flows to be generated by the acquired assets,
discount rates that we believe reflect the risk factors associated with the
related cash flows, and estimates of useful lives. The useful lives of
identifiable intangible assets acquired in a business acquisition are estimated
based on the expected period that we will receive substantially all of the
projected future benefits from the intangible asset.

Recent accounting standards

Please refer to the sections entitled “Recent Accounting Standards” included in Note 1, “Summary of Significant Accounting Policies” in Part I, Item I, “Financial Statements” of this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q (this “Report” ).

Results of operations-For the Fiscal quarter and the fiscal period to date ended October 1, 2022Compared to the Fiscal quarter and the fiscal period to date ended October 2, 2021

The following table presents operating information as a percentage of revenue for the periods indicated:

  Table of Contents

                                                             Fiscal Quarter                                  Fiscal Year-to-Date
                                                                 Ended                                           Period Ended
                                                  October 1,              October 2,                 October 1,                October 2,
                                                     2022                    2021                       2022                      2021
Revenues                                               100.0  %                  100.0  %                   100.0  %                  100.0  %
Costs of services (exclusive of depreciation
and amortization)                                       68.9                      70.4                       69.4                      71.1
Selling, general and administrative expenses            19.0                      18.0                       18.4                      16.6
Depreciation and amortization                            2.0                       2.3                        2.0                       2.2
Income from operations                                  10.0                       9.4                       10.2                      10.1
Interest expense, net                                   (0.4)                     (0.1)                      (0.3)                     (0.2)
Foreign currency gains (losses), net                     1.1                       0.2                        0.8                      (0.1)
Income before provision for income taxes                10.7                       9.4                       10.7                       9.8
Provision for income taxes                               2.7                       1.4                        2.9                       2.2
Net income                                               8.0  %                    8.0  %                     7.8  %                    7.7  %

Financial quarter ended October 1, 2022Compared to the Financial Quarter Ended
October 2, 2021

Revenues. Revenues increased by $12.0 million, or 8.8%, to $148.4 million for
the third quarter of fiscal 2022 from $136.4 million for the third quarter of
fiscal 2021. Utilization increased to 74% for the third quarter of fiscal 2022
from 73% for the third quarter of fiscal 2021, while consultant headcount grew
3.3% from 882 at the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2021 to 911 at the end
of the third quarter of fiscal 2022. The primary driver of consultant headcount
growth was the addition of 37 consultants resulting from the acquisition of
Welch Consulting, Ltd. ("Welch Consulting") in the first quarter of fiscal 2022.

Overall, revenues outside of the U.S. represented approximately 18% and 20% of
net revenues for the third quarters of fiscal 2022 and fiscal 2021,
respectively. Revenues derived from fixed-price projects decreased to 16% of net
revenues for the third quarter of fiscal 2022 compared with 23% of net revenue
for the third quarter of fiscal 2021. The percentage of revenue derived from
fixed-price projects depends largely on the proportion of our revenues derived
from our management consulting business, which typically has a higher
concentration of fixed-price service contracts.

Costs of Services (exclusive of depreciation and amortization). Costs of
services (exclusive of depreciation and amortization) increased by $6.3 million,
or 6.6%, to $102.3 million for the third quarter of fiscal 2022 from $96.0
million for the third quarter of fiscal 2021. The increase in costs of services
was due to an increase in employee compensation and fringe benefit costs of $6.6
million primarily as a result of a higher headcount and an increase in
forgivable loan amortization of $0.4 million, partially offset by a decrease in
client reimbursable expenses of $0.7 million. As a percentage of revenues, costs
of services (exclusive of depreciation and amortization) decreased to 68.9% for
the third quarter of fiscal 2022 from 70.4% for the third quarter of fiscal

Selling, General and Administrative Expenses. Selling, general and
administrative expenses increased by $3.7 million, or 15.3%, to $28.2 million
for the third quarter of fiscal 2022 from $24.5 million for the third quarter of
fiscal 2021. Within this category of expenses, there was a $1.2 million increase
in travel and entertainment, a $1.0 million increase in employee compensation
and fringe benefit costs, a $0.7 million increase in miscellaneous and other
costs, a $0.6 million increase in software subscription and data services, and a
$0.4 million increase in commissions to our non-employee experts. Partially
offsetting the increase in these expenses was a $0.2 million decrease in bad
debt expense for the third quarter of fiscal 2022 as compared to the third
quarter of fiscal 2021.

As a percentage of revenues, selling, general and administrative expenses
increased to 19.0% for the third quarter of fiscal 2022 from 18.0% for the third
quarter of fiscal 2021. Commissions to our non-employee experts remained flat at
3.2% of revenues for the third quarter of fiscal 2022 and the third quarter of
fiscal 2021.

Provision for Income Taxes. The income tax provision was $4.0 million and the
effective tax rate ("ETR") was 25.3% for the third quarter of fiscal 2022
compared to $1.9 million and 14.8% for the third quarter of fiscal 2021. The ETR
for the current fiscal quarter was higher than the prior year primarily due to a
decrease in the tax benefit related to share-based compensation and
foreign-derived intangible income, and higher nondeductible compensation paid to
executive officers. The ETR for the third quarter of both fiscal 2022 and fiscal
2021 were lower than the combined federal and state statutory tax rate primarily


the tax benefit related to share-based compensation, partially offset by non-deductible compensation paid to executive corporate officers.

Net Income. Net income increased to $11.9 million for the third quarter of
fiscal 2022 from $10.9 million for the third quarter of fiscal 2021. The net
income per diluted share was $1.63 per share for the third quarter of fiscal
2022, compared to $1.44 of net income per diluted share for the third quarter of
fiscal 2021. Weighted average diluted shares outstanding decreased by
approximately 314,000 shares to approximately 7,246,000 shares for the third
quarter of fiscal 2022 from approximately 7,560,000 shares for the third quarter
of fiscal 2021. The decrease in weighted average diluted shares outstanding was
primarily due to the repurchase of shares of our common stock since October 2,
2021, offset in part by the vesting of shares of restricted stock and
time-vesting restricted stock units and the exercise of stock options since
October 2, 2021.

Year-to-date ended October 1, 2022compared to the total of the financial year ended October 2, 2021

Revenues. Revenues increased by $14.7 million, or 3.4%, to $445.9 million for
the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022 from $431.2 million for the
fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021. Utilization was 75% for the
fiscal year-to-date periods ended October 1, 2022 and October 2, 2021, while
consultant headcount grew 3.3% from 882 at the end of the third quarter of
fiscal 2021 to 911 at the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2022. The primary
driver of consultant headcount growth was the addition of 37 consultants
resulting from the acquisition of Welch Consulting in the first quarter of
fiscal 2022.

Overall, revenues outside of the U.S. represented approximately 20% and 19% of
net revenues for the fiscal year-to-date periods ended October 1, 2022 and
October 2, 2021, respectively. Revenues derived from fixed-price projects
decreased to 18% of net revenues for the fiscal year-to-date period ended
October 1, 2022 compared with 24% of net revenue for the year-to-date period
ended October 2, 2021. The percentage of revenue derived from fixed-price
projects depends largely on the proportion of our revenues derived from our
management consulting business, which typically has a higher concentration of
fixed-price service contracts.

Costs of Services (exclusive of depreciation and amortization). Costs of
services (exclusive of depreciation and amortization) increased by $3.0 million,
or 1.0%, to $309.4 million for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1,
2022 from $306.4 million for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2,
2021. The increase in costs of services was due to an increase of $3.8 million
in employee compensation and fringe benefit costs primarily as a result of a
higher headcount and an increase in forgivable loan amortization of $1.3
million, partially offset by a decrease in client reimbursable expenses of $1.7
million and a decrease in the valuation expense of the contingent consideration
of $0.4 million. As a percentage of revenues, costs of services (exclusive of
depreciation and amortization) decreased to 69.4% for the fiscal year-to-date
period ended October 1, 2022 from 71.1% for the fiscal year-to-date period ended
October 2, 2021.

Selling, General and Administrative Expenses. Selling, general and
administrative expenses increased by $10.3 million, or 14.3%, to $82.0 million
for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022 from $71.7 million for
the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021. Within this category of
expenses, there was a $2.7 million increase in travel and entertainment, a $2.2
million increase in employee compensation and fringe benefit costs, a $1.6
million increase in commissions to our non-employee experts, a $1.2 million
increase in software subscription and data services, a $1.1 million increase in
miscellaneous and other costs, a $0.9 million increase in legal and other
professional services fees, and a $0.9 million increase in rent expense.
Partially offsetting the increase in these expenses was a $0.3 million decrease
in bad debt expense for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022 as
compared to the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021.

As a percentage of revenues, selling, general and administrative expenses
increased to 18.4% for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022 from
16.6% for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021. Commissions to
our non-employee experts increased to 3.3% of revenues for the fiscal
year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022 compared to 3.0% of revenues for the
fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021.

Provision for Income Taxes. The income tax provision was $12.7 million and the
ETR was 26.7% for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022, compared
to $9.3 million and 22.0% for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2,
2021. The ETR for the current fiscal year-to-date period was higher than the
prior year-to-date period primarily due to a decrease in the tax benefit related
to share-based compensation and foreign-derived intangible income, and higher
nondeductible compensation paid to executive officers, partially offset by the
impact of the U.K. statutory rate increase in the second quarter of fiscal 2021
that did not recur in the current period. The ETR for the current fiscal
year-to-date period was approximately the same as the combined federal and state
statutory tax rate and included offsetting items primarily related to the tax
benefit for share-based compensation and nondeductible compensation paid to
executive officers. The ETR for the fiscal


year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021 was lower than the combined federal
and state statutory tax rate primarily due to the tax benefit related to
share-based compensation, partially offset by non-deductible compensation paid
to executive officers and the impact of the U.K. statutory tax rate change.

Net Income. Net income increased by $1.9 million to $34.9 million for the fiscal
year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022 from $33.0 million for the fiscal
year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021. The diluted net income per share was
$4.72 for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022, compared to
diluted net income per share of $4.31 for the fiscal year-to-date period ended
October 2, 2021. Weighted average diluted shares outstanding decreased by
approximately 267,000 to approximately 7,376,000 shares for the fiscal
year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022 from approximately 7,643,000 shares
for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021. The decrease in
weighted average diluted shares outstanding was primarily due to the repurchase
of shares of our common stock since October 2, 2021, offset in part by the
vesting of restricted stock and time-vesting restricted stock units, and the
exercise of stock options since October 2, 2021.

Cash and capital resources

Year-to-date ended October 1, 2022

We estimate that our current cash and cash equivalents, cash flow generated from operations and amounts available under our revolving credit facility will be sufficient to meet our anticipated working capital and capital expenditure requirements for at least the next 12 months.

General. During the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022, cash and
cash equivalents decreased by $42.0 million. We completed the period with cash
and cash equivalents of $24.1 million. The principal drivers of the reduction of
cash and cash equivalents were payment of a significant portion of our fiscal
2021 performance bonuses in the first and second quarters of fiscal 2022, the
consideration paid for the acquisition of Welch Consulting, the repurchase of
shares, and the payment of dividends, offset by net borrowings of $45.0 million.

During the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022, working capital
(defined as current assets less current liabilities) decreased by $9.9 million
to $26.4 million. The decrease in working capital was principally due to a
decrease in cash and cash equivalents of $42.0 million and an increase in
borrowings of $45.0 million. Partially offsetting these decreases to working
capital was an increase in accounts receivable and unbilled services of $46.8
million, an increase in prepaid expenses and other current assets of $3.4
million, a decrease in accrued expenses of $23.7 million, and a decrease in
deferred revenue and other liabilities of $5.5 million.

At October 1, 2022, $9.7 million of our cash and cash equivalents was held
within the U.S. We have sufficient sources of liquidity in the U.S., including
cash flow from operations and availability on our revolving credit facility to
fund U.S. operations for the next 12 months without the need to repatriate funds
from our foreign subsidiaries.

Sources and Uses of Cash. During the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1,
2022, net cash used in operating activities was $35.0 million. Net income was
$34.9 million for the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022. Uses of
cash for operating activities included a $12.1 million decrease in lease
liabilities, a net increase of $48.9 million in accounts receivable and unbilled
receivables, and a $1.9 million increase in prepaid expenses and other current
assets primarily related to the timing of renewing annual subscriptions. Other
uses of cash included a decrease in accounts payable, accrued expenses, and
other liabilities of $26.3 million, primarily due to the payment of a
significant portion of our fiscal 2021 performance bonuses and performance
awards, and an increase in forgivable loans for the period of $7.4 million,
which was primarily driven by $25.5 million of forgivable loan issuances, net of
repayments, offset by $18.1 million of forgivable loan amortization.

Cash used in operations included incentive cash award expense of $4.9 million,
non-cash depreciation and amortization expense of $9.1 million, right-of-use
amortization of $10.3 million, share-based compensation expenses of $3.6
million, and other non-cash gains and benefits of $1.2 million.

During the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022, net cash used in
investing activities was $13.2 million, which included $10.2 million of net
consideration paid for the acquisition of Welch Consulting and $3.0 million for
capital expenditures, primarily related to purchases of office equipment.

During the fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022, net cash provided
by financing activities was $9.3 million, primarily as a result of net
borrowings under the revolving credit facility of $45.0 million and $0.8 million
received upon the issuance of shares of common stock related to the exercise of
stock options. Offsetting these increases in cash provided by


financing activities were repurchases of common stock of $27.6 million, payment
of cash dividends of $6.9 million, payment of $1.0 million for debt issuance
costs, and tax withholding payments reimbursed by restricted shares on vesting
of $1.0 million.

Lease Commitments

We are a lessee under certain operating leases for office space and equipment.
Certain of our operating leases have terms that impose asset retirement
obligations due to office modifications or the periodic redecoration of the
premises, which are included in other liabilities on our consolidated balance
sheets and are recorded at a value based on their estimated discounted cash
flows. We do not expect to incur asset retirement obligation or redecoration
obligation costs over the next twelve months. At October 1, 2022, the remainder
of our asset retirement obligations and redecoration obligations are
approximately $2.5 million and are expected to be paid between fiscal 2026 and
fiscal 2031 when the underlying leases terminate or when the respective lease
agreement requires redecoration. We expect to satisfy these lease and related
obligations as they become due from cash generated from operations.


We were a party to an amended and restated credit agreement (the "Initial Credit
Agreement") that provided us with a $175.0 million revolving credit facility
that included a $15.0 million sublimit for the issuance of letters of credit.
The Initial Credit Agreement was scheduled to mature on October 24, 2022; we
were permitted to repay any borrowings at any time prior to the maturity date.

On August 19, 2022, we refinanced our revolving credit facility under the
Initial Credit Agreement by entering into a Credit Agreement (the "Credit
Agreement") with Bank of America, N.A., as swingline lender, a letter of credit
issuing bank and administrative agent, and with Citizens Bank, N.A., as a letter
of credit issuing bank. The Credit Agreement provides us a $250.0 million
revolving credit facility, which may be decreased at our option to $200.0
million during the period from July 16th in a year through January 15th in the
next year. Additionally, for the period from January 16th to July 15th of each
calendar year, we may elect to not increase the revolving credit facility to
$250.0 million. The revolving credit facility includes a $25.0 million sublimit
for the issuance of letters of credit.

Concurrent with our entry into the Credit Agreement, we terminated the Initial
Credit Agreement and repaid in full all outstanding indebtedness under the
Initial Credit Agreement of approximately $50.0 million. Also, letters of credit
in the aggregate amount of approximately $4.4 million that had been issued under
the Initial Credit Agreement were deemed to be issued and outstanding under the
new revolving credit facility. In connection with the Credit Agreement, we
incurred debt issuance costs from the lenders and third-parties of $1.0 million.

We may use the proceeds of the revolving credit loans under the Credit Agreement
for general corporate purposes and may repay any borrowings under the revolving
credit facility at any time, but any borrowings must be repaid no later than
August 19, 2027. Borrowings under the revolving credit facility bear interest at
a rate per annum equal to one of the following rates, at our election, plus an
applicable margin as described below: (i) in the case of borrowings in U.S.
dollars by us, the Base Rate (as defined in the Credit Agreement), (ii) in the
case of borrowings in U.S. dollars, a rate based on Term SOFR (as defined in the
Credit Agreement) for the applicable interest period, (iii) in the case of
borrowings in Euros, EURIBOR (as defined in the Credit Agreement) for the
applicable interest period, (iv) in the case of borrowings in Pounds Sterling, a
daily rate based on SONIA (as defined in the Credit Agreement), (v) in the case
of borrowings in Canadian Dollars, CDOR (as defined in the Credit Agreement) for
the applicable interest period, (vi) in the case of borrowings in Swiss Francs,
a daily rate based on SARON (as defined in the Credit Agreement), or (vii) in
the case of borrowings in any other Alternate Currency (as defined in the Credit
Agreement), the relevant daily or term rate determined as provided in the Credit
Agreement. The applicable margin on borrowings based on the Base Rate varies
within a range of 0.25% to 1.00% depending on our consolidated net leverage
ratio, and the applicable margin on borrowings based on any of the other rates
described above varies within a range of 1.25% to 2.00% depending on our
consolidated net leverage ratio.

We are required to pay a fee on the amount available to be drawn under any
letter of credit issued under the revolving credit facility at a rate per annum
that varies between 1.25% and 2.00% depending on our consolidated net leverage
ratio. In addition, we are required to pay a fee on the unused portion of the
revolving credit facility at a rate per annum that varies between 0.175% and
0.250% depending on our consolidated net leverage ratio.

Under the Credit Agreement, we must comply with various financial and
non-financial covenants. The primary financial covenants consist of a maximum
consolidated net leverage ratio and a minimum consolidated interest coverage
ratio. The primary non-financial covenants include, but are not limited to,
restrictions on our ability to incur future indebtedness, engage in acquisitions
or dispositions, pay dividends or repurchase capital stock, and enter into
business combinations. Any


indebtedness outstanding under the revolving credit facility may become
immediately due upon the occurrence of stated events of default, including our
failure to pay principal, interest or fees, or upon the breach of any covenant.
As of October 1, 2022, we were in compliance with the covenants of the Credit

There was $45.0 million in borrowings outstanding under the revolving credit
facility as of October 1, 2022. As of October 1, 2022, the amount available
under the revolving credit facility was reduced by certain letters of credit
outstanding, which amounted to $4.4 million.

Forgivable loans

In order to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, we may issue
forgivable loans or term loans to employees and non-employee experts. A portion
of these loans is collateralized by key person life insurance. The forgivable
loans have terms that are generally between two and six years. The principal
amount of forgivable loans and accrued interest is forgiven by us over the term
of the loans, so long as the employee or non-employee expert continues
employment or affiliation with us and complies with certain contractual
requirements. The expense associated with the forgiveness of the principal
amount of the loans is recorded as compensation expense over the service period,
which is consistent with the term of the loans.

Remuneration methods

We have entered into compensation arrangements for the payment of performance
awards to certain of our employees and non-employee experts that are payable if
specific performance targets are met. The financial targets may include a
measure of revenue generation, profitability, or both. The amounts of the awards
to be paid under these compensation arrangements could fluctuate depending on
future performance during the applicable measurement periods. Changes in the
estimated awards are expensed prospectively over the remaining service period.
We believe that we will have sufficient funds to satisfy any cash obligations
related to the performance awards. We expect to fund any cash payments from
existing cash resources, cash generated from operations, or borrowings available
on our revolving credit facility.

Our Amended and Restated 2006 Equity Incentive Plan, as amended (the "2006
Equity Plan"), authorizes the grant of a variety of incentive and performance
equity awards to our directors, employees and non-employee experts, including
stock options, shares of restricted stock, restricted stock units, and other
equity awards.

In 2009, the compensation committee of our Board of Directors adopted our
long-term incentive program, or "LTIP," as a framework for equity grants made
under our 2006 equity incentive plan to our senior corporate leaders, practice
leaders, and key revenue generators. The equity awards granted under the LTIP
include stock options, time-vesting restricted stock units, and
performance-vesting restricted stock units.

In December 2016, our compensation committee modified the LTIP to allow grants
of service- and performance-based cash awards in lieu of, or in addition to,
equity awards to our senior corporate leaders, practice leaders, and key revenue
generators. The compensation committee of our Board of Directors is responsible
for approving all cash and equity awards under the LTIP. We expect to fund any
cash payments from existing cash resources, cash generated from operations, or
borrowings available on our revolving credit facility.

Business and Talent Acquisitions

As part of our business, we regularly evaluate opportunities to acquire other
consulting firms, practices or groups, or other businesses. In recent years, we
have typically paid for acquisitions with cash, or a combination of cash and our
common stock, and we may continue to do so in the future. To pay for an
acquisition, we may use cash on hand, cash generated from our operations,
borrowings available under our revolving credit facility, or we may pursue other
forms of financing. Our ability to secure short-term and long-term debt or
equity financing in the future, including our ability to refinance our credit
agreement, will depend on several factors, including our future profitability,
the levels of our debt and equity, restrictions under our existing revolving
credit facility, and the overall credit and equity market environments. We
completed a business acquisition during the first quarter of fiscal 2022, which
is further described in Note 2, "Business Acquisition" in Part I, Item I,
"Financial Statements" of this report.

Share buybacks

In February 2022, our Board of Directors authorized an expansion of our existing
share repurchase program, authorizing the purchase of an additional $20.0
million of our common stock. We may repurchase shares under this program in open


purchases (including through any Rule 10b5-1 plan adopted by us) or in privately
negotiated transactions in accordance with applicable insider trading and other
securities laws and regulations.

During the fiscal quarter and fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022,
we repurchased and retired 51,524 shares and 319,534 shares, respectively, under
our share repurchase program at an average price per share of $97.04 and $86.47,
respectively. During the fiscal quarter and fiscal year-to-date period ended
October 2, 2021, we repurchased and retired 53,012 shares and 219,564 shares,
respectively, under our share repurchase program at an average price per share
of $94.32 and $66.72, respectively. In addition, during the second quarter of
fiscal 2021, we repurchased 337,837 shares at a purchase price of $74.00 under a
modified "Dutch auction" self-tender offer, as further described in Part II,
Item 7, "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results
of Operations" of our 2021 Form 10-K.

As of October 1, 2022, we had approximately $22.9 million available for future
repurchases under our share repurchase program. We plan to finance future
repurchases with available cash, cash from future operations, and available
funds from our revolving credit facility. We expect to continue to repurchase
shares under our share repurchase program.

Dividends to shareholders

We anticipate paying regular quarterly dividends each year. These dividends are
anticipated to be funded through cash flow from operations, available cash on
hand, and/or available borrowings under our revolving credit facility. Although
we anticipate paying regular quarterly dividends on our common stock for the
foreseeable future, the declaration, timing and amounts of any such dividends
remain subject to the discretion of our Board of Directors. During the fiscal
quarter and fiscal year-to-date period ended October 1, 2022, we paid dividends
and dividend equivalents of $2.2 million and $6.9 million, respectively. During
the fiscal quarter and fiscal year-to-date period ended October 2, 2021, we paid
dividends and dividend equivalents of $1.9 million and $5.9 million,

Impact of inflation

To date, inflation has not had a material impact on our financial results. However, there can be no assurance that inflation will not adversely affect our financial results in the future.

future capital and liquidity needs

We anticipate that our future capital and liquidity needs will consist primarily of funds needed to:

•operating and general corporate expenses relating to the operation of our
business, including the compensation of our employees under various annual bonus
or long-term incentive compensation programs;

•hiring people to rebuild and expand our employee base;

• capital expenditures, mainly for computer equipment, office furniture and leasehold improvements;

•debt service and repayments, including interest payments on borrowings from our revolving credit facility;

• share buybacks under programs which we may have in effect from time to time;

•dividends to shareholders;

•possible business acquisitions that would enable us to diversify or expand our service offerings;

•any potential obligations related to our acquisitions; and

•other known future contractual obligations.

The hiring of individuals to replenish and expand our employee base is an
essential part of our business operations and has historically been funded
principally from operations. Many of the other above activities are
discretionary in nature. For example, capital expenditures can be deferred,
acquisitions can be forgone, and share repurchase programs and regular dividends
can be suspended. As such, our operating model provides flexibility with respect
to the deployment of cash flow from operations. Given this flexibility, we
believe that our cash flows from operations, supplemented by cash on hand and
borrowings from our revolving credit facility (as necessary), will provide
adequate cash to fund our long-term cash needs from normal operations for at
least the next twelve months.


Our conclusion that we will be able to fund our cash requirements by using
existing capital resources and cash generated from operations does not take into
account the impact of any future acquisition transactions or any unexpected
significant changes in the number of employees or other expenditures that are
currently not contemplated. The anticipated cash needs of our business could
change significantly if we pursue and complete additional business acquisitions,
if our business plans change, if economic conditions change from those currently
prevailing or from those now anticipated, or if other unexpected circumstances
arise that have a material effect on the cash flow or profitability of our
business. Any of these events or circumstances, including any new business
opportunities, could involve significant additional funding needs in excess of
the identified currently available sources and could require us to raise
additional debt or equity funding to meet those needs on terms that may be less
favorable compared to our current sources of capital. Our ability to raise
additional capital, if necessary, is subject to a variety of factors that we
cannot predict with certainty, including:

•our future profitability;

•the quality of our customer accounts;

•our relative levels of debt and equity;

•the volatility and general state of the capital markets; and

•the market prices of our shares.

Factors Affecting Future Performance

Important factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from
the forward-looking statements we make in this report, as well as a description
of material risks we face, are set forth below under the heading "Risk Factors"
and included in Part I, Item 1A, "Risk Factors" of our 2021 Form 10-K. If any of
these risks, or any risks not presently known to us or that we currently believe
are not significant, develops into an actual event, then our business, financial
condition, and results of operations could be adversely affected.

© Edgar Online, source Previews

Manistee Riverwalk tourist attraction plans progress


With an auspicious opening to see their dreams televised on TV 9 & 10, the Manistee River Walk Committee met for lunch on Friday with former resident, John Bultema, former owner of Bultema Dock and Dredge. The midday meeting at the Four-Forty West restaurant preceded a walk along the river as committee members exchanged ideas and gleaned expert advice from Bultema. “The Riverwalk will be a great tourist attraction and will benefit young and old alike,” Bultema enthused to the committee.

Tennis Awards

The Manistee High School women’s tennis team recently honored special award winners. They are: Bev Leach, Most Improved Player; Andy Keleher, honorary co-captain; Simi Oomen, Most Valuable Player and Kris Kalcher, Honorary Co-Captain.


Moving assistance

The director of civil protection, Jérôme Manthei today launched a call for volunteers to help on Saturday afternoon with the relocation of the civil protection emergency hospital from the Mercy-Community Hospital to the town hall. He asked anyone willing to lend a hand to meet at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot of the Armory. Manthei said only light equipment will be taken to the town hall building. The heaviest equipment is stored elsewhere.


Make an oil request

Fuel oil requests should be filed with the local ration committee as soon as possible, William Farnsworth, chairman of the fuel oil ration committee, said today. He said any fuel dealer who only sells a gallon of kerosene or anyone who wants to buy a single gallon must file an application.

The winners named

The winners of the Kiddie Halloween Parade held over the weekend were announced today. Those who received $1 prizes in the form of defense stamps were: Eleanor Klajda, dressed in a patriotic costume; Roger Smith, as Donald Duck; Charles Grant, Army Air Corps uniform; Thomas Kapalcynski as Uncle Sam and Jim Nelson impersonating Adolph Hitler.

Compiled by Mark Fedder at the Manistee County Historical Museum

Mare Island Travel Guide: Plan the Ultimate California Weekend


Photo courtesy of Mare Island Brewing Co.

Aside from the now extinct marine world, the town of Vallejo in Solano County is generally not on the radar of many San Franciscans. But there’s a reason that’s changing. Just a 75-minute drive northeast of SF, the hot town is home to Mare Island, built in 1854 as the West Coast’s first naval base. Named after General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo’s white horse that swam to the island after surviving a shipwreck, the island’s naval base operated until 1993. Since then, the waterfront s is transformed into The Wet Mile, which currently includes a brewery, distillery, winery, art studios, hikes, architectural gems and, of course, lots of naval history to see. It’s well worth a day trip, but it’s just the beginning of a great long-term development for this peninsula bordered by the Napa River. The Mare Island waterfront will soon be home to more craft makers, such as coffee roasters and bakers, in addition to ongoing promenade development such as benches and lighting. Bonus: You can take the ferry from SF to visit Mare Island. Here’s everything you can do once you arrive:

Savage & Cooke American Distillery

Founded by a former winemaker, Savage & Cooke offers tours that include a look inside barrels and production rooms, great rooftop views and a seated tasting of iconic spirits like The Burning Chair Bourbon, led by a senior member of the team. For something more casual, have a shorter tasting session at the bar or pop into the restaurant for lunch or dinner, Thursday through Sunday. Feast on southern fried chicken and sides, of course accompanied by S&C spirits or craft cocktails.
How to get there: Book tours and tastings online. Walk-in restaurant only.

Mare Island Brewing Co.
Photo courtesy of Mare Island Brewing Co.

With three taprooms in total, including those in Vallejo proper and Benicia, it’s a little more special to drink and eat at MIBC’s Coal Shed Brewery which is actually on Mare Island. Launched by two former winemakers, sample beers like the Hydraulic Sandwich IPA and Saginaw Golden Ale against a backdrop of darts, foosball, corn hole, beer garden and plenty of indoor seating . Pub food like sandwiches and salads come from the Pie Wagon.
How to order: Enter or order beer online (California shipping only)

Victorian Admiral's Mansion

A little history lesson with your drinking island should balance out the day nicely. The Mare Island Historical Park Foundation offers guided tours on Saturday mornings, including St. Peter’s Chapel, built in 1901 and the nation’s oldest naval church. It features a ton of beautiful Tiffany stained glass. You can also book a combo tour that adds the Victorian Admiral’s Mansion and surrounding gardens, plus the USS Vallejo Submarine Sailing Memorial and a few other historic sites. In addition to the visit, there is also the cemetery to visit, which is the first naval cemetery on the west coast.
How to visit: Book tours (1-2 hours each) in advance online, conducted at 10:00 a.m. every first and third Saturday.

Mare Island Art Studios
Photo courtesy of Mare Island Art Studios

Located at the northern end of the waterfront, the art workshop cooperative was one of the first entities to repurpose the old dockyard buildings. Discover the fruits of more than 20 years of work and community development in the galleries, retail stores and classes offered by the 19 artists who currently work there.
How to visit: Open Wet Mile Sundays 12pm-4pm, during art shows and by appointment.

godfather of wine
godfather of wine

Vino Godfather Winery specializes in small-batch artisanal wines, such as its smoky 2018 Prohibition Tempranillo and the full-bodied St. Peter’s Church Clone Old Vine Zinfandel 2016. It opened its tasting room on Mare Island in 2015, in a former officers’ mansion more than a century old. Book a tasting or pop in to enjoy “Music at the Mansion” live on Saturdays for just $10. Smokey T’s barbecue is often there to toss ribs and chicken. Vino Godfather also has a wine club with free tastings and first access to new releases.
How to visit: Come in or book ahead (email or call) for groups of six or more.

Coastal Heritage Reserve
Flickr/Pacific Southwest Forest Service

At the far south of the island is a wooded park of over 100 acres. The Shoreline Heritage Preserve has the old naval cemetery, osprey nests for birdwatchers, a steep one-mile hike to the top of the island for 360-degree views, and a trail easy four miles from San Pablo Bay along the water.

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What happens if you lose your passport during the flight?


Although living at the age of digital processing and storage, one of the most critical documents we rely on is still mostly in physical form. Many things can go wrong while traveling, including lost or stolen personal effects. So what if your passport disappeared during a flight?

Hard situation

Although losing a passport on a plane may seem unlikely to many, anything can happen. Especially during the tense and complex nature of trip abroad in modern times. As a result, there have been cases where passengers landed in a country without knowing where their passport had gone.


Losing or damaging a passport abroad is stressful enough. Travelers should generally go to the embassy closest to their country and acquire an emergency travel document (ETD). However, this is not an option if you cannot pass your destination Security doors first.

In most cases, if a passenger loses their passport on an international flight, they will be sent home on come back. Nevertheless, you may be lucky if assistance can find the passport on your incoming airliner.

Photo: Heathrow Airport

Help needed

Quora user Josh Lim explained that following a Delta Airlines flight from JFK to Toronto, he noticed that he did not have his passport with him. At passport control, he explained to the immigration officer that he had accidentally left his passport on the plane and had to go to the airline’s baggage claim counter to find out how to get it. .


“He took my immigration form, marked it with a pink highlighter (he put a big slash on it, basically) and told me to wait until they ask someone from Delta to settle the passport situation. A few minutes later, they were able to retrieve it from the plane and hand it to me. I went back in line, handed my passport over to the immigration officer I spoke to earlier, and a few minutes earlier my passport was stamped and I was on my way.”

Quick return

However, if no document is discovered, what happens next depends on the passenger’s nationality, immigration status and the discretion of the authorities. For example, an ordinary citizen would eventually be allowed to enter, even if it takes some paperwork. Still, other travelers are likely to be put on the next available route home.

Another Quora user, Chet Dayal, explained that he lost his passport during a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Tokyo. After explaining the situation to immigration, he was presented with four options.

As a first step, United contacted the US Embassy, ​​which said it could arrange an emergency replacement at the Tokyo embassy within two hours. However, this was not applicable as Dayal could not enter Japan in the first place. So the second option was to wait airside until the plane returning to the SFO was searched. If found, the passport will be handed over on the return flight to Tokyo. Again, this was not a suitable option as it would require a night in the terminal with no warranty.

Dayal explained that the third option was:

“That I apply for ‘special permission’ to enter Japan without a passport. This request may or may not be granted. Even if this is granted and I am allowed entry, my name will forever be on a “watch list” and each time I return to Japan, I will be subject to secondary questioning and hassle at immigration.

Finally, Dayal chose option four – board the next available flight back to San Francisco.

Photo: Gatwick Airport

So, this may be a case-by-case situation, but in all likelihood the most effective and smooth conclusion is to go home.

What do you think of these scenarios? Has something like this ever happened to you? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Source: Quora 1,2

Five sites identified for gateway to boost tourism in Jharkhand


In a bid to boost tourism, the government of Uttarakhand has identified five new sites to develop a gateway at Ranchi on the Pelling and Rajgir lines. The state’s tourism department conducted an initial feasibility study and identified these sites and according to the sources, the plan could go into action by the end of 2022.

The Department of Tourism is now looking for expert agencies to oversee the execution of the project. An official said: “The department plans to set up a walkway at Patratu in Ramgarh, Netarhat in Latehar and three places in Ranchi – Hundru, Jonha and Dassam falls. These are all top tourist spots with a mix of leisure and adventure tourism potential with dozens of tourists coming here throughout the year from both within the state and from places adjacent”.

Apparently, all these places are a recognized tourist destination. Patratu in Ramgarh is famous for its natural and scenic beauty. There is also Patratu thermal power station and dam which was built by Russian collaboration in 1962.

Netarhat, on the other hand, is a nice little hill station in the Latehar district. The place is also known as
Queen of Chotanagpur and is famous for the Netarhat boarding school.

Hundru is a popular waterfall in Ranchi and is also the 34th highest waterfall in India. The falls were created on the course of the Subarnarekha River and are quite beautiful.

Johna is another important waterfall located about 45 km from Ranchi. Jonha Falls is named after the local village and is known as Gautamdhara. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Buddha nearby.

Similarly, Dassam Falls, also known as Dassam Ghagh, is a lovely waterfall near the village of Taimara in Ranchi. The place is a hot tourist attraction and visited by locals and tourists.

The main objective of the gateway project is to promote local communities in the development of tourist sites in the region while stimulating tourism.

Warsaw City Guide: Your Weekend Sorted | Travel


“Resilience” is a word that often comes to mind when walking around Warsaw. Almost all of the historic-looking buildings – creamy neoclassical churches and palaces lining the Royal Route, the red-brick royal castle with its teardrop-shaped turrets, the houses of medieval merchants in the old town – are a faithful reconstruction after the destruction virtual total of the Polish capital during the Second World War.

But the city’s phoenix rise goes beyond the facsimile. For every museum unpacking its beleaguered past, there’s a speakeasy, vegan cafe, or rooftop park to discover. Along the wide boulevards lined with skyscrapers, in the nightclubs lining the Vistula River and through the craft breweries and art galleries occupying Soviet-era factories, it’s palpable: the creative energy and exterior facing of the new power plant in Central Europe.

▶ There is no missing Palace of Culture and Science, a 237 m high mastodon donated to Warsaw by Stalin. As of 2022, it’s not technically the tallest structure in the city anymore (that badge now goes to the nearby Varso Tower), but it’s worth going up to the 30th-floor terrace for panoramic views that s extend to the outskirts of the city (£5; pkin.pl).

▶ Not all the delights of the Centrum district are so obvious: a walking tour with local guide Izabela Danil shows you the hidden gems of the city center (warsawguide.info). Inside an unassuming building is a Warsaw Fotoplastikon, where an antique stereoscopic machine displays 1920s street photographs in 3D (£2; fotoplastikonwarszawski.pl). A nearby courtyard hides a rare surviving 19th-century wooden thatched cottage, dwarfed by the brick walls that have sprung up around it.

The Old Town of Warsaw


▶ The best way to appreciate the transformation of Warsaw’s UNESCO-listed Old Town is to stand in Zamkowy Square and grab Google images of the state of the square in 1944. Today oday, the royal castle (£7; zamek -krolewski.pl) and intricately patterned bourgeois houses look like illustrations from a medieval fairy tale. But keep your eyes peeled for nods to more recent history, like the World War II tank track set into the wall of St. John’s Cathedral.

▶ The millennial history of Polish Jews unfolds in rich and immersive detail in Polin. Surprises inside the modern museum, which stands on the site of the 1943 ghetto uprising, include a reconstructed 17th-century wooden synagogue vault in all its ornamental glory. Crucially, the interactive exhibits here don’t just dwell on heartbreaking periods of persecution, but also pay close attention to the myriad cultural contributions of the people (£5.50; polin.pl).

▶ Park life is easy to come by in Warsaw, with a quarter of the city covered in green space. The leafy promenades and baroque statues of the Saxon gardens lend themselves to a quiet weekend stroll. Meanwhile, the Warsaw University Library was doing living architecture before it was fashionable; climb its landscaped rooftop gardens to observe the city skyline.

Koneser Center, Prague

Koneser Center, Prague


The coolest neighborhood

Few tourists cross the Vistula to Praga, unless it is to discover the two streets (Mala and Konopacka, to be precise) where The pianist was filmed. However, this working-class neighborhood in the east, a city apart until 1791, quietly displayed its artistic muscle. Think of the street art murals splashed across apartment buildings and old factories converted into cultural hotspots. The Neon Museum sees a former munitions factory lit up with Soviet-era street signage (£3; neonmuzeum.org), while a new Google campus, vodka museum (with tasting experience) and fashion boutiques rub shoulders in a former distillery, the Koneser Center (koneser.eu).

Opally Tom

Where to eat and drink

Opally Tom
Local, seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes undergo a refined contemporary makeover at the hands of Chef Konrad Kowalski. This includes inventive, sweet and savory pre-desserts, such as baby pumpkin with goat cheese ice cream. The dining room, with its elegant and subdued atmosphere, is just as pleasing to the eye. In fact, Wallpaper magazine named Opasly Tom one of the five most beautiful restaurants in the world (mains from £14, tasting menu £56; kregliccy.pl).

Syrena Irena
Pierogi – gyoza-like dumplings stuffed with savory or sweet fillings – are ubiquitous in Warsaw, but some of the tastiest can be found at the pretty pastel-hued café Syrena Irena. Even better, you can watch your batch being made in the open kitchen. Add a warming cup of zurek (a sour, fermented rye soup) and you’re set for sightseeing (from £3 for six pierogi; instagram.com/syrena.irena).

Sakebar by Nobu

Sakebar by Nobu


Sakebar by Nobu
Tapping into the cosmopolitan and increasingly outward-looking character of Warsaw, Nobu’s temple for all things sake landed in September 2022, showing that there’s more to drink in this city these days. Ci than vodka and beer. Enjoy your rice wine straight from traditional chirori silver jugs or mixed with drinks, including the hajikami ginger martini (cocktails from £11; warsaw.nobuhotels.com).

Pyzy, Flaki Gorace!
This cozy, no-frills cafe takes its name from the phrase that street vendors used to call at local markets. “Pyzy” are gobstopper-sized potato dumplings – served in a jar of jam and topped with fresh pesto – while “flaki” is tripe soup and “gorace” simply means “hot”. There is a branch in Praga, another in the city center (area from £4; pyzyflakigorace.pl).

Koszyki Food Hall

Of the 18 restaurants in Koszyki’s historic indoor market, CMA stands out for its industrial-chic, bright interiors and modern takes on Polish comfort food. It serves everything from tapas-style plates to hearty dinners to divine cocktails. And don’t miss the chance to try a glass of solaris, a delicious Polish white wine (main course from £10; mateuszgessler.com.pl).

Wine pairings? Pa. The dishes in this gourmet restaurant are accompanied by stronger dishes – the vodka, of course. Small-batch distiller sips, unusual flavors (anyone for quince or espresso?) and a potato vodka specialty accompany a menu of Polish-inspired opulence, like dumplings truffle and buckwheat pancakes with caviar (dishes from £10; domwodki.pl).

A room at Raffles Europejski

A room at Raffles Europejski


Where to stay

Raffles Europejski
If the white stucco walls of this iconic property could talk, they would whisper Belle Époque balls, Hollywood star getaways and Rolling Stones after-parties. Still pretty on the Royal Mile, its charms extend to a swanky underground spa, marble-clad Long Bar (try the Warsaw Ginger Fronde), and a museum-worthy collection of modern and contemporary Polish art. , which you can visit with the concierge dedicated to art. Floor-to-ceiling windows, separate living rooms and deep soaking tubs make the heritage and iconic suites particularly opulent (B&B doubles from £221; raffles.com).

Hotel Metropole
You couldn’t wish for a more convenient location for exploring the city center, opposite the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The heart of the hotel is its Metro Jazz Bar & Bistro, which offers all your day-to-night food and drink options, while the modern rooms have a hint of Scandi minimalism about them (the B&B doubles from £50; hotelmetropol.com.pl).

Boutique Hotel H15
Boutique hotels are rare in Warsaw; H15 has bags of character with pop-art prints and bold patterned wallpapers, courtesy of interior designer Mariola Tomczak. Its 47 apartments and rooms occupy a former Soviet embassy building on a busy street lined with restaurants (the B&B doubles from £124; h15-boutique.com).

If you only do one thing

Attend a Chopin concert. Music by the town’s beloved maestro is played daily inside the royal castle (£11; timeforchopin.eu). In the summer, free outdoor recitals are held every Sunday in Royal Lazienki Park (lazienki-krolewskie.pl).

Estella Shardlow was a guest of Warsaw Tourist Board (warsawtour.pl) and Raffles Europejski Warsaw (raffles.com)

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WMU groups in Missouri, Montana begin partnership


CITY OF JEFFERSON (MWMU) – Thirteen Missourians, including ten Missouri WMU (MWMU) staff and board members, recently attended the Montana Southern Baptist Women’s (MTSBW) MPower event.

The event was missions-focused, connecting women with co-op missionaries, fellowship, idea sharing and worship time. During the two-day event, MWMU board members and staff shared ideas for missionary work, compassionate ministries, leadership development and resources.

JEFFERSON CITY – Left to right, Mandy McGraw, president of Montana WMU; Tami Park, executive director of UGM of Montana; Jan Turner, president of UGM of Missouri; Joining the Montana Southern Baptist Women MPower event was Cheryl Stahlman, executive director of Missouri WMU. (photos MWMU)

Age-specific consultants provided leadership training by demonstrating live mission classes for preschoolers, children, and teens.

Heather Keller, National MWMU Consultant for MWMU Children’s Ministry/Students, Sarah Schmitt, Consultant for My Mission/Student, and Beverly Hilton, Northwest (Mo.) Regional Consultant, hosted an Acten conference that led the first Acten group to meet statewide in Montana. They plan to continue meeting through Zoom and other online platforms.

Resource demonstrations highlighting various aspects of UMM, compassionate ministries and leadership development were provided by members of the bi-state team. Joan and Bill Dotson provided a WMU Bookstore to make WMU materials available for purchase during the event.

Worship times included keynote speaker Sandee Hedger, wife of Rick Hedger, prayer times for missionaries whose birthdays are listed in Missions Mosaic, and special music provided by Cheryl Stahlman, Travis Webb and Tommy and Sarah Schmitt.

Rick Hedger, Church Multiplier director for the Mo. Baptist Convention, emphasized the importance of missions beginning at a young age. “The purpose of the missions is to learn more about Jesus, to say yes to Jesus for their heart and their life and maybe, just maybe, God will call little Johnny somewhere else in the world.”

As MWMU President Jan Turner spoke on “My Place in Missions – What Can I Do?” she pointed out that “people crave relationships. Showing someone else that you care about them and what they’re going through makes a big difference. Turner shared ideas for small acts of kindness that can be replicated anywhere one lives.

Missouri has worked with other states in the past to provide resources, training, encouragement and financial support. During this meeting, the leaders of the MWMU and the MTSBW signed a partnership agreement, the first of its kind in the history of the MWMU.

According to Tami Park, executive director of Montana WMU, the intention is to “advance the missions of encouraging the involvement of healing missions and discipleship in their state.” After the historic document was signed, Park presented cutting boards engraved with the outlines of Montana and Missouri to commemorate the event. This partnership agreement will continue until the Missouri Baptist Convention’s partnership with the Montana Southern Baptist Convention ends.

Southern Montana Baptist women will join MWMU in the 100th Anniversary Missions Celebration April 14-15, 2023 at First Baptist Church, Poplar Bluff. They will participate in various Missouri mission projects on their journey to Poplar Bluff.

Pushing adventure travel, rural towns see ways forward


October 11 has seen it all: reunions with family and significant others at Narita Airport, wide-eyed travelers landing, entrepreneurs eager to seize opportunities in the Far East. After two and a half years, Japan is open again.

Before the pandemic, Japan saw a record 31.8 million tourists in 2019, a number that dropped to only 250,000 in 2021. Government officials and industry insiders say the restart is and will continue to be slow, with tourism spending not expected to exceed pre-pandemic levels until 2025. But reopening borders also opens up the way for adventure travel – a growing form of tourism that delves deeply into nature and culture while placing travelers in positions where they can interact with local communities – to bring real benefits to cities and businesses to across the country.

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UP promotes tombs of Muslim Krishna worshipers for tourism


Long forgotten, the state tourism department has redeveloped Raskhan Tombs and Taj Bibi into a tourist complex with an open-air theater

Long forgotten, the state tourism department has redeveloped Raskhan Tombs and Taj Bibi into a tourist complex with an open-air theater

Amid the wooded lanes of Gokul in Mathura lie the once forgotten tombs of Raskhan and Taj Bibi, arguably the two most famous Muslim worshipers of Lord Krishna. As the government of Uttar Pradesh has focused on establishing Krishna Janmabhoomi as a major tourist destination for pilgrims in the state, the redevelopment of these burial grounds has been prioritized. A 14-acre complex has been developed around the two hitherto neglected tombs.

A senior state tourism department official, who did not wish to be named, said The Hindu that the decision was made “keeping in mind the discussion around community friendship in the country these days”. “Here are two highly respected Muslim devotees of Krishna and renowned poets. We wanted them to be rediscovered,” the source said.

Raskhan or Syed Ibrahim Khan was a 16th century Sufi Muslim poet born in either Amroha or Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh. He became a disciple of Krishna and spent his life in Vrindavan.

Taj Bibi, also known as ‘Mughal Mirabai’, was the daughter of a Muslim nobleman, appointed by the Mughals to protect the Gokul region. According to state publication Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad: “Taj Bibi wrote poetry during Mughal times when the ruling class belonged to the Muslim religion. She had shown great courage in renouncing the recitation of the Koran of Kalma and announcing that she was a devout Hindu.

The official said that the burial complex had been proposed to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, as one of the first pilgrimage tourist sites to be developed in Braj (Mathura-Vrindavan) region, and that the CM was “excited” about the project, for which funds were released immediately.

Mr Adityanath visited the site after its completion, as did Mathura MP Hema Malini.

The complex includes an outdoor theatre, cinema center and food court. The open-air theatre, which seats around 500 people, offers performances on the life and works of Raskhan and Taj Bibi. The film studio has the capacity to accommodate 50 visitors.

The administration screens a special documentary on Ras Khan six to seven times a day. The complex receives around 2,000 to 3,000 visitors every day.

“The total cost of the project was around ₹10 crore,” said Pankaj Verma, Deputy Managing Director, Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad. The Parishad is dedicated to the redevelopment of the Braj region as a destination for pilgrimage.

According to local officials, in addition to increased tourist numbers, the area itself has been resurrected as it has become a haven for drug addicts and petty criminals. The mausoleum of Taj Bibi, which was in a state of complete ruin, had been encroached upon.

Officials said there could be many more historically significant sites in Braj, which need to be revamped by providing better infrastructure for tourists.

“In the Mathura-Vrindavan region, the Banke-Bihari temple alone sees a tourist attendance of around 2.72 million pilgrims every year. If we provide the necessary infrastructure for visitors, we can encourage them to stay for overnight stops as well. It would be a big boost for the local economy and job creation,” said Shailja Kant Mishra, Vice President of Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad.

Senators Markey and Warren push MBTA for more answers, accountability as agency begins releasing promised public data on Orange Line repairs, commute times


Lawmakers respond to MBTA letter to Senator Markey, read full text HERE

Washington (October 26, 2022) – Today, Senators Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) issued the following statement in response to a letter from MBTA Chief Executive Officer Steve Poftak , outlining Orange Line’s status, speed restrictions, and a list of ongoing work needed to restore the MBTA to good condition. Mr Poftak’s letter also included a renewed commitment to publish average train time data, which he said will be published as a travel time dashboard on MBTA’s website in the coming months.

“We appreciate MBTA Chief Executive Officer Poftak for taking this step toward greater transparency with lawmakers, riders and the general public regarding the operations of the Greater Boston transit system. MBTA’s commitment to honor promises made at the hearing Sen. Warren called earlier this month, including sharing a comprehensive list of repairs needed to get the Orange Line back up to speed, is a first. important step towards restoring confidence in the T.

“As we emphasized during the hearing, clear and transparent communication must be a top priority for MBTA in the months and years to come. The public must be able to reliably plan their lives around his journey, and not knowing how long his journey may take – or how long until his journey speeds up – can have real consequences for hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents. we learned from Mr. Poftak, T passengers will now have additional critical information they need to make informed decisions about where and how they live, work and travel.

“Passengers will soon have a travel time dashboard to easily access the duration of a typical trip on their subway lines, and MBTA needs to ensure that this dashboard is easy to locate and to understand. In the same way that we consult the weather forecast to plan our days, passengers should be able to use the dashboard to plan their journeys more reliably. We also expect the MBTA to meet its winter deadline to provide this information.

“For the first time, the public also has specific information on the speed restrictions currently in place on the Orange Line, as well as the timelines for the works needed to bring the line closer to full speed. We urge the MBTA to publish comparable information about current and future speed restrictions on all subway lines, to ensure a better public understanding of service on the T.

“While providing this information is a small step forward, the MBTA still has a long way to go. It is frustrating that some Orange Line speed restrictions remain in place more than two months after the end of the month-long shutdown, despite earlier promises that the shutdown would quickly yield faster service. The MBTA must also still work to implement the 53 safety measures identified by the Federal Transit Administration.

“After years of neglect and underinvestment, releasing this data is a key first step towards clear and reliable communication and makes T a real public good once again, but it can’t be the end of it. The people of Massachusetts demand and deserve continued transparency from the MBTA, and so do we. our country back on track.


Enroll in HMSA’s Medicare Advantage Plan


If you’re 65 or older and looking for a Medicare Advantage plan, now is the time to choose a plan for 2023. You can enroll during the Medicare Advantage enrollment period, which began Oct. ends December 7. Your new plan would begin January 1, 2023. Tina Sybinsky, Senior HMSA Plan Sales Consultant, joined us with details on HMSA plan premiums and health benefits.

Tina shared, “Next year, HMSA Medicare Advantage $0 premium plans will be available on all islands. No matter where in the state you live, you can get an HMSA Medicare Advantage plan with no monthly premium. Additionally, HMSA Medicare Advantage plans now offer dental benefits for $0. You can get dental exams, x-rays, fillings and more at no extra cost. $200 per year for eyeglasses, including contact lenses and glasses. And you can see your primary care provider for a $0 copay. Now that’s something worth smiling about.

HMSA’s Medicare Advantage plans include benefits that provide coverage for medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision, and additional benefits such as telehealth, travel, and fitness that go beyond original health insurance. They have an extensive network of over 5,000 doctors, hospitals, and other providers statewide.

To enroll in an HMSA Medicare Advantage plan, call (808) 948-6235 or 1 (800) 693-4672 or visit hmsa.com/advantage.

To learn more, you can attend a free HMSA Medicare Advantage workshop, in person or online. For a schedule of workshops, visit hmsa.com/workshops.

Agricultural tourism becomes an attraction of Berea | New


When Berea Tourism coach specialist Ethan Cima welcomes a busload of visitors to town, they usually want to see working artisans or dine at local restaurants like the historic Boone Tavern Inn.

So Cima was slightly surprised last August when a tour group from South Dakota wanted to see what Berea had to offer in agricultural tourism. With a recommendation from Berea College’s Grow Appalachia, Cima directed visitors to Berea Urban Farm (BUF) on Adams Street, followed by a tavern lunch that featured farm-to-table fare on the menu.

About 13 members of the South Dakota Agricultural and Rural Leadership Program experienced Sustainable Berea’s 1.4-acre farm and learning center, commonly known as BUF, and got a taste of how the farm brings the community together through food, teaching the finer points of urban agriculture, soil conservation, beekeeping and many other skills while allowing residents to connect with each other and to their environment through the growth of healthy foods, flowers, grasses and trees.

Foreign visitors seemed duly impressed.

“I think this group had a great time learning more about how the Berea Urban Farm is helping to make Berea Town more self-sufficient. They had lunch at the Boone Tavern Inn, which was wonderful as it completed a complete farm-to-table experience,” Cima said. “It helps farm groups brainstorm new ideas and possibilities for their own communities back home.”

Cima said the development has led to the idea of ​​creating specifically tailored tours, whether for those interested in antiquing, urban farming or other pursuits.

“It’s something we wanted to start,” Cima said of the farm tours. “It shows a side of Berea that we don’t always see, and it’s something I hope to start next year.”

Berea’s urban farming has attracted increasing numbers of visitors in recent years, according to Richard and Cheyenne Olson, founders of Sustainable Berea and Berea Urban Farm.

“People go on the web and they type in sustainable living — top cities, urban farming, gardening — and then they focus on our Facebook page or Berea Urban Farm or Sustainable Berea,” Cheyenne Olson said. “They come here and say, ‘We’re thinking of moving here because we like what we see. It looks like a good place to be with good food.’”

BUF has attracted visitors from across the country, and interest in urban agriculture has grown in the wake of the pandemic, when disruptions to the food distribution system raised awareness of the value of locally grown food.

Richard Olson added that the water shortages in the western United States have also served as a reminder to reflect that the food supply chain is not as reliable as previously thought.

“More and more people see it as a vital choice, and it goes beyond just a hobby to really matter as food prices rise and the fragility of the global food system becomes increasingly apparent,” said Richard, adding these developments may also boost the prospects for agricultural tourism in Berea.

“I think what will really make agritourism work is the fact that there are so many other places of interest, such as the college gardens and farm, Garden in the Glade and restaurants farm-to-table like Native Bagel,” added Olson.

Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley agrees that there are many other local assets that could attract visitor interest, including the Berea Farmer’s Market, the second oldest such market in Kentucky.

Berea Tourism recently funded the effort to provide the market with a permanent and highly visible home at the Chestnut Street Pavilion. Fraley also noted Berea College’s longstanding contribution to agriculture.

“Berea has a long history of sustainable agriculture, and Berea College alone is a destination for many tourists, and to highlight the Berea College Farm, the Berea College Farm Store, and the commitment of the Berea College in support of sustainable agriculture is something the city and the university could work together,” Fraley said.

The mayor added that he wouldn’t be surprised if AppHarvest, designed to be an indoor grower of eco-friendly leafy greens, eventually becomes a destination for those interested in Kentucky agriculture.

With all of these sites, Fraley said the city is well positioned to add agricultural tourism to its offerings, but it can also be central to a broader regional appeal for visitors visiting central Kentucky.

“I think there is a future in agricultural tourism, and if there is demand, we have the assets to meet that demand and bring people to our community and Madison County as a whole. It’s in our interest to do so,” Fraley said.

Grass, Wine, and Apple Fritters: A Travel Writer’s Guide to Fall in Niagara Falls


In the latest edition of “A Fatty’s Guide to Traveling and Eating the World,” a monthly travel and food column here at the Show dedicated to helping travelers of all sizes find adventure, I detailed my love of Toronto, with its long streets filled with lots of little shops and restaurants, next to parks and greenery.

Oh, and some really good and deliciously crispy Jamaican ackee and saltfish bites.

On this same trip, my wife and I also managed a quick visit to the Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake area. It was a fun stop filled with wine, weed and apple donuts.

Things to do

kingdom of birds

I’ve been to the zoo before, but I’ve never been anywhere with the number and variety of birds that are found at Bird Kingdom at Niagara Falls, the largest indoor free-flying aviary in the world.

The Bird Kingdom includes elements of the museum it once housed, which you can walk through on the first level of the attraction where you’ll also find turtles, snakes, bearded dragons, and even a tarantula.

Once on the top floor, you will enter the indoor aviary. The Bird Kingdom is designed in such a way that visitors descend from the top floor ramps to the bottom; this mimics the descent from the tops of rainforest trees to ground level. As visitors descend, they come face to face with the birds that are said to live at this level of the rainforest.

There is so much to see! Wherever you turn in the bird kingdom, there is something else remarkable. And don’t forget to stop at Lorikeet Landing to feed the lorikeets and take a souvenir photo.

trip to the falls

You’re sure to see a few rainbows on the Journey to the Falls, a Hornblower-operated boat tour that takes you through the mist and close to Niagara Falls. For a relatively simple experience, it’s really beautiful. It requires you to do nothing more than be in the moment and experience the power and beauty of Niagara Falls.

Want to be the first on the boat? Take the full Hornblower walking tour, which includes the journey behind the falls – an experience filled with underground tunnels and cave openings – and you have that opportunity. Either way, prepare to get wet!

Maple Leaf Square

Maple Leaf Place looks like a typical tourist trap, with loads of memorabilia as soon as you enter. But if you keep walking towards the back, you’ll find a newly renovated space dedicated to maple syrup. In addition to an audio-guided tour (completely free) to help you discover the history of maple syrup and its intersection with that of the First Nations peoples, you will find a tasting bar and a maple taffy making station . At the tasting bar, you will discover the different types of maple syrup and can try them all. The Maple Leaf Place also bottles and prominently labels maple syrup, which you can purchase once you find the one you like.

Niagara Helicopter

Whenever I plan a trip, I look into helicopter tours, and every time I’m disappointed because of the weight limit. That’s until I saw the listing on Viator for the Niagara Helicopter Tour.

This has no weight limit and was only 12 minutes long – the perfect length for someone like me who is still a bit afraid of heights. The view of the falls from the air is breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. As a bonus, the tour is complete with narration as you fly over the falls so you know exactly what you’re looking at as you watch from the helicopter.

Crush factor: We had to weigh ourselves and include our weight at check-in, but it was not confirmed at check-in or anything of that nature. You must wear a seat belt with chest harness and you will be buckled up by someone. The seat belt was comfortable and seemed like it could easily fit someone taller than me, although I couldn’t see the slack since I was strapped in.

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Shaw Festival

It had been a while since I had seen a play in a theater. It used to be a tradition when I traveled to seek out local shows, but over the years I’ve unwittingly strayed away from it. While researching the Niagara region, I came across the award-winning Shaw Festival and just had to go see a play. It was such a blast, and totally worth it. We saw “Just to Get Married”, written by Cicely Hamilton, which was about a young woman growing up in 1910, a time when you had to “be married to be whole”. The play takes you through her engagement, family “drama”, wedding preparations and ultimately its annulment before ending on a surprising note. Do yourself a favor and incorporate a visit to the Shaw Festival into your itinerary for a magical theatrical experience.

Crush factor: The seats were surprisingly bigger than I expected, but I still felt a little squashed. Choose a seat at the end of the row for a slightly more comfortable experience. What was surprising was the narrowness of the interior doors. I had to turn and cross them sideways to enter the theaters. The bathroom is also in the basement, accessible only by stairs.

Casa Mia

It’s hard to put into words the warmth of service at Casa Mia, a family restaurant that’s been in Niagara Falls for over 30 years. Every bite we ate at Casa Mia was wonderful. Our meal was expertly paired with wine, and despite my general aversion to a lot of wine, they managed to nail it. The bread was served with olive oil and butter, so you can enjoy it according to your preference, and it was amazing! We started with a creamy and rich burrata, served on a thick slice of heirloom tomato and sliced ​​peaches.

Eggplant parmigiana isn’t usually my favorite, but the mother-son duo in the kitchen just knocked it out of the park. The rigatoni are homemade, which makes for finger-licking good rigatoni bolognese. I can confidently say that in my opinion, having been to Niagara Falls many times and eaten at many restaurants, Casa Mia is my all time favorite in the area.

donuts on the lake

Do you remember the old Starbucks pastries? Before changing bakeries? They used to have an apple fritter on the menu, and to my surprise, I fell in love with the silly pastry. After Starbucks removed them, I never had another apple fritter until I walked down Queen Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake and came across Fritters on the Lake (there was maybe -be perfectly legal green stuff in-game).

The little shop smelled like heaven, the staff welcomed us with open arms despite closing a few minutes away. We immediately ordered apple fritters. It was the best donut I have ever tried. Starbucks never even came close to the pure magic that is Fritters on the Lake. Scratch that – it was one of my ten best pastries ever! In fact, it was my favorite sweet bite I had in Canada, period. Donuts are a perfect balance of dough and apples. Their tartness complements the sweetness of the sugar and cinnamon that sprinkles the hot, made-to-order donut. Make sure you have a drizzle of caramel on top and get some. One is definitely not enough!

Niagara Falls Weed and Wine Tour

Niagara’s wines and vineyards are a must visit in the region, and if you like to indulge yourself, Venku’s Weed and Wine Tour is the way to do it. This is a private tour, the only one of its kind in Niagara Falls, and family owned and operated. You’ll start the tour at Niagara’s largest dispensary, learning more about cannabis in Canada, before heading to the Niagara River to smoke with the best view of the rapids.

Then you’ll hop back in the Ford Transit and head to the vineyards. It’s such a relaxed tour and you’ll learn so much about the region, the wine and have a truly wonderful time. Be sure to pace yourself. There was a lot of booze and a lot of weed, and by the end my wife and I were so, so, so tired. Each winery will offer you a selection of wine samples, including Niagara’s famous Icewine, fruit wines and of course, white and red wine.

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Sir Chris Whitty among senior executives appointed to Active Travel England Advisory Board


England’s Chief Medical Officer, Sir Chris Whitty, is one of 4 personalities to join a new advisory board, Active Travel England, today (22 October 2022).

Alongside West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, Office of Rail and Road Chairman Declan Collier and Arup Global Head of Transport Isabel Dedring, Whitty will support Active Travel England’s aim of make walking, cycling and biking the first choice for daily commuting. .

National Active Travel Commissioner Chris Boardman said:

Active travel is a key part of delivering many of the government’s top priorities, so we want to tie into these programs from the start. Providing healthy, low-cost transportation options to schools, stores, and workplaces will revitalize high streets across the country and help us decarbonize at the same time. Active Travel England was set up to ensure healthy and sustainable growth in transport, and I’m delighted we now have such amazing experts to help us get the job done.

Active Travel Minister Baroness Vere added:

This new advisory board will be key to supporting the government’s ambition to get more people to walk, ride and cycle by transforming active transportation infrastructure across the country.

Better infrastructure will not only improve connections to local employment, education and services, but will also improve our mental and physical well-being and contribute to a better country. I look forward to working with Sir Chris, Andy, Declan and Isabel to achieve this.

The advisory committee will meet quarterly with a mix of online and in-person meetings. Appointments were made on a voluntary basis, with fees paid where applicable. The first meeting will take place at the end of October.

England’s chief medical officer Sir Chris Whitty said:

Exercise improves health and Active Travel England’s mission is shared by the health service. We all want to see more people incorporate active travel into their day as a way to stay mentally and physically fit.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street added:

Active Travel England will be best placed to succeed as a delivery agency if they work closely with local mayors as well as combined and local authorities. That’s why I look forward to helping make sure that ATE can make a real and fast difference across England. Enabling more local trips to be made on foot or by bicycle can improve the travel experience, encourage a healthier lifestyle and help us tackle the climate emergency. Increasing the use of walking and cycling is central to our vision to establish a truly integrated transport network here in the West Midlands and can support local economic growth by breathing new life into our high streets.

Isabel Dedring, Arup’s Global Head of Transport and former Deputy Mayor of London, said:

Delivering a step change in active travel takes focus and determination, but it also requires attention to detail, meaningful engagement with communities and their real needs, and integration with the transportation network. wider. The UK is seen as a leader in many aspects of progressive transport policy and has a fantastic chance through Active Travel England to maintain its leading position in this rapidly developing field.

Office of Rail and Road chairman Declan Collier said:

Making local trips, on foot or on two wheels, is an excellent way to improve physical health but also mental well-being. For those wishing to go further on foot or by bike, the English rail and road networks will get you there. I look forward to getting started and working with the other panel members to make positive changes in people’s lives.

Expert Advisor Biographies

Isabelle Dedring

Isabel Dedring is Global Transport Leader for Arup, a leading engineering consultancy working in the built environment. It works with cities and governments around the world to develop transport infrastructure projects and policies.

Prior to Arup, Isabel was Deputy Mayor for Transport and Vice President of Transport for London, where she was responsible for the design and delivery of a range of progressive transport policies and projects. This included driving the transition to zero-emission black cabs, decarbonising the city’s bus fleet, London’s £1 billion cycling investment program and TfLof the road investment strategy and the £4 billion delivery programme.

Prior to her time at City Hall, Isabel was chief of staff and director of policy at Transport for London. With a background in management consulting, Isabel is a WE lawyer and member of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

Mr. Chris Whitty

    Sir Chris Whitty, Expert Advisor to Active Travel England

Professor Chris Whitty is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, Chief Medical Adviser of the UK Government and leader of the public health profession in government. He is practicing NHS physician and epidemiologist. The CMO of the 4 nations publish guidelines on the merits of exercise to improve health, incorporating it into daily routines.

Declan Necklace

    Declan Collier, Active Travel England Expert Advisor

Declan Collier is Chairman of the Office of Rail and Road. Previously, Declan was CEO of London City Airport, a position he had held since 2012, and before that he was CEO from Dublin Airport Authority for 7 years. He is currently a non-executive board member of Royal Schiphol Group and TCR International NV. He has extensive experience in transportation and business and was President of the World Association of Airports, Airports Council International (AIT), vice-president of the Airport Operators Association (UK), Director of London First Allied Irish Banks ltd and the Dublin Theater Festival.

Andy Street

    Andy Street, Active Travel England Expert Advisor

Andy Street was elected Mayor of the West Midlands in 2017. He grew up in Birmingham. Andy began his career at John Lewis, where he was a graduate trainee. He became Managing Director of John Lewis in 2007 and remained with the company until 2016. Andy has worked with local and national government in economic development roles. He was Chairman of the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership between 2011 and 2016. He was also the Principal Non-Executive Director of the Department for Communities and Local Government as well as a member of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group.

Ghana: Ministry urged to repair roads leading to tourist sites


Koforidua – The Eastern Regional Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Mr. Frederick Adjei-Rudolph has appealed to the Ministry of Roads and Highways to repair the roads to promote tourism in the country .

He said that the poor nature of the roads leading to the tourist sites was affecting the tourism sector and leading to a drop in income.

Mr. Adjei-Rudolph said, “Many tourists after contacting us to visit tourist sites refuse to come after considering the nature of the roads leading to the tourist sites and this greatly affects our industry.

“We are losing 50% of the patronage because of this and we implore the ministry to fix these roads.”

The regional manager made the call during a press conference organized by GTA as part of activities to mark this year’s World Tourism Day in the Eastern region on Tuesday.

The celebration on the theme: “Rethinking Tourism” aimed to highlight the opportunity for countries to rethink the need for the tourism industry to rebound from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current economic crisis the world.

Mr. Adjei-Rudolph said tourism around the world has become a driver of economic transformation and investing in the sector would help Ghana increase its income.

“Injecting money into tourism includes repairing roads leading to tourist sites. The GTA does not repair roads and so we will continue to appeal to the ministry to repair roads, especially those leading to tourist sites “, adding that tourism could create unemployment.

“Due to low traffic at tourist sites, owners are laying off their workers, hence the need to repair roads to sites to enable them to operate at optimum levels,” he said.

Mr. Adjei-Rudolph urged those in the tourism sector to work hard to increase revenue.

The Regional Manager said that in line with the sub-theme: “Promoting Domestic Tourism for Wealth Creation in Communities”, his team would engage in domestic tourism awareness activities through local media, in order to improve community members’ interest in tourism and investment. .

He said the GTA will also ensure that tourist sites comply with the new LI 2393 tourist site regulations, revive existing tourist clubs in graduate schools.

Have fun with the family on an Adventures by Disney cruise on the Danube : Travel Weekly


We got off the tour bus in a light drizzle. Following Katharina, one of the owners of the family orchard and winery we were visiting, we came to rows of apricot trees, vines and strange rose bushes full of white flowers.

Our hostess, a former teacher, delighted to tell us about the fruit trees, the harvest, the wines they produce, the gophers underfoot. We collected the pits from the fruits we sampled. The oil is extracted from the kernels, she explained.

Little fingers open an apricot on a family farm during an Adventures by Disney Danube River Cruise excursion in Austria’s Wachau Valley. Photo credit: TW photo by Hector Fadraga

It was a lush and inviting experience, and with only a handful of other guests, we all had plenty of one-on-one time with our gregarious hostess. And the apricots, or marillen, as the Austrians say? They were sweeter than any fruit has a right to be.

But even sweeter was watching my two children, aged 8 and 10, pick and devour apricot after apricot and pepper our hostess with questions. It was their favorite of many activities on our eight-day Adventures by Disney Danube cruise in late July that touched four countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Fast friends with shipmates

Adventures by Disney (ABD) has been offering guided family group vacations since 2005 and offers itineraries on every continent. The Disney difference is its family focus, its specially trained adventure guides, and the VIP experiences it can create through the access it enjoys to popular destinations around the world. Adventures by Disney partners with AmaWaterways for river cruises on the Rhine, Seine and Danube.

Our AmaLea cruise started in Vilshofen, Germany, but was preceded by an overnight stay in Munich, an extra that can be booked through ABD. While guests can certainly arrive at the ship on their own, it is recommended that guests be entrusted to ABD to handle the logistics. In addition, the river route was busy, so the opportunity to explore Bavaria’s capital at leisure was welcome.

The AmaLea is quite small compared to the huge ocean going vessels our family of four are used to. But the privacy was part of the charm, as our children quickly made friends with the other youngsters on board, cartwheeling on the upper deck and playing in the pool from day one. Adults also bonded effortlessly, resulting in, for example, friendly card games almost every night.

One of AmaWaterways' AmaLea connecting rooms.

One of AmaWaterways’ AmaLea connecting rooms. Photo credit: TW photo by Hector Fadraga

And the AmaLea gives up nothing when it comes to luxury and comfort. Our connecting cabins were spacious and had all the amenities, while the twin balconies offered beautiful and sometimes thrilling views, like watching a lock swallow the ship while a thunderstorm raged just beyond the mountains. (Note: Connecting rooms are not guaranteed for families and are based on availability. There are only connecting cabins on the Rhine and Danube, not the Seine.)

The main difference on an AmaWaterways ABD sail is that Adventure Guides inform the onboard lineup, hosting teen nights, sleepovers, karaoke and Junior Adventurer buffets followed by games. Drop-in dinners allow parents to dine on adult meals at the main restaurant or indulge in Ama’s Chef’s Table tasting menu experience.

The magic makers

Adventure Guides are truly ABD’s secret sauce. As well as always being cheerful and making every guest feel special, they take care behind the scenes of logistics, develop excursions and support local guides. The AmaLea and her sister ships can carry 156 passengers, and an ABD sail typically has up to six adventure guides, providing a good guide-to-passenger ratio.

Our sailing had 86 passengers, so we made do with four adventure guides, although their upbeat energy made it seem like there were 10 at times. On the third day, while waiting to enter the Salzwelten Salt Mine , my daughter complained of having a runny nose. Adventure guide Emma materialized out of nowhere, handkerchief in hand. This adaptation to the needs of the children (and by extension the parents) was evident at all times during all the excursions.

And they make the magic happen. On day two, in Passau, Germany, after a visit to a treetop trail park and adventure playground, adventure guides led guests of all ages on a “Sound of Music” singing and twirling on an alpine meadow that was right next to the beloved musical.

Adventures by Disney Adventure Guides, left to right, George, Michaela, Emma and Dean pose for a photo and keep their spirits up at a rest stop on the Austrian-Slovakian border.

Adventures by Disney Adventure Guides, left to right, George, Michaela, Emma and Dean pose for a photo and keep their spirits up at a rest stop on the Austrian-Slovakian border. Photo credit: TW photo by Hector Fadraga

On several excursions, the adventure guides took the children on separate activities. For example, while the adults were visiting Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna on the fifth day, the children were playing historical costumes and running a maze in the garden. On the sixth day, while the adults enjoyed the opulence of Schloss Hof, a Habsburg palace near Austria’s border with Slovakia, the children visited a petting zoo.

Even on the trip to the family apricot farm and winery, the second half of the excursion had the children playing with bunnies and jumping on a trampoline while the adults sampled wines from the Wachau, jams and apricot liqueurs.

ADB’s Danube Cruise combines the convenience of an unbox once river cruise with unique and culturally rich Disney activities. For guests who have visited Disney Parks and Resorts or Ocean Cruises, it’s a familiar, hassle-free way to see much of Europe.

Prices for Adventures by Disney’s Danube River Cruise start at $5,299 for adults and $4,799 for children under 12.

The Payments Association: Virtual cards could transform payments in the travel industry


Virtual cards are rapidly gaining popularity due to the opportunities they can bring while making the checkout process easier for users. When it comes to travel, they can eliminate the need for receipts and expense reports, and mitigate the risk of a dishonored payment.

Beyond that, they offer a host of other benefits and the potential to transform the way payments are made across the entire travel industry. With that in mind, Anjana hainescontent manager at The association of payments explores exactly how this can be achieved, addressing the impact of the pandemic, the need for education and more.

Anjana Haines, Content Manager, The Payments Association

Imagine a world where business travel doesn’t involve numerous receipts, expense reports, or the risk of declined payment, but offers automated reconciliation and effortless record matching, plus the added benefit of a fingerprint. reduced carbon by not using physical hardware. plastic credit cards. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The growing popularity of virtual cards means that these opportunities can be seized today.

The strengths of virtual cards

One of the biggest strengths of virtual cards was highlighted during the covid-19 pandemic, when travel insurance allowed travelers to get their money back. The ability to make chargeback requests to refund money also demonstrated how virtual cards offered protections that other payment methods lacked. As several airlines went bankrupt or canceled flights, virtual cards allowed online travel agents (OTAs) to file chargebacks for purchases used to book flights.

david robinsonCOO and Deputy General Manager of Pax2pay comments on the evolution and use of virtual cards in the travel industry as part of an upcoming white paper from Payments Association:

“During the pandemic, we have never seen anything like it. When [airline] Monarch and [travel agency] thomas cook collapsed it was hard. However, nothing prepared us for what was to come with regards to the covid pandemic. We were processing literally thousands of chargebacks a day. The media was full of reports of airlines not issuing refunds or issuing credit notes. With chargebacks, a lot of people got their money back. Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of this, so they want to use virtual credit cards as their primary payment mechanism, knowing the protection is there and they can use it if they need it if the airline doesn’t provide the service.

What are the obstacles ?

A business considering using virtual cards will need to update processes, rewrite company policies on card usage and spending, and consider how to integrate any new solutions with their existing expense management, accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Supplier acceptance can also be a sticking point. Some providers may be reluctant to abandon tried and trusted payment methods, concerned about merchant service fees associated with the cards or their impact on settlement terms.

However, fears about onboarding new solutions and cost issues disappear when the benefits of accessing better payment processes, actionable data insights, and effortless compliance are clearly explained. With the right guidance and expertise, businesses can get started with a virtual card solution that meets all of their needs.

SMBs that have had good experiences with virtual cards are much more likely to tap into additional financial solutions that could further help them grow their business.

Exploit the opportunities

To capitalize on these opportunities, issuers, financial institutions and payment platform providers need to educate and encourage businesses to seize the moment. By showing the tangible and immediate benefits of virtual cards and dispelling unwarranted cost concerns, solution providers can help companies deepen employee and supplier relationships, strengthen their foundations, and position themselves to leverage of all the opportunities that come their way.

The importance of teaming up with the right expertise cannot be overstated. Collaboration can provide the fastest route to market. It draws on complementary skills and strengths and offers companies the smoothest implementation of new solutions and the widest choice of value-added services.

As businesses across multiple industries see the tangible benefits of digitizing payment and operational processes, virtual cards are rapidly gaining traction. The future of virtual cards has never been brighter.

Park Detours People with Disabilities – Streetsblog San Francisco


To note: GJEL Accident Lawyers regularly sponsors coverage on Streetsblog San Francisco and Streetsblog California. Unless otherwise noted in the story, GJEL Accident Attorneys is not consulted for the content or editorial direction of sponsored content.

Street safety advocates are calling out the San Francisco Department of Recreation and Parks for blocking handicap ramps and an access road in Golden Gate Park that connects Music Concourse Drive and Bowl Drive.

As explained in this Twitter post, the culprit is the generator that powers the park’s Ferris wheel:

“Looking at Google Maps, the way they placed it, it looks like they haven’t really thought about it,” Pi Ra, director of Transit Justice at Senior and Disability Action, said in an interview with Streetsblog. As seen in the satellite view below, the generator, placed between the two zebra-striped crosswalks, completely blocks a pedestrian route from the JFK promenade to the Music Concourse and museums:

A birds-eye view of the generator, the white box near the top, just left of center, blocking crosswalk and ADA access between Music Concourse Drive and Bowl Drive. Picture: Google Maps

Technically, blocking these ramps is legal because, as shown in the main image and below, there is a detour. “There is another crosswalk accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approximately 200 feet south of the closed crosswalk, just at Bowl and Music Concourse drives,” wrote Daniel Montes, manager. of Rec and Park communications, in an email to Streetsblog. “The placement was ultimately chosen because it met specific criteria, including maintaining the minimum distance of 20 feet between the generator and all structures, as required by the San Francisco Fire Department. In addition, the location reduces the impact on the landscaping and its visibility since placing the generator on the lawn would block the irrigation.

Montes also provided a photo of the alternate route:

The alternative route around the Ferris wheel.  Photo: Park and Rec
The alternative route around the Ferris wheel. Photo: Park and Rec

“The site has been reviewed and approved by the Mayor’s Office of Disability,” he added.

It may be, but disability advocates describe it as ticking the ADA box instead of truly considering the needs of the park’s most vulnerable visitors.

“I know that when I worked on the ‘Get to the Sidewalk’ report with Walk SF, we recommended that the City provide ramps along curbside bike lanes (with float parking) at least every 100 feet. So having to travel 200 feet feels like a pain to me,” wrote Cathy DeLuca, transportation consultant and advocate for seniors and people with disabilities.

Note that it’s 200 feet to the alternate crosswalk and 200 feet back.

In Streetsblog’s opinion, there’s a reason the ramp and route are there. For an able-bodied person, a potentially 400-foot round-trip diversion might not be a big deal, but for someone with mobility issues, every extra foot can be a burden. Streetsblog also poked fun at one of the reasons given for placing the generator there: “The location helps reduce people crossing at Bowl Drive, eliminating congestion and vehicular traffic issues,” a Montes writes.

So basically the city approved the diversion of people in wheelchairs to reduce delays for motorists. Forcing people in wheelchairs to take a detour to save weed or to avoid a slight inconvenience to drivers seems inappropriate and callous.

If they didn’t want to kill weed, it’s perfectly possible to put the generator on Bowl or another of the roadways, diverting motorists instead of people in wheelchairs. Motorists also have the option of using the tunnels under the Music Concourse at Fulton and MLK to access the area.

Instead, the park has put all the burden on people who need wheelchair ramps to get around. “At the end of the day, it’s accessible, but it’s not practical,” Pi Ra said. “Too much of the city goes through the ADA law, which is a minimum. We can do better than that. »

Where to see the moon in all its glory in India


With each passing year, adventure travel takes on new meaning. The latest is full moon tourism – packages and tours designed to allow tourists to experience a bright full moon on a clear, starry night. Here is where all you can opt for the same. By Anouchka Goel

In recent years, and particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a resurgence of interest in astronomy. Several people pulled out their telescopes and binoculars, attached a telephoto lens to their DSLRs and went stargazing from their balconies to spot bright, rare and unique stars and planets.

This renewed interest in the sun, moon and stars has given rise to a new genre of travel: full moon tourism. While astrotourism and starry sky tourism have been popular in the country, this type of travel will allow visitors to witness the grandeur of a full moon on a clear, starry night.

Where to Go in India for Full Moon Tourism


Representative image; Courtesy of Gaurav Sehara/Unsplash

Rajasthan is the first state to launch a program for this type of tourism. Previously, the state had introduced astrotourism. With this new initiative, the government of Rajasthan will allow travelers to experience the galactic beauty of the state, in addition to its vibrant culture, palaces, forts, handicrafts, delights and much more. Moreover, this new initiative will attract a whole new group of travelers to come and explore Rajasthan beyond what is shown in the movies.

Book your stay at The Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur here

Rann of Kutch

Image: Courtesy of Shutterstock

Although not promoted as a full moon tourist destination, White Rann is a beautiful place to view the moon. On a clear, starry night during the Rann Utsav, embark on a night safari on the white sands. Here you can see the full moon in all its glory, and you can even spot its reflection in the white sand and salt marshes on the ground, giving the illusion of a double moon.

Book your Rann Utsav experience here

Taj Mahal

full moon tourism
Image: Courtesy of Shutterstock

Have you ever seen a blue Taj Mahal? We thought so. That’s why we invite you to visit this monument of love on a full moon night! The luminosity of the moon gives the entire white marble structure a soothing blue hue, making it look simply ethereal.

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full moon tourism
Image: Courtesy of Ashwini Chaudhary (Monty)/Unsplash

Uttarakhand has several destinations for stargazing. be it Nainital or Bhimtal, each of these destinations offers beautiful clear skies. Moreover, these destinations are also ideal for full moon tourism, as the moonlight falls on the surface of the lakes and adds a soft, illuminating glow to the whole space.

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Travel association launches cultural guide for visitors to Alaska | Alaska News


The Alaska Travel Industry Association has released a cultural guide designed to show visitors and tourists how to respectfully and thoughtfully interact with First Peoples in the state.

The guide to Alaska Native culture made its debut on October 10 – Indigenous Peoples Day – at the travel association’s annual convention in Sitka. The guide includes information on cultural groups and regions of the state, native languages, seasonal celebrations, values, cuisine, native businesses, and traveler etiquette. Emily Edenshaw, president and CEO of the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage, and Mary Goddard, a Sitka-based artist and film producer who is the regional catalyst for regenerative tourism at Alaskan Dream Cruises, have teamed up to write guide. A federal grant funded the project.

Adam Levine Says He Will Never Speak Publicly About Cheating Allegations After ‘Stupid, Stupid’ Mistake With Instagram Model


MAROON 5 frontman Adam Levine told aides he would never discuss his alleged infidelity scandal in public.

Levine also admits her flirty interactions with a stunning Instagram model were a “dumb, stupid mistake,” according to a source.


Adam Levine has denied having an affair with model Sumner Stroh but admitted he overstepped the markCredit: Getty
Sumner Stroh claimed she had a year-long affair with Levine


Sumner Stroh claimed she had a year-long affair with LevineCredit: Getty
His wife Behati Prinsloo is expecting their third child


His wife Behati Prinsloo is expecting their third child1 credit

The singer and his wife, model Behati Prinsloo, have pledged to “put this matter aside” to focus on their “united family”.

The mother-of-two and Victoria Secrets model is adamant she won’t speak out about the scandal either.

Levine told insiders at a Las Vegas fundraiser called The Event, led by his friend Shaquille O’Neal, that he would never discuss social star Sumner Stroh’s claims in public.

A production insider from the Las Vegas event said: “Adam and his team have made it clear that he is done with this scandal.

Inside Shaq's auction, as NBA legend roasts Logan Paul and sings with Levine
Adam Levine shows a PDA to his wife Behati during his first concert since the

“There will be no more comments or even reactions to the accusations. For him, a line has been drawn with his statement. Adam has made it clear that he will never speak about it publicly again. This is the end of the ‘affair.

“It’s been made clear to us that his priority is to move on – and the same goes for Behati.

“She feels their priority is their family and getting baby number three ready.”

Demonstration of support

The source added, “Shaq was very supportive of Adam and stuck with him all the way. Even though it was his gala, he made time to talk alone with him in their dressing room.

“The discussion that followed was that even though Adam knew he had made a stupid, stupid mistake, he would not let his friend down for this charity performance.

“Whatever things happened between the couple behind closed doors, they both felt it was important to put on a public show of unity and support Shaq.

Most read in Entertainment

“It was clear that Behati’s decision to travel to Vegas with her husband was their way of making a public statement, without words, that ‘we are together, strong and still in love’.

“They feel like there’s nothing left to deal with around this.”

A Los Angeles television consultant also revealed that Levine had been given “several opportunities” by major news shows to tell his “side of the story.”

The insider, who works with major networks to arrange exclusive interviews, said, “Adam has been interviewed by every major morning TV news show as well as primetime entertainment series. He doesn’t don’t need to explain anything.”

Frontman Levine, 43, performed a 25-minute set with his band, with Prinsloo smiling and clapping backstage on stage, as the title track at the second annual fundraising gala and public concert The Event, at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


Levine spent much of her performance walking to the right side of the stage smiling and singing to pregnant Prinsloo.

The model, less than 10 meters from her hubby, smiled, clapped and laughed during her string of hits.

For a few moments, Levine, wearing her wedding ring, appeared to be more focused on her partner than the huge packed audience for her friend Shaquille O’Neal’s children’s foundation on Oct. 1.

During the set, which began with Moves Like Jagger, Levine deliberately walked to Behati’s side of the stage and watched her adoringly.

The mother of her two children, dressed in a black dress, smiled and laughed while singing her hit Sunday Morning.


The This Love singer has denied having an affair, although he admitted to using ‘poor judgement’ and ‘crossing the line during an unfortunate time in my life’.

“In some cases it has become inappropriate; I have addressed this issue and taken proactive steps to address it with my family,” he said in a Sept. 20 statement.

Instagram model Stroh came out publicly last month, alleging their affair lasted a year

The videos included screenshots of their alleged conversation where Levine compliments her on her looks and asks if he can name her unborn child after her.

In the screenshots she posted, Levine reportedly said, “It’s really unreal how sexy you are, it takes my breath away… You’re 50 times sexier in person and so am I hahaha. “

She also claims he later came back to her DMs asking if he had a baby boy, if he could name the child Sumner. “Okay, serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s [a] boy, I really want to call him Sumner. Are you okay with that? DEAD seriously,” Levine allegedly asked.
Stroh addressed Levine’s relationship with Prinsloo and said she “felt like their marriage was over.”

“It’s not me who’s hurt here. It’s Behati and her children, and for that, I’m so sorry,” he added.

Following Stroh’s claims, at least five other women have gone public with past interactions they allegedly had with Levine, mostly via DMs and Instagram text messages. Many detailed ‘strange’ messages, with comedian Maryka claiming Levine sent her one that read, ‘I’m now obsessed with you’.

Levine, who is dad to daughters Dusty Rose, 6, and Gio Grace, 4, with pregnant Behati, maintained there was “nothing physical”.

The US Sun has reached out to representatives for Levine for comment.

A project to provide a place for transgender artists in tourist destinations on the maps, says Minister R Bindu


After inaugurating Varnapakittu, the state transgender art and cultural festival, the minister said the project will also provide remuneration to transgender people.

After inaugurating Varnapakittu, the state transgender art and cultural festival, the minister said the project will also provide remuneration to transgender people.

A special arrangement will be put in place at tourist destinations in the state to showcase the artistic talents of people from the transgender community, said Minister of Higher Education and Social Justice, R. Bindu.

The project will also ensure remuneration for transgender people, said the minister. She was speaking after the inauguration of Varnapakittu, the national transgender art and culture festival organized by the social justice department, in Thiruvananthapuram on October 15, 2022.

There is also a good response to the “Mazhavillu” program designed by the state to ensure the comprehensive development of the transgender community. The Department of Higher Education has also decided to provide a 2% reservation for transgender students in higher education institutions as part of an effort to integrate them into society.

It is the proclaimed policy of the state government to ensure social justice for the transgender community, said V. Sivankutty, Minister of General Education, who presided over the opening ceremony of the festival, which will end sunday.

The Crossing presents the world premiere of Michael Gordon’s TRAVEL GUIDE TO NICARAGUA in November


Grammy Award-winning choir The Crossing performs the world premiere of Michael Gordon’s Travel Guide to Nicaragua at Congregation Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. and the New York premiere performance at Zankel Hall of the Carnegie Hall Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. Avant-garde cellist Maya Beiser joins The Crossing for the long-awaited premieres, which have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Travel Guide to Nicaragua, commissioned by Carnegie Hall, presents the story of composer Michael Gordon’s family and their journey as Jewish refugees traveling from Poland to Nicaragua. The autobiographical work stems from interviews about Poland recorded by Gordon’s father and uncle. At the intersection of memory and emotion, many of these interviews contain variations and contradictions, either from lost memory or from his father’s choice not to talk about his homeland “because most of this life, the people and the places, have been completely destroyed”. Travel Guide to Nicaragua is the second in a series of autobiographical works (after Anonymous Man) written by Gordon for The Crossing.

The world premiere of Travel Guide to Nicaragua is co-produced in partnership with Congregation Rodeph Shalom, further highlighting the work’s connections to Jewish history, culture and community. Congregation Rodeph Shalom, founded in 1795, is the oldest Ashkenazi congregation in the Western Hemisphere. As the only Reform congregation in downtown Philadelphia, Rodeph Shalom offers deep connections to the Jewish community through transformative study, prayer, and urban engagement.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Crossing and sponsor this world premiere,” said Rodeph Shalom Executive Director Jeffrey Katz. “This work expresses our deep Jewish value of welcoming the stranger, reflecting the story of Michael Gordon’s family and their journey as Jewish refugees traveling from Poland to Nicaragua.”

Performance details
The passage
Donald Nally, conductor
Maya Beiser, cello

Wednesday November 16, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.
Congregation Rodeph Shalom | 615 Broad Street N | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tickets: $20 to $35
Ticket link: https://www.crossingchoir.org/events/2022-23/travel-guide-phl

Thursday November 17, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.
Carnegie Hall | 881 7th Avenue | New York, NY 10019
Tickets: $55 to $65
Ticket link: https://www.carnegiehall.org/Calendar/2022/11/17/The-Crossing-Maya-Beiser-Cello-0730PM

Michael Gordon – Nicaragua Travel Guide

About the crossing
The Crossing is a Grammy Award-winning professional chamber choir directed by Donald Nally and dedicated to new music. He is committed to working with creative teams to create and record substantial new choral works that explore and expand the ways of writing for choir, singing in choir and listening to choir music. Many of his nearly 150 first orders deal with social, environmental and political issues.

The Crossing collaborates with some of the world’s most accomplished ensembles and artists, including the New York Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, American Composers Orchestra, Network for New Music, Lyric Fest, Piffaro, Beth Morrison Projects, Allora & Calzadilla, Bang on a Can, Klockriketatern and the International Contemporary Ensemble. Likewise, The Crossing often collaborates with some of the most prestigious venues and presenters in the world, such as the Park Avenue Armory, the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, the National Sawdust, the David Geffen Hall at the Lincoln Center, the Disney Hall in Los Angeles. , the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Menil Collection in Houston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, the Haarlem Choral Biennale in the Netherlands, the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki, the Kennedy Center in Washington, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall, Symphony Space in New York, Winter Garden with WNYC and Duke, Northwestern, Colgate and Notre Dame Universities. The Crossing holds an annual residency at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center in Big Sky, Montana.

Pledged to record commissions, The Crossing has released 27 releases, receiving two GRAMMY Awards for Best Choral Performance (2018, 2019) and seven Grammy nominations. The Crossing, along with Donald Nally, was the American Composers Forum’s 2017 New Music Champion. They received the 2015 Margaret Hillis Award for Choral Excellence, three ASCAP Awards for Adventurous Programming, and the Dale Warland Singers Commission Award from Chorus America.

Recently, The Crossing extended its choral presentation to film, in collaboration with Four/Ten Media, in-house sound designer Paul Vazquez of Digital Mission Audio Services, visual artists Brett Snodgrass and Steven Bradshaw, and composers David Lang, Michael Gordon and Paul Fowler on live and animated versions of new and existing works. Lang’s protect yourself from infection and in nature and Paul Fowler’s Obligations, based on a poem by Layli Long Soldier, were created specifically to meet the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Crossing’s daily pandemic response series, Rising w/ The Crossing, a series of 72 live performances with liner notes by Nally, has been archived by the Library of Congress as “an important part of the collection and archives historical”.

The Crossing is represented by Alliance Artist Management. All of his concerts are broadcast on WRTI, Philadelphia’s classical and jazz public radio. Learn more at www.crossingchoir.org.

About Maya Beiser
Describing avant-garde cellist, producer and multifaceted artist Maya Beiser, The New York Times writes: “Adventurer Ms. Beiser has been dubbed the ‘Cello Goddess,’ which is no hyperbole: she summons from her instrument an emotional power so moving that even the most stoic spectators risk turning into sobbing sacks of flesh.” Passionately forging her artistic path through uncharted territories, Maya Beiser has captivated audiences around the world, bringing a bold and unorthodox presence in contemporary classical music, experimenting with diverse musical styles and challenging conventional norms with her performances that cross borders. Hailed as “the reigning queen of avant-garde cello” by The Washington Post, she has was called a “cello rock star” by Rolling Stone and hailed as “a force of nature” by the Boston Globe.

Raised in the mountains of Galilee in Israel, by her Argentinian father and French mother, Maya spent her youth surrounded by Jewish, Muslim and Christian music and rituals, while studying the classical cello repertoire. At the age of 12, she was discovered by the late violinist Isaac Stern who became her mentor throughout her early career. Reimagining solo cello performance in the mainstream arena, Maya is a featured performer on the world’s most prestigious stages, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Brooklyn Academy of Music, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Southbank Center London, Royal Albert Hall. and the Barbican, the Sydney Opera House, the Beijing Festival, L’Auditori in Barcelona, ​​the Cité de la Musique in Paris and the Concert Hall in Stockholm. Among the wide range of artists she has collaborated with include Louis Andriessen, Philip Glass, Tan Dun, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Mark Anthony-Turnage, Shirin Neshat, Erin Cressida-Wilson, Bill Morrison, Robert Woodruff, Missy Mazolli, David Lang, Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe, Evan Ziporyn, Pontus Lidberg, Wendy Whelan, Lucinda Childs and Joe Hisaishi.

Maya’s critically acclaimed multimedia productions, World To Come, Almost Human, Provenance, Elsewhere: A Cello Opera and All Vows, have consistently been chosen for Best Critics of the Year lists. Highlights from past seasons include solo performances at Barbican’s Sound Unbound and Kings Place’s Cello Unwrapped festivals in London, Cello Biennale in Amsterdam, MANN Festival in Naples, Italy and Strings for Autumn Festival in Prague; two new premieres of concertos, the cello concerto by Mohammed Fairouz with the Detroit Symphony and Maya by Mark-Anthony Turnage with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra; Bowie Symphonic: Blackstar, a collaboration with Evan Ziporyn that reimagines David Bowie’s complete final album as a cello concerto, with performances in Boston, Barcelona, ​​Central Park SummerStage in New York and a US tour in 2018; Spinning, a new collaboration with composer Julia Wolfe and visual artist Laurie Olinder, commissioned and created by Peak Performances at Montclair State University; his first solo performance at the BBC Proms; and the premiere of a cello concerto by renowned Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi at Carnegie Hall and in Tokyo, Japan. Maya is currently in the midst of a 20-city international tour of her production THE DAY, a music and dance star collaboration with Wendy Whelan choreographed by Lucinda Childs with music by David Lang, which premiered at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in August 2019.

Highlights of Maya’s tours include performances at Ravinia Festival in Chicago, Celebrity Series in Boston, Ojai Music Festival, International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven, and major venues and festivals in Paris, Amsterdam , Turin, Milan, Tokyo, Taipei, Athens, Mexico City, Havana, Bogota and Adelaide. She has performed with many of the world’s finest orchestras, performing new cello works, including the Detroit Symphony, Montreal Symphony, BBC Concert Orchestra, Boston Pops, Sydney Symphony, Seattle Symphony, Nashville Symphony, the China Philharmonic, the Shanghai Philharmonic, the Barcelona Symphony, the St Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, among many others.

Maya’s extensive discography includes twelve solo albums. His recent albums Bowie Cello Symphonic: Blackstar (2020), delugEON (2019), Tranceclassical (2016), Uncovered (2014) and Provenance (2012), topped the classical music charts. She is the featured soloist on numerous film soundtracks, including an extensive collaboration with composer James Newton Howard for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening and After Earth, Denzel Washington’s The Great Debaters, Edward Zwick’s Blood Diamond and Snow. White and the Huntsman by Rupert Sanders. . His performance of The Coming World of Lang IV was featured on the soundtrack to Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar-winning film La Grande Bellezza.

Maya Beiser is a 2015 American Artists (USA) Honored Music Member; a 2017 Mellon Distinguished Visiting Artist at the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology; and was recently a presenting artist at the inaugural CultureSummit, held in 2017 in Abu Dhabi. Invited to present on the prestigious TED Main Stage in Long Beach, California, Maya’s 2011 TED Talk was watched by over a million people and translated into 32 languages. She has been featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts and All Things Considered, PBS News Hour and BBC World News. Maya is a graduate of Yale University and a founding member of the Bang on a Can All-Stars.

The 6 coolest discoveries made by NASA’s Boeing 747 “SOFIA”


Last month marked the end of an era when NASA’s Boeing 747SP, registration N747NA, made its final flight. The mission of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) has come to an end. The program began development in 1996 and made its first flight in 2010 before starting regular missions in 2014. Over the years it has made groundbreaking discoveries.

With an aviation history dating back to Pan American in 1977 and recent activities such as the discovery of more water in the Moon’s southern hemisphere, the 747 has had a successful journey over the decades. Here’s a look at six discoveries made during NASA’s program.


6/6 Colliding exoplanets

SOFIA observed that the infrared luminosity of debris from the collision between rocky exoplanets to form the BD+20307 double star system increased by more than 10%. This means that the collision happened relatively recently and a similar event nearby could have produced Earth’s Moon.

A concept of rocky exoplanets colliding. Photo: NASA

5/6 supernova impact

SOFIA has seen that a supernova explosion can give way to a massive amount of material that can cause planets to form. Dust can survive obliteration in a supernova, and that dust can last long enough to form thousands of planets.

A graphic of a supernova explosion. Photo: NASA

4/6 Magnetic field information

SOFIA helped reveal crucial information about magnetic fields during his tenure. One point he helped discover was that magnetic fields could be active black holes. In addition, they can also keep the Milky Way black hole silent with other galaxies consuming material.

3/6 Birth of massive stars

Capturing a new view of the center of the Milky Way not only created breathtaking images, but also unveiled high-resolution detail in dense swirls of gas and dust. This, in turn, has opened up new insights into how massive stars form.

This composite infrared image spans more than 600 light-years. Photo: NASA

2/6 Familiar neighbor

The star Epsilon Eridani, also known as eps Eri, 18 Eri and HD 22049, is positioned 10.5 light years away in the constellation Eridanus. We can also see it in the night sky from Earth. SOFIA analyzed the infrared glow from its hot dust and concluded that the planetary system has a structure similar to our own solar system.

1/6 The first type of molecule

In April 2019, NASA announced that the universe’s first kind of molecule had finally been found. The SOFIA team shared that the molecule formed just 100,000 years after the Big Bang “as the first step in cosmic evolution.” SOFIA discovered it in a planetary nebula called NGC 7027.

This finding is the perfect way to sum up the impact that SOFIA has had. It managed to find information about our beginnings billions of years ago during its relatively short period of action.

What do you think of NASA’s SOFIA operations? What do you think of these discoveries and the end of the program? Let us know what you think of the Boeing 747 story in the comments section.

SCDOT Seeks Feedback on Myrtle Beach Road Improvements


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Mr. Joe White Ave. and 21st Ave. North have been recognized by the South Carolina Department of Transportation as two routes in need of safety improvements.

The project focuses on pedestrian safety. The main security features proposed for this project include:

  • High visibility pedestrian crossings
  • Pedestrian crossings with refuge islands
  • ADA ramps
  • Main pedestrian intervals
  • Countdown signal heads
  • New floor markings
  • Retroreflective back plates
  • Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Heads
  • Signaling and marking of cycle paths

Both of these roads are close to major tourist attractions – Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Waves Water Park, Broadway Grand Prix and Hollywood Wax Museum. They serve as connectors between these spots and the ocean.

SCDOT said it considered the amount of foot traffic in the area when proposing the project.

The project is expected to start in the spring of 2023 and last approximately 10 months. The SCDOT has shared some good news on what drivers can expect from the construction period.

“Roads will not be closed at any time during the construction of this project,” said Robert Kudelka, spokesman for SCDOT.

He said these roads were selected for improvement under the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).

“This program uses a strategic, data-driven approach to identify locations statewide with high accident rates or patterns and implements safety improvements through infrastructure-related improvements,” Kudelka said in a statement to News13.

According to SCDOT, “the Mr. Joe White Ave. and 21st Ave. North experienced a combined total of 936 vehicle, 26 bicycle and 17 pedestrian crashes from 2013 to 2020. Three crashes resulted in fatality and 299 crashes (30%) caused injury. »

Before the SCDOT starts working, they want to get the opinion of the public. There will be a public information meeting Thursday at 5 p.m. at the Myrtle Beach Train Depot.

Pittock Manor | The Official Portland Guide


Step back in time in this turn-of-the-century mansion.

1 minute read
Northwest Portland

High in the West Hills above Northwest Portland and surrounded by Forest Park, the historic turn-of-the-century Pittock Mansion offers picture-perfect views of the city and surrounding area and insight into Portland’s history.

Tips for Visiting Pittock Mansion

How can I get there?

Pittock Mansion is located at 3229 NW Pittock Drive. As you approach West Burnside or Northwest Barnes Road, look for the green and white signs that will guide you to Pittock Mansion.

You can also get to Pittock Mansion using public transportation. Take the 20 TriMet bus (Burnside/Stark to Beaverton TC) to West Burnside at the Northwest Barnes Road stop. Then go up a half mile following the signs.

Is parking available?

Yes, but the Pittock Mansion parking lot can fill up quickly during high season (June-August and late November-December), especially on weekends. Visitors are encouraged to carpool, use ride-sharing services, take a taxi, or use public transportation.

Parking costs $2 per hour up to a maximum of $8 per day.

When is it open?

Regular hours
10 a.m.–4 p.m.
open Tuesday noon

Summer Hours (June to Labor Day)
10 a.m.–5 p.m.
open Tuesday noon

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and January maintenance days closed

How much does the Pittock Mansion tour cost?

Adults: $14.50
Seniors (65+): $12.50
Youth (6 to 18): $10.50
Children (under 6): FREE

Details are subject to change; please check the Pittock Mansion website for up-to-date information.

Should I book the tickets in advance?

If you have a large group or plan to attend on a weekend during peak season (June-August and late November-December), you can avoid disappointment by purchasing tickets in advance.

The mansion is characterized by its impressive architecture and its 23 rooms filled with works of art and antiques, where you can discover the fascinating success story of Portland’s first tycoons, Henry and Georgiana Pittock, who were instrumental in the development of the city.

Henry and Georgiana arrived in Oregon separately in the mid-1800s and over the next 60 years dedicated themselves to hard work, community service and pride in their home. In 1860 Henry Pittock took over the town newspaper, eventually becoming The Oregonian that the people of Portland read today. He built a business empire in industries as diverse as real estate, banking, railroads, ranching, mining, and pulp and paper.

The mansion hosts rotating historical exhibits featuring art, artifacts, photography, and more that educate visitors about period life in Portland, Oregon, and the United States. Celebrate.” Check out current exhibits and upcoming events at the Pittock Mansion.

a close up of a stone at the Japanese Memorial Plaza

Historic Sites and Features

Portland may seem like a young city, but you can still find plenty of history everywhere you look. Discover Portland’s historic sites, from public art to public parks, and nearby sites that bring historical value to the City of Roses.

a museum exhibit featuring a wooden canoe

Oregon Historical Society

The Oregon Historical Society’s collection includes thousands of historical artifacts (including the “Portland Penny”) that shaped the land now known as Oregon, with permanent and rotating exhibits and an extensive research library .

Pittock Mansion is currently open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., opening at noon on Tuesdays. From June to Labor Day, the mansion is open an additional hour each day until 5 p.m. Pittock Mansion is closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and several days in January.

Days and hours of operation are subject to change; please check the Pittock Mansion website for up-to-date information.

Escape the city without leaving Portland; With 70 miles of trails within Portland city limits, the 5,156-acre forest park is a popular escape for runners, horseback riders, and hikers and is home to more than 112 species of birds and 62 mammals.

How to deal with an airline or hotel chatbot – and how to get a human


If you feel like you’re talking to a robot when contacting your airline, car rental company, or hotel, it’s probably because you are.

During the pandemic, the travel industry has rushed to implement contactless customer service systems to handle inquiries. It may have gone too far.

Chatbots and AI-powered form responses are more common than ever, experts and travelers tell me over email. They save companies money by hiring fewer call center employees and speeding up the resolution process. And while there are benefits for businesses, customers don’t always connect with the new technology.

Hotels have switched to robots

A customer survey conducted by Zendesk, which provides customer service communications, found that conversations increased across multiple channels that relied on automation last year. The strongest growth is on social media (up 32%) and WhatsApp (up 370%).

“Self-service”, says Mike Gozzo, Zendesk senior vice president of product, “is the future of customer service.”

It bothers travelers like Kent Sharrar, an airline employee based in Phoenix. He recently had interactions with chatbots at a car rental company and a hotel that left him feeling empty. Both quickly responded to his question with automated apologies and an offer of compensation.

“But my goal is not to get compensation,” he says, after a rental car in poor condition and a charge for a canceled hotel room. “It’s to smooth out bumps in the road for future experiences.”

“The bots…don’t quit”

So what caused the rise of travel automation? First, the pandemic has forced many travel agencies to conduct a top-to-bottom review of their customer service systems. They wanted to cut costs as travel slowed down dramatically and ensure minimal contact between customers and employees. Then there was the Great Resignation, which led to large-scale customer service issues last summer. For many companies, implementing AI was the answer.

Labor shortages can wreak havoc on your summer vacation

“Bots don’t say they’re sick and they don’t quit,” says Matt Edic, chief experience officer at IntelePeer, an automation systems supplier.

How do you know if you are dealing with an automated system? “Usually the service itself can clearly indicate that it is a bot,” says Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of Visitors.com Coverage, a travel insurance market. But if it’s not, you can usually figure it out quickly because of the speed of the response (it’s faster than a human) and the type of response (it’s scripted and doesn’t make any keyboard typos).

Chatbots can test your patience. Matthew Carter, a Las Vegas-based attorney, recently contacted his online travel agent to inquire about a reservation and said it quickly became apparent he was talking to a computer program.

“At one point I mentioned the airline I was using – Peach Airlines in Japan,” he says. “And she was like, ‘Is Peach your travel agent? I was sincerely blown away. Supposedly, she had the flights parked in front of her. So either she wasn’t paying attention or she had no idea.

But automation also has advantages. A carefully programmed chatbot can effectively deliver information and answer basic questions, says Steve Schwab, CEO of casago, a vacation rental company. And best of all, it’s always on.

“It guarantees a response,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what time.”

Automated systems can also solve some problems much faster than a person, says Gadi Shamia, CEO of Replicant, a contact center automation company. “For example, automation can handle the rescheduling of a passenger who missed their flight,” he says. “It gives an agent more time to help a family book a hotel room when their red eye cancellation.”

Spending hours on hold with the airlines? Here’s why and what you can do.

Still, I worry about over-automation and the loss of the personal touch. I’ve seen too many AI-generated gibberish responses.

“People like to talk to people, not robots,” says François Gouelo, CEO of Enso Login, a provider of artificial intelligence services for the hospitality industry. “That’s why it’s important not only to implement automation solutions in hospitality businesses, but also to create a comprehensive guest experience strategy, planning how technology complements human capital.”

In other words, don’t forget the people.

If you’re stuck in a conversation with a bot that doesn’t know the difference between “Peach” the airline and “Peach” your travel agent – and believe me, you’ll know when you are – there are ways to get rid of it. to get a person.

Words like “representative” or “agent” or even “helper” can send your case to a real human. If you’re dealing with a scripted email response and need to get a response, you may need to start a new chat with a manager via email to override the system.

Automation seems to be an unstoppable trend. Tausif Khiani, vice-president in charge of hospitality at consulting firm Capgemini Americas, says his research confirms that hotel brands have increased guest engagement levels through AI and chatbots. But that’s enough.

Make room, bellboys: robots and AI could soon predict what customers want

“The next generation of travelers want the opportunity and choice to interact with both people and technology,” he says. “The key is to switch between the two seamlessly.”

What is the solution ? Sharrar, the airline worker from Phoenix, thinks more human staff — not less — is the answer.

Maybe, he says, you can overdo the automation. Maybe we’ll find out during the next holiday travel season.

A change of course on Nassau Paradise Island


In a year of significant change in Caribbean tourism, the appointment of Joy Jibrilu as CEO of the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board (NPIPB) is among the most notable developments.

Assuming the position following the retirement of Fred Lounsberry, who had served as CEO of NIPIPB since 2005, Jibrilu is the first woman and the first Bahamian native to hold the position.


A consortium of 18 hotels in Nassau’s Cable Beach and Paradise Island neighborhoods, the group’s members range from family-run eight-room guesthouses to mega-resorts hosting thousands of guests.

NPIPB works closely with tour operators, strategic partners and travel marketing organizations to promote travel to the Bahamas. The NPIPB also coordinates travel agent training, tactical advertising and public relations activities.

Jibrilu has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism since May 2014 after serving as Director of Investments in the Office of the Prime Minister of The Bahamas Investment Authority since July 2008.

“I see a greater level of partnership with the destination for the promotion of the destination.” – Joy Jibrilu, NPIPB. (Photo by Jim Beyers)

Jibrilu brings to his new role significant experience in tourism and the public sector in the Bahamas. She previously worked at the Bahamas Ministry of Finance as a legal advisor with primary responsibility for international agreements after starting with the agency as an independent consultant.

A lawyer by profession, Jibrilu is certified by the English and Bahamian bars. She discussed her plans with TravelPulse at the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Conference in Puerto Rico last week.

TP: How do you feel about taking on this very different role compared to your previous position?

JJ: I think it’s just a really exciting opportunity that comes from the public sector. I have been exposed to the public sector in tourism and in the investment space. It has nothing to do with me, it’s just the privileged opportunity I had. But [the exposure] will be an asset, as I bring all this experience and knowledge with me.

TP: Will your plans take the NPIPB in a new direction from the recent past?

JJ: Well, Fred did a great job. For 17 years we worked closely together, so a lot of the work that he was doing we would have shared – the marketing plans, the politics, all the policy issues – we would have discussed it. [NPIPB] would have come through me to help navigate the space from a government perspective. So I am once again privileged to have this knowledge.

TP: What sets you apart from former NPIPB leaders?

JJ: Automatically, I am the first woman in this office and the first Bahamian. So my look is a little different. I was approached with this opportunity so I could just [say] ‘Look, that would be my vision.’ There was immediate buy-in and acceptance, and it came to the point that Oh my God, why didn’t we think to try this?

trendy now

Travel technology, man with plane and laptop

TP: What changes do you plan to make first?

JJ: So right now, the head office is located in Fort Lauderdale, yet [the organization] is the promotion board for Nassau Paradise Island. We will still have a presence in the United States and in Fort Lauderdale, but we are moving the headquarters to Nassau. It’s logic. Also buys from the Bahamas. For example, the head office previously used a company in Portland, Oregon for printing. So buying local is the next step [change].

TP: What else are you planning?

JJ: The second is to educate the Bahamian public about what the Nassau Paradise Promotion Bureau is and does, as it has always operated out of Fort Lauderdale and is an outward looking organization.

TP: How will your organization solve this problem?

NOT A WORD : [Via] a public education and awareness campaign [and] bring headquarters home. There is a sense of pride attached to this which has broadened our support within the community.

TP: Are you considering any other new NIPB initiatives?

JJ: There are a lot of things that I have in my six month plan and in my 12 month plan. I don’t want to reveal too much and be premature, but I think we can do a lot more. A great responsibility has been placed on the NPIPB and I want to make sure that we give back to this industry which has supported us all.

TP: Can you share information on the programs you are considering?

JJ: I’m talking straight away about mentoring, talking about the future [leaders] in the industry so they can say, “I could do that one day.

TP: Do you see the NIPB taking a broader approach?

JJ: It’s about the destination. NIPB stands for hotels, but for most people who visit, they have to go to Paradise Island when they leave the airport, and they have to go through downtown Bay Street. So I tease some of the things I have in mind.

TP: Are you encouraged by the response to your appointment?

JJ: I’m so glad everyone can get on board and with that I see a greater level of partnership with the destination for the betterment of the destination. This not only benefits the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Council, but all of Nassau and the Bahamas.

TP: How are hotels and resorts in the Bahamas currently doing?

JJ: Tourism is the most resilient industry, we’ve heard that message time and time again. And look how he recovered and bounced back! It doesn’t matter if it’s an Atlantis or a Baha Mar, all of our properties have recovered. All [the properties] come out of this strong. And 2023 should be even stronger.

TP: How has the Bahamas, which depends on tourism, been able to survive the pandemic closures?

JJ: What was great was that the public and private sectors came together and understood the importance of tourism. They recognized that we have to be ready for recovery. I talked about it [The Bahamas’] recovery plan for the preparation of tourism in which I was heavily involved. We had 100 partners contributing to the plan and my proudest moment was when the opposition held it up and said, ‘It’s a stimulus package that looks like.’

Ukraine pledges to strengthen its armed forces after major Russian airstrikes

  • Attacks in Ukrainian cities during Monday rush hour
  • Twelve dead and dozens injured
  • Zelenskiy after Biden’s call: Air defense is the number 1 priority

KYIV, Oct 11 (Reuters) – Ukraine has pledged to bolster its armed forces after Russia launched its biggest airstrikes on cities since the start of the war, forcing thousands to flee to bomb shelters and prompting Kyiv to suspend its electricity exports to Europe.

Missiles hit cities across Ukraine on Monday morning, killing 12 people and injuring dozens, as they tore through intersections, parks and tourist sites.

Explosions were reported in Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil and Zhytomyr in western Ukraine, Dnipro and Kremenchuk in the center, Zaporizhzhia in the south and Kharkiv in the east, Ukrainian officials said.

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The barrage of dozens of cruise missiles fired from the air, land and sea has been the most widespread wave of airstrikes to strike away from the front line, at least since the first volleys on the first day of the war, February 24.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered ‘massive’ long-range strikes after an attack on the bridge connecting Russia to the annexed Crimean peninsula over the weekend, and threatened more strikes in the future if the Ukraine struck Russian territory.

Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelenskiy spoke with US President Joe Biden on Monday and later wrote on Telegram that air defense was the “number 1 priority for our defense cooperation”.

“We will do everything to strengthen our armed forces,” he said on Monday evening. “We will make the battlefield more painful for the enemy.”

Biden told Zelenskiy that the United States would provide advanced air defense systems. The Pentagon said Sept. 27 that it would begin delivering the nation’s advanced surface-to-air missile system over the next two months or so.

The Moscow attacks sent thousands of Ukrainians rushing to bomb shelters as air raid sirens sounded.

Zelenskiy said 12 people were killed and officials reported dozens injured after the assaults.

The attacks were deliberately timed to kill people and knock out Ukraine’s power grid, he said. Its Prime Minister reported that 11 major infrastructure targets had been hit in eight regions, leaving parts of the country without electricity, water or heat.

As it tried to end blackouts, Ukraine halted its electricity exports to the European Union, at a time when the continent is already facing a spike in electricity prices that has fueled inflation, hampered industrial activity and caused exorbitant consumer bills.

The president of the United Arab Emirates, a member of the group of oil producers known as OPEC+ which beat back the United States last week by announcing severe cuts last week, will travel to Russia on Tuesday to meet Putin and make push for “military de-escalation”, UAE state news agency WAM reported.


The Kremlin airstrikes come three days after an explosion damaged the bridge it built after taking Crimea in 2014. Russia blamed Ukraine and called the deadly blast “terrorism”.

“Leaving such acts unaddressed is simply impossible,” Putin said, alleging other unspecified attacks on Russian energy infrastructure.

Ukraine, which views the bridge as a military target supporting Russia’s war effort, celebrated the explosion without claiming responsibility.

As troops suffered weeks of battlefield setbacks, Russian authorities faced the first sustained public criticism in the land of war, with state television commentators demanding ever tougher measures.

Since early September, Ukrainian forces have crossed front lines and retaken territory.

Putin responded by ordering the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists, proclaiming the annexation of the occupied territories and repeatedly threatening to use nuclear weapons.

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry appointed General Sergei Surovikin, acclaimed in Syria, as commander of Russian forces in Ukraine. A Russian air campaign in Syria helped the government crush its enemies.

Russia says it is carrying out a “special military operation” in Ukraine to rid it of nationalists and protect Russian-speaking communities. Ukraine and the West describe Russia’s actions as an unprovoked war of aggression.

Monday’s explosions carved a huge crater next to a children’s playground in one of central Kyiv’s busiest parks. The remains of an apparent missile were buried, smoking in the mud. More volleys hit the capital again later in the morning.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in its evening update that Russia staged at least 84 missiles and airstrikes, and Ukraine’s air defenses destroyed 43 cruise missiles and 13 drones.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it hit all of its targets.

Reuters could not independently verify the battlefield accounts.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has promised to restore public services as soon as possible.

In another possible sign of escalation, Putin’s closest ally, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, said he had ordered troops to deploy jointly with Russian forces near Ukraine, which he accuses of plan attacks against Belarus with its Western backers.

Russia used Belarus as a staging ground early in the war, but Lukashenko did not send in his troops.

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Reports from Reuters offices; written by Costas Pitas;

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Travel Oregon and Federally Recognized Tribes in the State Collaborate on Guidebook Featuring Events Across Oregon


Travel Oregon has partnered with the state’s nine federally recognized tribes to create a guide that features cultural events throughout the state.

Dan Anderson /Courtesy of Travel Oregon

Travel Oregon has partnered with the state’s nine federally recognized tribes to create the “Oregon Indian Country Travel Guide”. The guide features descriptions and locations of tribal museums, events and activities open to the public throughout the state.

“We really dove into this with both feet and really wanted to focus on tribal tourism in Oregon State,” said Travis Hill, chief operating officer of the Umpqua Indian Development Corporation.

The guide builds on previous work by Oregon Travel which was released about 17 years ago. The agency wanted to reaffirm its collaboration with the tribes.

“We really felt like there was a missing voice in the work we were doing at Travel Oregon,” said Lisa Itel, the agency’s director of global strategic partnerships. “We wanted to have this guide to share with visitors and Oregonians that tribes are here and thriving in Oregon, and actively play a role in Oregon’s economic development and sustainability.”

Itel hopes the guide is just one part of a larger partnership and that the tribes and the agency can collaborate on other projects in the future.

The guide also provides background and history for each of the tribes.

“It’s such a resource for the visitor and the resident,” said Lucinda DiNovo, Sales Manager at Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park. “They can learn about museums or cultural exhibitions or cultural events. And so I think that’s what’s most rewarding for me, there’s a guide that can really lead people to learn more about the tribes.

The guide is available here.

Travis Hill, Lisa Itel and Lucinda DiNovo sat down with “Think Out Loud” host Dave Miller. Click play to listen to the full conversation:

Reserved truck driver; 9 bodies identified


The driver of the coal container truck, which was involved in a side collision with a Mumbai-bound bus early Saturday on the Nashik-Aurangabad trunk road that killed 12 and injured several other passengers, was arrested by the police station. He was convicted under Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code (causing death by negligence). Police are verifying the role of a travel agency, Chintamani Travels, in the alleged bus overload.

The capacity of the bus was 30 people while 55 were on board at the time of the accident, Saturday at 5:15 am. Police said looking at the impact of the crash, it is possible that both vehicles exceeded the speed limit. Police have identified nine of the 12 bodies so far.

The collision hit the diesel tank of the truck which had spilled fuel and the front part of the bus, which was heading from Yavatmal, immediately caught fire due to its overheated engine, police said. The coal truck did not catch fire and the two vehicles landed a great distance apart due to the huge impact, police said. The collision had occurred near the Mirchi Hotel Chowk.

Regarding the driver’s arrest, Nashik Police Commissioner Jayant Naiknavare said, “The truck driver had escaped from the site but was arrested by us and convicted of causing death by negligence. While regarding the bus driver, there were two drivers, one slept in the back of the bus while the other drove. The driver also died in the accident, and the sleeping driver suffered few injuries, as he was not driving during the incident, there will be no charges against him.

According to the police, they identified a total of nine bodies out of the 12 bodies, identifying various personal effects on them such as their mobile phones, ornaments, etc. including the bus driver and a three-year-old child. , however, the other bodies were charred beyond recognition. “DNA samples from the three other deceased persons and their relatives who have come forward have been sent to forensics, the results are expected to arrive on Tuesday evening,” added the police commissioner.

Regarding the overloading of the bus, the commissioner added saying: “The total number of passengers on the bus was more than its capacity, there were 51 passengers most of whom were lucky to have survived the terrible accident. During the investigation, there will be a special team that will probe all angles like RTO, overtaking, permits, etc. and if we see anyone being negligent, we will take action.

The survivors were admitted to municipal and private hospitals in Nashik. “We hope the injured recover as soon as possible, they are people from different parts of the state and should be able to return home soon,” CP added.

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Three Howard University students selected as Fulbright Scholars


Howard University announced this year that three of its students will have the honor of becoming Fulbright scholars.

The prestigious Fulbright US Student Program will allow students to travel to Greece, the UK and South Africa to research and represent the HBCU.

Students can also pursue higher education and teach English abroad while exchange students come to the United States through the Fulbright Visiting Scholars program.

Dating back to the early 1950s, Howard University has had a long list of program participants.

The three students the school has announced this year are: Rachel Ayankunbi, Ashleigh Brown-Grier and Carl Romer.

(Image: Rachel Ayankunbi/Howard University)

Ayankunbi, graduating this year summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry, will study the role of epigenetic regulators in the development of bladder cancer. The Maryland native will be based at the Academy of Athens Biomedical Research Foundation, Greece.

(Image: Ashleigh Brown-Grier/Howard University)

Brun-Grier, a Ph.D. candidate in Howard’s Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies program, will focus on the experiences of international students at HBCUs during COVID-19. She will spend nine months in South Africa for the 2022-2023 academic year, studying black institutions of higher learning and examining the apartheid-era inequalities that affected them and the impacts encountered during COVID-19. .

During her 2016-2017 academic year, Brown-Grier spent 10 months in a secondary school in Malaysia as a Fulbright English teaching assistant.

(Image: Carl Romer/Howard University)

Romer, who is also a graduate of Howard this year with a BS in economics and a minor in philosophy, will continue his studies in these fields at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, where he will prepare a master’s degree in economics and philosophy.

Since graduating, Romer has worked as an active member of the HU Chess Club. Since graduating, Romer has worked as an economic consultant and research assistant.

In his most recent role, Romer was a data analyst at UCLA’s California Policy Lab.

He was also an active member of the HU Chess Club, and he looks forward to bringing the skills he learned to the LSE Chess Society.

These three winners are among thousands selected over the years through the Fulbright US Student Program, in partnership with many other HBCU institutions across the country.

Indigenous Culture Visitor Experiences Featured in Top 100 Green Destinations

The Giingan Gumbaynggirr Cultural Experience at Niigi Niigi (Sealy Lookout) in Orara East State Forest.

Gumbaynggirr’s ‘Two Path Strong’ tourism experience celebrating local Aboriginal culture and country knowledge has secured Coffs Harbor a place on the list of the World’s Top 100 Green Destinations for 2022.

Each year, the international sustainable tourism organization Green Destinations receives outstanding entries from companies around the world telling their stories to entice travelers to visit and tourism professionals to promote the region.

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The Coffs Coast is one of only two Australian destinations to make the prestigious Top 100 list, the other being the Central Coast.

The region’s chosen story, Two Path Strong, celebrates Aboriginal tourism on the Coffs Coast and the rich culture that supported the establishment of the first bilingual Aboriginal language school in New South Wales, Australia.

“We are honored and proud that the story of our Gumbaynggirr Giingana Freedom School and our award-winning cultural tourism businesses have been selected in this prestigious international competition,” said Clark Webb, CEO of Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan Aboriginal Corporation (BMNAC).

“It is exciting that the story of our living Gumbaynggirr culture around Coffs is being shared with the world,” he added.

The announcements were made on September 27 during the Green Destinations 2022 Future of Tourism Summit in Athens, Greece.

Coffs Harbor Town Chief Executive, Natalia Cowley, told News Of The Area: “In the process of becoming NSW’s premier eco-destination, Coffs Coast’s authentic Aboriginal tourism products have stood out as a significant contributor to that goal and this story is one of many. examples of what is on offer in this space.”

As the first anniversary of Coffs Coast’s ECO Destination certification approached, Ms Cowley congratulated “the town team, our tourism businesses and the community on this outstanding achievement”.

“Our region is further cementing its status as an ecotourism hub with an important cultural history that will be shared around the world.”

Australia’s first bilingual Aboriginal language school is located in Coffs Coast, along with an array of award-winning tours, cafes and cultural experiences run by the Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan Aboriginal Corporation (BMNAC).

Green Destinations is a Netherlands-based organization that aims to make tourism better and more sustainable, leading a global partnership of over 50 representatives, made up of sustainable tourism experts, consultants and non-profit organisations.


14 Days in Italy: A Complete Guide to Traveling by Train for a Whistle Tour of the Country


Looking for a greener, cheaper vacation to end your year of travel? Then Italy is the place to be.

The Italian The rail network is extensive. In fact, its tracks cover no less than 25,000 km.

The impressive infrastructure has made cleaner travel possible at affordable prices, and it’s fair to say that it has changed the travel map.

While some domestic flights are still operating, improvements to the country’s railways mean that Italy’s flagship airline, Alitaliahas been sky price last October.

“A third of the top 150 short-haul flights in Europe have train alternatives that last less than six hours,” says a TransEuropa report for Greenpeace.

Even if six o’clock form may seem stuffy, there are serious advantages: the sprawling landscape, comfortable travel and no stressful security checks, all while saving the planet and your budget.

Which route should you take in Italy?

You probably fell in love with the idea of ​​the italian railwaybut in a country where every town is a vacationer’s dream, you might want to know where to start.

Here is a 14 day guide, to help you marvel at the power of Medium.

Milan: bustling metropolis of northern Italy

How long to stay: 2 days

Located in the northern region of Lombardy, Milano is the perfect place to start your journey. The capital of Lombardy is served by three airports (Linate, Malpensa and Bergamo). But it’s form The station, Milan Centrale, also welcomes arrivals from all over Europe.

Once there, be sure to visit the Duomo, soak up the Last Supper, dine in the Navigli district, and spend a night at the opera.

Venice: the Italian city of water

How long to stay: 2 days

Head east from Milan to Venice. Venice introduced a fee for tourists in a bid to stop hordes of vacationers.

Let this remind you to dive off the beaten track and explore the islands of Murano and Burano.

How to get there: Take the train from Milan Centrale to Venezia S. Lucia. Fast trains take 2 hours and 30 minutes and cost just under €20.

Bologna: home of hearty sauces and stunning towers

How long to stay: 2 days

Your next stop takes you to the biggest town in Emilia-Romagna, Bologna.

It’s a city covered in red, orange and brown porticoes, so head for the Due Torri (twin towers you can climb for a panoramic view).

How to get there: Direct trains from Venezia S. Lucia to Bologna Centrale take 2 hours and 10 minutes and cost €13.15

Florence: Where art and architecture collide

How long to stay: 2 days

Hop from Bologna to the Tuscan capital of Florence. It is a must for all art lovers and architecture lovers.

Be sure to see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery.

How to get there: A 37-minute fast train from Bologna Centrale to Firenze SM Novella will cost you €17.10. A slower alternative costs €9.45.

Rome: the city of echoes, illusions and desire

How long to stay: 3 days

Spend more time bathing in the sights of the Italian capital, Rome.

Be sure to comb the Colosseum, pour pennies into the Trevi Fountain, soak up the art of the Sistine Chapel and more.

How to get there: Trains from Firenze SM Novella to Roma Termini take just over 90 minutes and cost €27.90.

Naples: the chaotic heart of Campania

How long to stay: 1 day

Head south from Rome and you will come to Naples.

If you’ve had enough of the trains, visit the ports and forts of Naples. But if you are up for other excursions, PompeiiHerculaneum and Mount Vesuvius should be at the top of your day trip list.

How to get there: slower trains from Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale cost €14.90 for 2 hours

Bari: For basilicas and beaches

How long to stay: 2 days

Hop across the expanse of the country to discover the offset region of Puglia. Come here for fewer crowds and stay for the food and fascinating history.

For fairy tale scenes, visit the nearby towns of Alberobello and Polignano-A-Mare.

How to get there: Ditch the train and take the €10 bus from Naples (Metropark Centrale) to Bari Centrale. It takes 3 hours.

How much will 14 days in Italy by train cost?

14 days to travel in Italy by train will only cost you €95.40.

But don’t take our word for it, just do it.

Tips and tricks on trains in Italy

Before booking, there are a few things to consider. EUrail and Trenitalia have their own train pass. Although they may seem cost effective, they will actually cost over €200 for the same trip.

It is cheaper to book separate, standard and super economy tickets on the Trenitalia website. Trains can be booked weeks, days and hours in advance.

They are selling out, so plan your trip as soon as possible.

Also make sure your tickets are validated. Before boarding your train, insert your ticket into the validation machine located in the ticket halls and platforms.

Other practical tips for a cheap trip to Italy

stay in hotel dormitories and prepare your own meals to reduce costs.

Pizza slices, arancini balls and other street foods save money and food waste.

You can save your euros by refilling water bottles at drinking fountains all over Italy – if you see a local take a sip, that’s for sure.

And if you don’t want your eco-adventure to end, hop on a bus or ferry from Bari on the last day. Buses connect Bari to Sicily, Milan and beyond, while a ferry will take you to Dubrovnik by Croatia in no time.

A 19th century country house in Devon built to look like a castle is put on the market


A Victorian fairytale castle overlooking the Devon coast has been put on the market for an undisclosed sum.

Watermouth Castle, near Ilfracombe, has been run by the same owners for 45 years and is considered one of the county’s top tourist destinations.

Situated near Watermouth Harbor – once a haven for smugglers – the Grade II* listed castle is set in a stunning position with breathtaking views.

The building was erected in the mid-19th century and is not a real castle, but a country house built to look like one, according to its Savills listing.

It is located in an Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty between Ilfracombe and Combe Martin.

A 19th century fairytale castle overlooking the Devon coast has been put on the market for an undisclosed sum

Watermouth Castle, near Ilfracombe, has been run by the same owners for 45 years and is considered one of the county's top tourist destinations.

Watermouth Castle, near Ilfracombe, has been run by the same owners for 45 years and is considered one of the county’s top tourist destinations.

Situated near Watermouth Harbor - once a haven for smugglers - the Grade II* listed castle is set in a stunning position with breathtaking views

Situated near Watermouth Harbor – once a haven for smugglers – the Grade II* listed castle is set in a stunning position with breathtaking views

The building was erected in the middle of the 19th century and is not a real castle, but a country house built to look like one.

The building was erected in the middle of the 19th century and is not a real castle, but a country house built to look like one.

It was later transformed into a tourist attraction offering a mix of rides, activities and play areas.

The castle was built in 1825 by Arthur Davie Basset for his wife, Harriet.

In 1916, the castle was used as a convalescent home for Army officers injured during the First World War.

Then, during World War II, it became the headquarters of PLUTO (Pipe-Line-Under-The-Ocean).

In 1945 the last descendant of the Basset family finally moved on and Watermouth Castle fell into disrepair.

In 1977 the nearly abandoned castle was purchased by Richard Haines and his family, who turned it into a tourist attraction.

It now offers a mix of rides, activities and play areas including: Gnome Land, Merry-Go-Land and Adventure Land.

There are also seven apartments which are used as short-term vacation rentals and an indoor swimming pool.

The castle has a large and impressive entrance hall with a fireplace, woodwork, a staircase and a gallery.

The hall and the rooms that follow from it now form the museum part of the attraction.

Exhibits include a wide variety of Victorian and Edwardian artifacts, a working ‘N Gauge Model Railway’ and a working ‘Convertible Organ’.

The castle was built in 1825 by Arthur Davie Basset for his wife, Harriet.  In 1916, the castle was used as a convalescent home for Army officers injured during the First World War.

The castle was built in 1825 by Arthur Davie Basset for his wife, Harriet. In 1916, the castle was used as a convalescent home for Army officers injured during the First World War.

Then, during World War II, it became the headquarters of PLUTO (Pipe-Line-Under-The-Ocean)

Then, during World War II, it became the headquarters of PLUTO (Pipe-Line-Under-The-Ocean)

In 1945 the last descendant of the Basset family finally moved on and Watermouth Castle fell into disrepair

In 1945 the last descendant of the Basset family finally moved on and Watermouth Castle fell into disrepair

In 1977 the nearly abandoned castle was purchased by Richard Haines and his family, who turned it into a tourist attraction.  It now offers a mix of rides, activities and play areas including: Gnome Land, Merry-Go-Land and Adventure Land

In 1977 the nearly abandoned castle was purchased by Richard Haines and his family, who turned it into a tourist attraction. It now offers a mix of rides, activities and play areas including: Gnome Land, Merry-Go-Land and Adventure Land

There are also seven apartments which are used as short-term vacation rentals and an indoor swimming pool.  The chateau has an impressive grand entrance hall with a fireplace, paneling and staircase and gallery

There are also seven apartments which are used as short-term vacation rentals and an indoor swimming pool. The chateau has an impressive grand entrance hall with a fireplace, paneling and staircase and gallery

The hall and the rooms that follow from it now form the museum part of the attraction.  Exhibits include a wide variety of Victorian and Edwardian artefacts, an 'N Gauge Model Railway' and a working 'Decapped Organ'

The hall and the rooms that follow from it now form the museum part of the attraction. Exhibits include a wide variety of Victorian and Edwardian artefacts, an ‘N Gauge Model Railway’ and a working ‘Decapped Organ’

The property’s basement, known as “Dungeon Labyrinths”, contains a selection of fairytale entertainment, exhibits and attractions and is also open to visitors.

The basement leads to the courtyard, which includes the underground theater currently operating as an attraction of water, music and light shows, the main cafe, a gift shop, restrooms and an animated show.

The site is nearly 12 acres in total, with an additional 52 acres of woods and parking.

The popular family attraction is on the market with Savills.

Justine Morris, associate director of the estate agency’s leisure and commerce team, said: “This is a rare opportunity to acquire a popular and profitable tourist attraction that has been in the same family for nearly a half-century.”

“The opportunity now exists for the new owners to continue to develop the significant tourist attraction.”

Watermouth Castle remains open to the public.

It currently operates on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The attraction will also be open during the October semester.

For more details see the property listing with Savills.

A Super Fun Guide to October Sober in NYC


© Photo by Matt Ritchie

With its origins dating back to a month-long challenge/fundraising campaign in 2014 by UK-based charity Macmillan Cancer Support, Sober October has become a popular new precursor to Dry January.

And whether it’s hitting the pause button on booze before the next holiday season or just taking a break from booze in general, here in New York there are plenty of activities perfectly designed for a month of summer. October without alcohol.

Whether it’s embarking on a citywide mocktail crawl or working out toxins on time-limited workouts, here’s how to have the most fun sober October in New York City.

© Photo courtesy of Boisson

Explore chic ABV-free liquor stores for tastings and new bar cart favorites

Throughout October

Various places

After operating as a traveling pop-up for the past year and launching its brick-and-mortar West Village last month, Sechey has established itself as one of the hottest new spots for all your delicious (and super fancy) ABV-free needs. As a reliable resource when you’re in the mood to concoct non-spirit drinks, browse the shelves of non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits, as well as eclectic ingredients such as aromatic bitters and botanical elixirs. Also keep an eye on their IG page for autumn without alcohol in-store inspo and tastings.

Likewise, Boisson is another solid source of non-spirited libations in the city. With a new Rockefeller Center location debuting October 10, check out their shiny new digs and hold on to their limited-edition Ultimate Sober October Kit, which includes ABV-free wine, beer and appetizers plus multiple recipes. non-alcoholic cocktails. In-store programming includes a wide range of tastings at the new Midtown store, as well as its five current locations in Cobble Hill, Williamsburg, West Village, the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side.

© Photo courtesy of CityPickle

Throughout October

Hudson shipyards

Change up your workout routine and grab a paddle for a game of pickleball. Recently inaugurated its month-long temporary installation in the backyard at Hudson Yards, the CityPickle pop-up offers free field registration and paddles available to rent for $10. Plus, for those looking to improve their game, players can book a 50-minute lesson with pro Katherine Hedden, Manhattan’s USA Pickleball Ambassador. Stay tuned as more courts are expected to open in Long Island City in early 2023.

Cost: 1 hour free court reservation; paddle rental $10; lessons from $100

© Photo by Matt Ritchie

Thursday, October 20, 8 a.m.

City hall

Hall of Lightsthe new immersive digital art center at 49 Chambers, recently debuted with Gustav Klimt: World in Motion, an exhibition celebrating the iconic Austrian painter. In the more than a century-old building that once housed the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, and hosted in collaboration with Equinox Group, start the morning of October 20 by participating in a 45-minute vinyasa yoga session, surrounded by projections of the Klimt’s most famous works. Mats are included on arrival and guests are entitled to 15 minutes of free exploration around the exhibit after class ends.

Cost: Tickets from $50

© Photo by Melissa Hom

Embark on an alcohol-free exploration through the city

Throughout October

Various places

While New York is infamous for its dance clubs and world class barsthere are also plenty of options for a more laid-back stay evening with appetizing mocktails offered by the best restaurants and bars in town.

At NoMad, stop by popular Middle Eastern restaurant, Lamalo, for non-alcoholic gin drinks like Satisfaction (citrus shrub, soda water) and Born To Be Wild (watermelon cordial) during brunch and lunch. having dinner. A few blocks south, head to one of the area’s newest debuts, French restaurant Koloman, for an Alpine Swizzle (pineapple, ginger). And to explore further, the latest hot spots offering mocktails include Holywater in Tribeca and Two Cats in Williamsburg.

For a strictly alcohol-free bar, head to the new Hekate Café and Elixir Lounge in the East Village, which focuses on creating a safe space with the following message: alcohol does not have to be an element mainstay of socialization. Also, keep an eye out for where the travel concept, Listen Bar, plans to pop up next.

© Murray’s Cheese

Friday 21 October, 6–7.30 p.m.

Greenwich Village

Learn how to pair your artisanal cheeses with something other than wine at Murray Cheese FactoryThe sober October special event. Housed in its flagship store on Bleecker Street, the cheese experts will introduce attendees to a range of non-alcoholic alternatives that perfectly complement a variety of cheeses, as well as seasonal treats like locally sourced baked goods and apples. To expand your culinary horizons even further, Murray’s also welcomes cheese lovers training camps as good as virtual classes.

Cost: Tickets from $95.00

© Remedy Square

Throughout October

Flatiron District

Founded in Los Angeles in 2019 by Dr Jonathan Leary, Remedy Place – an innovative spa and treatment center known for attracting celebrity clientele like Kim Kardashian and Kasey Musgraves – has now expanded with its first East Coast location in the Flatiron District. Popular for its “social spa” concept, which encourages non-members and members alike to celebrate self-care, guests can book sessions in infrared saunas, lymphatic compression suits, ice baths, cryotherapy, massage therapy, and massage therapy. acupuncture, etc. Plus, an official membership includes on-site happy hours and discounted prices on treatment.

Cost: Treatment prices vary

Saturday October 22

Randalls Island Park

As part of your fall wellness journey, if a long commitment to training for the 51st New York City Marathon isn’t right for you, maybe turning to an “adventure run” is quicker. Held on Randalls Island, the New York City Challenge Race features more than 25 urban obstacles over three miles that you can jump, dodge, and traverse. All fitness levels are welcome, but be prepared to carry heavy objects like massive tires, climb walls, slide over obstacles including parked taxis, and perform other action feats heroic.

Cost: Admission starts at $80

© Mohonk Mountain House

Escape the city’s spooky season for timeless fall activities

Various places

As part of this month’s self-care efforts, escape the spooky booze-filled season of the city for the great outdoors and a close-by adventure filled with nature and the fresh air of fall. Options include a day trip filled with apple picking and fall foliage viewing, or take in the scenic charm of the Western Catskills. Other nearby options include a Hudson Valley getaway spent comfortably at a chic glamping site or sleek modern lodge, while passing by beloved family restaurants and net-zero bakeries.

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Izzy Baskette is a writer for Thrillist New York. Find her on Instagram.

The amateur photographer has a keen eye for the city’s birds

The amateur photographer has a keen eye for the city's birds

Kai Pflug

Featured bird in the Nanhui area in September

Have you ever noticed the many feathered friends that surround us in the city? This is the case of Kai Pflug, a German who has lived in Shanghai for more than 18 years.

Pflug works as a consultant for chemical companies. In his spare time, he is a bird photographer, a hobby he has pursued for seven years.

“Most of the time, I think birds are very beautiful. And for me, it’s much easier to appreciate that beauty by taking pictures rather than just looking at them,” Pflug said.

In Shanghai, his main location for tracking and photographing birds is the Nanhui area in Pudong.

“Honestly, I don’t know exactly how many species of birds I photographed,” he said.

He estimates the figure to be over 370, and their habitats include Chongming, Jiading and Songjiang counties and Pudong New Area.

“Chongming Island is an interesting place for bird watching, especially in winter. Sometimes there are also interesting birds in city parks, especially Century Park in Pudong.”

Pflug observed many birds at his residential compound in Jiangqiao City, Jiading District. Some birds nest there and even lay their eggs there.

His bird photos are posted on bulletin boards in the community, attracting many residents and sparking their interest.

“April, May, September and October are the best seasons for bird watching. Now is the season for migratory birds to bypass Shanghai,” he said.

The amateur photographer has a keen eye for the city's birds


Bird photographer Kai Pflug takes a picture in Shanghai.

One of her photos depicts the warm moment of a mother sparrow feeding her newborn baby.

Pflug is also interested in the hoopoe which is distinguished by its fan crest.

“You see it very rarely in Germany, but I’ve seen it in my community,” he said. “Red-flanked bluetails only visit in the winter, and I was lucky enough to photograph a male.”

In the residential complex, Pflug observed 25 species of birds and recorded many valuable images of them.

He spends a lot of time reading about birds. “I have a library of over 1,000 bird books,” Pflug said.

There are more parks and less pollution in Shanghai, he said.

The Jiangqiao region’s outer ring forest belt has a better ecological environment than in previous years, and Pflug said he often photographs birds there.

The flight over the city’s peak bird migration is scheduled for October, with Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve, Jiuduansha Wetland Nature Reserve, Hengsha Dongtan and Nanhui Dongtan being among the best viewing spots.

The amateur photographer has a keen eye for the city's birds

Kai Pflug

Featured bird in September in Nanhui

The city’s ever-improving environment has attracted increasing numbers of birds.

Nearly 520 bird species have been recorded in the city so far, with a number of natural habitats already established, Shanghai green authorities said.

Located at the estuary of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is an important stop on the bird migration route from East Asia to Australia due to its vast coastal and intertidal areas that provide resting places and sources of food for waterfowl, as well as its unique geographical position.

The number of bird species registered by Shanghai is 35.7 percent of the national total, according to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau.

Among them, 26 are first-class national protected species and 91 are second-class national protected species.

Six are critically endangered species listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

In recent years, the city’s natural areas, including Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve and Jiuduansha Wetlands Nature Reserve, as well as Nanhui Dongtan, Wusong River Bird Perch and Jiading Pengmen Wetlands , have become havens for birds and other wildlife, according to the office said.

The amateur photographer has a keen eye for the city's birds

Kai Pflug

Birds in the spotlight in the Nanhui region

Covering 9.67 hectares, the Wusong River Bird Habitat in Minhang District, close to the Suzhou Stream Ecological Corridor to the south, includes about 130 varieties of plants such as mulberry and canna. These have greatly improved the aquatic environment and provided food for the birds.

So far, the habitat has recorded 55 species of birds like the little grebe and the little egret. Nearly 3,300 birds of 76 species have been recorded in the Hengsha Dongtan area, and seven, such as the reed parrot’s bill and the broad-billed sandpiper, are second-class national protected species.

“Shanghai has a number of habitats for its avian friends,” said Ge Zhiyuan, a bird expert.

“Nanhui Dongtan is an ideal place for bird watching as it is home to more than 85 percent of bird species recorded in Shanghai,” Ge said.

“If people don’t want to travel far, urban areas such as Century Park have a lot of vegetation cover and are recommended places where large numbers of forest ‘fairies’ hide.

“In recent years, Shanghai’s increasing green coverage has contributed to greater biodiversity,” Ge said.

“Green spaces and ecological corridors have been built in many blocks along the rivers, and their rich aquatic plants give birds a sense of security, enabling daily bird watching for residents,” Ge added.

The amateur photographer has a keen eye for the city's birds

Kai Pflug

Featured bird in September in Nanhui

Unexpected visitors have been spotted in recent years.

A black-headed gull was spotted in Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve in July, the first time the species was seen on the Chinese mainland.

The species has only been seen in Taiwan a few times in the past, according to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau.

The seagull, named after its chirp, which sounds like a human laugh, was seen battling with a tern.

The nature reserve has been recommended for UNESCO World Heritage listing as a Designated Area of ​​China Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Yellow Sea and Bohai Gulf Coast (Phase II).

It will be the city’s first World Heritage Site if inscribed.

It has recorded about 300 species of birds, including 22 globally threatened species, 18 first-class national protected species and 59 second-class national protected species.

Bird Watching Spots in Shanghai:

Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve

Jiuduansha Wetlands Nature Reserve

Nanhui Dongtan area

Wusong River Bird Perch

Jiading Pengmen Wetland

century park

Orani road leading to tourist sites soon to be safe from landslides


Orani road leading to tourist sites soon to be safe from landslides

Oct 1, 2022 at 10:20 AM

Construction of a slope protection project along the Pagasa-Tala road leading to Mount Natib in the city of Orani in Bataan province is nearing completion, according to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The 96.4 million peso project is being implemented by Bataan’s First District Engineering Office.

In a Philippine News Agency report, District Engineer Erlindo Flores Jr. said the project was 70 percent complete as of September 15.

“Once completed, residents and tourists traversing the mountainous section of the road and heading to city sights such as Bataan National Park will be protected from potential landslides that may be caused by heavy rains,” did he declare.

The project involves the construction of a 3,265.59 square meter rockfall protection net including hydroseeding along the landslide prone segment of the road.

To control soil loss, the net is anchored in a geotextile and Type I erosion control mat, according to the PIA report.

Comments posted on this site do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the management and owner of POLITICS.com.ph. We reserve the right to exclude comments that we deem inconsistent with our editorial standards.

Is it safe to visit now?


When people ask Kami Turky about his travels to Saudi Arabia, he has two tips: Don’t miss traditional food like Kabsaa dish of mixed rice, and Tharida stew of lamb and vegetables, “which are delicious”.

“And bring your sunglasses,” says Turky, logistics manager for an aquarium supply website in Flint, Michigan. Because it’s always warm and sunny.

There has been a lot of curiosity about travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lately. Authorities have unveiled a bold plan to build a mirrored skyscraper 75 miles taller than the Empire State Building this summer. The country’s Tourism Minister, Ahmed Al Khateeb, has announced that the government will spend $1 trillion on the tourism sector over the next decade. New luxury hotels are opening at a breakneck pace in Saudi Arabia. But questions also remain about the safety of visiting the kingdom, even as the country has opened up to foreign visitors.

“The kingdom has undergone remarkable changes in recent years,” says Saudi Arabia analyst Sean Foley. Middle Tennessee State University. “Saudi Arabia is an easy country to visit and a rewarding experience for travelers. Obtaining a visa takes minutes and can be done online. The country has several unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites and modern infrastructure.”

Tourism in Saudi Arabia represents less than 10% of the economy, Frank Harrison, regional director of security for North America and the United Kingdom, told Worldwide travel protection.

“Most tourism focuses on Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, and there are very controlled expectations on how long pilgrims can stay in the country,” he says. “For those traveling to tourist destinations, there are fantastic inland desert dives and coastal adventures.”

Visitors who have stayed in some of the regions developed for tourism, such as Riyadh and Jeddah, report that their trips to the kingdom have been remarkable experiences. Turky says he felt safe and welcome during his two visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“People are kind and helpful,” he recalls.

I contacted KSA officials earlier this week for details of their tourism funding plans. I also asked about some of the recent changes in Saudi regulations that made it easier to visit, what types of tourists they wanted to attract, and overall security. A representative said the organization would try to respond but approvals from the Saudi Tourism Authority “may take a little longer”.

Is travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia safe?

Experts say KSA is safe – up to a point.

The crime rate in Saudi Arabia is low, according to official sources. The main risks for tourists are petty crime, such as pickpocketing and purse snatching, which occur mainly in crowded areas.

This spring, the Saudi Ministry of Tourism quietly ordered the removal of all security checkpoints for vehicles and guests at tourist accommodation establishments, according to Michael O’Rourke, CEO of Advanced operational conceptsa security consulting firm.

“This mandatory change was not the result of an improvement in the security situation or a reduction in the risk of terrorism,” he says. “Removing these defenses created a security hole that you can drive through with a heavily loaded truck.”

Last month, the State Department issued an advisory urging American citizens to reconsider the trip to Saudi Arabia due to the threat of missile and drone attacks against civilian installations. The government has advised Americans not to travel within 50 miles of the Saudi-Yemeni border. The cities of Abha, Jizan, Najran and Khamis Mushayt are on the banned list, along with Abha airport and Qatif in the eastern province and its suburbs.

The country is also known for its surveillance of telephone and electronic communications, says Dale Buckner, travel security expert and CEO of Global Guardian.

“Travelers should assume that communication is monitored at all times,” he says. “Hotel rooms may also be monitored and accessed without the guest’s consent. Electronic devices may be checked by customs officers upon arrival and departure.”

Even if you overlook all the current security issues, visitors still have concerns stemming from several other recent events. These include the mass execution of 81 people this spring and the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

Saudi Arabia is changing – slowly

The Saudi government has taken significant steps to welcome tourists to Saudi Arabia. Earlier this month, tourism officials relaxed their entry requirements in a move to encourage more visitors. The new regulations offer residents of the Gulf States the option of applying for an eVisa through their online portal. UK, US and EU residents can also apply for a visa upon arrival.

“Under Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman there have been many modernization measures, and attracting Western tourists appears to be a serious priority,” says John Gobbels, chief operating officer of the air medical transport company and travel security. Medjet. “But that doesn’t mean things changed overnight. Failure to follow their laws and moral codes can still have serious repercussions, and people should consider this very seriously before deciding to travel there. .”

Shelley Ewing, President of Level 1 travelclaims that not all visitors are welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia has a strict rule that prohibits any LGBTQ+ activity. For your own safety, traveling to Saudi Arabia is not recommended if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community,” she says.

Ewing says there are potential dangers for women visiting Saudi Arabia, particularly if they do not abide by Saudi Arabia’s strict moral laws, which include dressing modestly at all times, covering shoulders and knees and to wear a robe-like robe, called an abaya when entering mosques.

Travel tips for visiting Saudi Arabia

If you want to visit Saudi Arabia, here are some expert tips.

There are rules — a lot rules

Public displays of affection, profane language and photographing government buildings and local residents without permission are just a few examples of illegal activities,” says Narendra Khatri, Director of Underbuy, a travel insurance company. “Also, you should remember to dress modestly, with loose clothing that doesn’t expose your knees and shoulders. Dressing like a typical westerner can attract unwanted attention from the authorities.” He says that while some of these laws may only result in fines or warnings, the Saudi legal system may result in defendants being held without charge for long periods of time, with limited access to legal representation.

Pay attention to your medications

“Alcohol consumption is currently prohibited and over-the-counter drugs like Sudafed and Vicks are illegal,” says Dan Richards, CEO of world rescue, a provider of medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management services. “Travelers should research Saudi laws carefully before travelling. Even if a medicine is legal, always keep it in its original packaging and carry a copy of a prescription.”

Visit from November to March

“These are the best months to visit Saudi Arabia as the weather is pleasant and tolerable,” says Mahmood Khan, a tourism professor at Virginia Tech. During the summer, daytime high temperatures regularly reach 120 degrees, making it impossible to do anything outside. It also helps if you like to stay up late. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comes alive after sunset. Khan says the best time to shop is late at night.

Should you visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

So, should you visit Saudi Arabia? The answer is complicated. The kingdom literally invests billions of dollars to attract tourists like you.

“At this time, traveling to Saudi Arabia should be reserved for the adventurous, the open-minded and frequent travelers,” says Tiffany Bowne, Founder of Couture Salon, a luxury travel agency. “If you’re trying to see a place before it’s built and marketed, it’s now. Be prepared for all types of travelers.

I’ve traveled extensively in the Middle East, and every time I mention Saudi Arabia I get a curious response – a mixture of admiration and hesitation. The admiration part is easy: any country with a trillion-dollar tourism budget and 75-mile skyscrapers has being seen.

Much of the hesitant part is Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, which the Saudi government obviously hopes new hotels and giga projects will make us forget. Whether it works remains to be seen.

Tua Tagovailoa injury: Dolphins QB injures after heavy blow in Week 4 TNF


Update: More good news, because Tagovailoa will be able to return home with the team.

Update: Tagovailoa also has movement in all its extremities. Good news.

Update: According to the broadcast, Tua Tagovailoa is conscious and is being transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Level 1 Trauma Center).

Miami Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was knocked down in the second quarter and remains on the ground. The coaches are there with him right now. Teddy Bridgewater will likely enter the game soon.

The stretcher now comes out for Tagovailoa, as his teammates huddle around him. He obviously won’t be back in this game. The show has a sports medicine consultant claiming that the twisting of the fingers while Tagovailoa was on the ground is “a neurological response to head trauma.” Last week against the Bills, Tagovailoa appeared to have suffered a head injury, but the independent neurologist cleared him and he was able to return to the game.

Tagovailoa had completed 8 of 14 passes for 110 yards and an interception, leading the Dolphins to two field goals as they trailed 6-7 with six minutes left in the second quarter.

International Warrior Games over the years


It’s on for the Dubs as they travel to Tokyo, Japan for the first time ever to play a two-game preseason against the Washington Wizards.

The 2022 Japan Games will mark the Warriors’ first basketball sight in 75 days, and the ninth and 10e games the Dubs have played outside of North America.

As the Dubs announce NBA play in Japan, let’s take a look back at the Warriors’ international games over the years.

2022 | Japan

The Warriors take on the Washington Wizards in Tokyo, Japan to kick off the 2022 preseason, marking both teams’ first visit to the country. The Dubs will open the pre-season with back-to-back matchups on September 30 and October 1, with Dub Nation getting a glimpse of the new-look Warriors 2022-23 for the very first time. “We’re here to kick off the next tour of the next gold trophy,” Draymond Green said after landing in Tokyo, making his first return to the country since winning a gold medal with the team. American in 2020.

2017 | China

Prior to this year’s trip to Japan, the last time the Warriors were overseas was at the NBA Global Games in China in 2017. The Warriors finished 1-1 in their two-game slate against Andrew Wiggins and the Minnesota Timberwolves. In their opener in Shenzhen, the Dubs lost 111-97, but the team bounced back in their second meeting in Shanghai with Stephen Curry exploding for 40 points and sinking six 3-pointers in a 142-110 victory. Fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson followed with a 28-point outing, going 10-for-17 from the field and 8-for-10 from beyond the arc.

2013 | China

The Warriors met the Los Angeles Lakers in China in 2013. The Dubs finished 2-0 against the Lakers, who were without Kobe Bryant as the NBA icon rehabilitated from an Achilles injury. David Lee led the Dubs’ 100-95 win in Beijing, posting 31 points, six rebounds and four assists. The Warriors followed up their winning game in Shanghai, with Klay Thompson recording a game-high 25 points, shooting 10-for-14 from the field and connecting on five 3-pointers for a 115-89 victory. Among other highlights of the trip that year, the entire Warriors squad visited the Great Wall of China.

2008 | China

In 2008, the Dubs met the Milwaukee Bucks for a two-game slate in China. The Warriors went 1-1 to the Bucks as the team fell to a 98-94 loss in their opener in Guangzhou. Kelenna Azubuike led the Warriors with 24 points and seven rebounds. In their second meeting in Beijing, seven Dubs scored the double to claim a 109-108 win. Stephen Jackson recorded a team-high 24 points, shooting 9-for-14 from the field and 5-for-9 from 3-point range. The Dubs team also took advantage of a handful of overseas tourist attractions.

1994 | Spain

On the same tour in 1994, the Warriors took part in an exhibition match at Olmpico Pavello in Badalona, ​​Spain where the Dubs took a 122-104 win over Joventut Badalona.

1994 | France

The Warriors joined the Charlotte Hornets on the 1994 European tour at the Palais Omnisports de Bercy in Paris, France for their first game outside of North America. Chris Mullin scored 14 of his 25 points in the second period, helping lead the Dubs to a 132-116 win. Warriors Latrell Sprewell (24) and Tim Hardaway (21) combined for 45 points overall. The match was played in front of a crowd of 15,324 fans.

Holidays in illegal settlements, but not in Russia, according to Booking.com


The Dutch travel agency Booking.com will continue to profit from war crimes by maintaining accommodation and attractions in the settlements.

Paulo Moura / Web Summit

Israel and its supporters are swear to wage a “diplomatic war” against the online travel agency Booking.com over its plan to add a travel warning to its lists of destinations in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

There are still uncertainties about the exact wording that so enraged Israeli Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov.

But whatever the wording, it does nothing to satisfy Palestinian demands that the settlements be removed from the website’s listings entirely.

The Dutch agency will continue to profit from war crimes by maintaining settlement accommodations and attractions.

“Companies like Booking.com must stop operating or promoting visits to illegal Israeli settlements,” PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, said.

The steering group of the international boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, the BNC, welcomed Booking.com’s decision, but said it was not enough.

“Despite the significance of this symbolic step, we call on Booking.com to uphold its moral and legal duty to stop facilitating all rentals in illegal Israeli settlements,” the BNC said. said.

“By continuing to rent properties built on stolen Palestinian land, including in occupied East Jerusalem, Booking.com is profiting from Israel’s apartheid war crimes and supporting its relentless ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians.”

All Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, which includes East Jerusalem, and the Syrian Golan Heights are considered a war crime under international law.

Moreover, by building settlements, Israel perpetuates human rights violations against the occupied Palestinian population, including house demolitions, forced displacements and land theft.

By offering travel services to these settlements, Booking.com is profiting from and effectively promoting these crimes.

Although the warning has yet to be added, Israel and its supporters are angry at Booking.com’s decision and insist the country is being singled out.

“Isn’t there human rights abuse elsewhere?” Israeli journalist Zvika Klein said.

“Israel is the only country that will have such a warning.”

StopAntisemitism.org, an organization that claims to fight anti-Semitism but primarily defames critics of Israel and its racist state ideology, Zionism, declared that “we are once again witnessing the isolation of the only Jewish nation in the world as the travel booking site Booking.com has issued a warning label for travelers to certain parts of Israel”, casually sweeping the West Bank as Israeli territory.

“No other country in the Middle East carries such a warning.”

Some countries, including Syria and Iran, are completely absent from Booking.com. The website also does not list Cuba.

Additionally, online booking companies have made bolder political statements regarding boycott calls. And that includes Booking.com.

While Booking.com refused to remove listings of accommodations located in settlements illegally built on stolen Palestinian land, it quickly took anti-Russian action following the invasion of Ukraine.

In March, Booking.com and the online rental agency Airbnb deleted all Russian accommodations and attractions from their platforms.

When trying to search for reservations anywhere in Russia, Booking.com informs that “it is not possible to make a reservation for this region through Booking.com at the moment”.

When booking Ukrainian accommodation, the website urges customers “to make a donation to support the humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine”.

Similarly, there are no listings in Russia on Airbnb.

In 2019, the Israel lobby successfully bullied Airbnb into reversing its decision to remove around 100 Israeli settlements from its website.

When the decision was announced, the San Francisco-based company received threats and lawsuits.

Consequently, he reconsidered his decision and said he has “settled all lawsuits” brought against him by hosts, potential hosts and guests.

In a statement, Airbnb said it would not remove listings from the West Bank, but it would not take advantage of them either. Instead, he promised to donate all proceeds to humanitarian organizations.

In the case of Ukraine and Palestine, the hypocrisy has been blatant from the start.

Russia was immediately barred from sporting, business and cultural spheres, while Palestinians have seen teams, businesses and artists cross the boycott picket line many times over the years.

Boycotting a country that has violated international law has become justifiable and even a moral duty, but apparently only if it is consistent with US interests and sanctions policy.

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Hurricane Ian Forces Some Louisville Residents to Change Vacation Plans | New


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – As Hurricane Ian transitions from a Category 3 storm to a Category 4 storm, every county in Florida is under a state of emergency. But the storm is also impacting people across the country, even residents of Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 3 storm in western Cuba on Tuesday, with winds of up to 120 mph. and is now heading to Florida.

Henny Stewart is a former radio and television personality in Jacksonville, Florida.

“The weather is beautiful,” Stewart said. “As they say, ‘the calm before the storm.'”

Jacksonville shouldn’t be directly affected by Ian, but Stewart says there are still plenty of people bracing for the worst and panic buying.

“It reminds me of COVID,” Stewart said. “People are running into stores, panicking, running to the back of the store for water, for toilet paper, and there’s none.”

All of this is causing some Louisville-area residents to change their vacation plans.

Jennifer Armstrong is a Louisville-based travel consultant for Travelmation, and is already making adjustments and exit plans for customers traveling to and from Florida.

“I had to move a customer who was coming in, and I had to move them back a little further,” she said. “They have young children and they really don’t want to take that risk. So they’re just – they’re cutting their holiday two or three days short.”

Armstrong recommends a Plan B for anyone traveling to Florida during hurricane season.

“If something were to happen…if you were driving there, could we take you to Georgia? Can we take you to Alabama? Can we take you somewhere optional if you have to go out?” she says.

Meanwhile, Henny says she’s at least a few hours away from the area that’s expected to take a direct hit, but her last trip to the store showed that panic buying is still out of control.

“They had just received a whole pallet of generators, and by the time I walked out of the store, they only had two left,” she said. “They were taking generators, like they were M&Ms.”

Kentucky’s secretary of transportation has issued an official order to help expedite things for emergency crews traveling to Florida. Therefore, there is currently no limit to the number of hours they can drive, and crews can bypass weigh stations.

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Hurricane Ian intensifies, Tampa Bay still in sight


After intensifying overnight into a hurricane, Ian continued to grow stronger and more organized, the National Hurricane Center said in its 11 p.m. update, and forecasters expect the storm to be stronger. a major hurricane overnight or early Tuesday.

Hours after the hurricane center upgraded the hurricane watch and storm surge watch issued for Tampa Bay to a hurricane warning and a storm surge warning, Tampa Bay remained firmly in the cone forecast for the storm in the 23-hour update from the hurricane center.

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Forecasters said there was still uncertainty over Ian’s track, which heads slightly east in the latest projection. But the system is still expected to be a major hurricane when it hits Florida’s west coast.

Hurricane Ian was about 105 miles east-southeast of the western tip of Cuba, according to the 11 p.m. update. The storm was moving north-northwest at about 13 mph and had sustained winds near 105 mph, with higher gusts.

Ian is expected to briefly sweep across western Cuba on Monday evening or early Tuesday, then move over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico – rapidly intensifying in the next 24 to 36 hours to become a Category 4 storm, said declared the hurricane center.

The system will start to weaken a little after that, but forecasters said Ian is expected to stay at or near major hurricane strength as it passes west of the Florida Keys before heading towards the west coast. from Florida, including the Tampa Bay area, Wednesday through Thursday.

The hurricane center update says data shows Ian will slow significantly as it approaches Florida’s west coast, bringing with it longer bouts of rain, wind and storm surge.

The hurricane warning covered Englewood to the Anclote River, which includes the entire Tampa Bay area. The hurricane center said west-central Florida could experience significant flooding and a storm surge warning is in effect for Tampa Bay and the Anclote River area, extending south to to Flamingo.

A hurricane warning is issued when conditions are expected in the given area within 24 to 36 hours. Forecasters urged residents to complete preparations quickly to protect their lives and property.

According to the 11 p.m. update, much of Florida’s west coast — from Fort Myers to the Tampa Bay area — is threatened by a “life-threatening storm surge.”

Heavy rains from Ian will intensify over the Florida Keys and southern Florida on Tuesday, moving into central and northern Florida on Wednesday and Thursday, potentially causing flash, urban and small stream flooding , the hurricane center said. Ian could dump 6 to 12 inches of rain over parts of west-central Florida, according to the 11 p.m. update.

Tampa Bay could be hit by a 5- to 10-foot storm surge, National Hurricane Center acting director Jamie Rhome said in a video posted late Monday morning.

The wide predicted surge range is because forecasters still don’t know where Ian’s center will be when the storm passes through Tampa Bay. If Ian’s center stays further offshore, then Tampa Bay could see about a 5-foot storm surge, but if Ian gets closer to shore, we could see an astonishing 10-foot storm surge, according to Rhome.

“I want to end on this, unless you’re behind me in this building, you’re not a hurricane expert. If emergency officials order you to leave, you must do so, no questions asked and without delay,” Rhome said.

The National Hurricane Center chart shows possible storm surges on Florida’s west coast. Tampa Bay has the potential to see devastating storm surges of up to 10 feet, according to the hurricane center. [ The National Hurricane Center ]

In addition to the Tampa Bay area, a hurricane warning was also in effect for Dry Tortugas and the Cuban provinces of Isla de Juventud, Pinar del Rio and Artemisa.

A hurricane watch has been issued for the area north of the Anclote River to the Suwannee River and for Bonita Beach to Englewood.

A tropical storm warning is in effect for the Cuban provinces of Havana, Mayabeque and Matanzas, as well as for the lower Florida Keys – from the Seven Mile Bridge west to Key West – and from Flamingo to Englewood.

The hurricane center has issued a tropical storm watch for the area north of the Anclote River to Indian Pass, Jupiter Inlet to Altamaha Sound, Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Keys, Seven Mile Bridge to Channel 5 Bridge .

The hurricane center said Ian could bring hurricane-force winds, strong storm surges, flash flooding and possible landslides to parts of western Cuba starting Monday evening.

Spectrum Bay News 9 forecasters said Ian could slow down around the time it parallels Florida’s west coast. The downside scenario would mean Tampa Bay would experience hurricane-like conditions for a longer period of time, according to Spectrum Bay News 9 meteorologist Josh Linker.

Tropical storm conditions could begin as early as Wednesday morning south of Tampa Bay and last through Thursday evening north of Tampa Bay, Linker wrote in an update posted around 5:45 a.m.

The Spectrum Bay News 9 forecast shows the expected track and strength of Hurricane Ian as it heads toward the Tampa Bay coast.
The Spectrum Bay News 9 forecast shows the expected track and strength of Hurricane Ian as it heads toward the Tampa Bay coast. [ Spectrum Bay News 9 ]

Another issue, Linker said, is that if Ian slows down, some areas could see more than 10 inches of rain.

“With soil already saturated and rivers near summer rainy season flood stage, freshwater flooding can be a problem,” Linker said.

Tampa Bay began its storm preparations last weekend amid warnings from officials including Gov. Ron DeSantis, President Joe Biden and local leaders.

DeSantis declared a state of emergency for all of Florida’s 67 counties on Saturday. Biden also declared a state emergency, authorizing the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster relief efforts.

Pinellas officials issued a mandatory evacuation order for residents who live in Area A, starting at 6 p.m. Monday. Residents of Areas B and C will be subject to a mandatory evacuation order starting at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Hillsborough County orders a mandatory evacuation zone for Zone A residents and recommends voluntary evacuation for Zone B. Hillsborough residents can find their evacuation zones here.

Tampa Bay area governments opened sandbag locations over the weekend.

Local colleges and schools began announcing closures on Sunday. Hillsborough County public schools are closed until Thursday. The Pinellas and Pasco public school districts will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday in anticipation of Hurricane Ian. The Bay Pines VA Health Care System also announced multiple closures, from Port Charlotte to Pinellas County.

• • •

Tampa Bay Times 2022 Hurricane Guide

IT’S THE SEASON OF STORMS: Prepare and stay informed at tampabay.com/hurricane.

GROWING THREAT: Tampa Bay is going to be flooded. Here’s how to prepare.

RECHECK: Checklists for Building All Kinds of Hurricane Kits

PHONE HIM: Use your smartphone to protect your data, documents and photos.

SELF-ADMINISTERED CARE: Protect your sanity during a hurricane.

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PART 1: The Tampa Bay Times has teamed up with the National Hurricane Center for a revealing look at future storms.

PART 2: Even weak hurricanes can cause huge storm surges. Experts say people don’t understand the risk.

PART 3: Tampa Bay is at huge flood risk. What should we do about it?

INTERACTIVE MAP: Search your Tampa Bay neighborhood to see the risk of hurricane flooding.

A Guide to Virginia’s Living Museum and What to See There


Some 250 living species, including animals, reptiles, plants, marine life, birds, and amphibians, all native to Virginia, thrive at the Virginia Living Museum. Located in Newport News, just north of Virginia Beach and bordered by the Chesapeake and Burwell bays, the museum offers exhibits, hands-on activities and discovery centers, and even introduces visitors to outer space with its planetarium and observatory, making a visit an exciting adventure for children and adults alike.


The facility, at 524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., has operated as a museum since 1966. It has been expanded over the years and was named the Virginia Living Museum in 1987 as a wildlife park, science museum, aquarium , botanical reserve and planetarium. Past and future come together at the museum, with fossilized dinosaur tracks in one exhibit and a futuristic “green” building known as the Goodson House in another.

The Goodson House is made of recycled materials, has a roof covered with living plants, gets its energy from solar panels and has geothermal pumps for heating and cooling. In order to inspire others, the museum has installed a computer kiosk where visitors calculate their carbon footprint.

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Walk and explore natural habitats

Visitors to the museum can immerse themselves in various natural environments as they make their way through glass-covered habitats. At Appalachian Cove, a waterfall, mountain stream, and lake feature various fish and birds. In Cypress Swamp, visitors will see all kinds of swamp creatures, including an alligator and a snapping turtle.

The Coastal Plain Gallery takes a deep dive into the habitat of the Chesapeake Bay, where exhibits include the 30,000-gallon Noland Chesapeake Bay Aquarium, home to large sea creatures, and an underwater view of marine life that l can be found on wooden stilts under the ocean.

The Piedmont and Mountains Gallery is inspired by the James River in Richmond and teems with smallmouth bass, catfish, yellow perch, wood turtles and spotted turtles.

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Suspended from the ceiling above the museum’s main staircase is a six-foot-diameter globe intended to show the earth as seen from space. Below, visitors will see a scientifically authentic replica of a dinosaur that is believed to have lived in Virginia 200 million years ago.

Dinosaurs are the focus of the Virginia Living Museum. Several years ago, he opened the Dinosaur Discovery Trail, an outdoor exhibit highlighting 16 dinosaurs that roamed the earth for more than 150 million years. Visitors can walk along the wooded trail to see dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras, some of them life-size. Youngsters will surely be delighted to see a 16-foot-tall Brachiosaurus and a half-size T. rex. The trail includes a children’s playground, digging pits for amateur paleontologists, and exhibits of dinosaur fossils.

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Fossils of other animals are found in the Virginia Underground Gallery, which shows a cross-section of the fossil layers found along the James River.

Children can play the role of animal guardians

The Virginia Living Museum offers several learning opportunities designed just for children, such as the Wild and Well program. In this section of the museum, kids can pretend to be animal sitters and help staff prepare food for the animals. There’s a play kitchen with food bins, animal diet cards and animal cages with soft toys. Youngsters can also pretend they are vets, using play props such as x-ray walls and stethoscopes.

Other kid-friendly activities include the Chesapeake Bay Touch Tank and the Children’s Garden. Designed for preschoolers, the garden’s natural playground features a hobbit house as well as plants that attract pollinators, plus lots of birds and butterfly caterpillars.

Look up into the planetarium and observatory

The museum’s Abbitt Planetarium is a 70-seat theater with a digital simulation that can project the sky as seen from anywhere on earth, according to the museum. The projection system allows internet access, allowing the planetarium to show real-time images of events in space, including NASA TV streaming. Various shows are held, and these vary according to the season. Open Friday through Sunday, the planetarium charges a $6 admission fee, plus museum admission. Star Party/Laser Nights are held the second Saturday night of each month and cost $8 to attend.

Meanwhile, for those interested in learning more about outer space, visitors to Abbitt Observatory can see daytime views of the sun as well as nighttime views of stars, planets, and galaxies. Stargazing takes place on the second Saturday evening of each month and is free. Use of the observatory and its 16-inch Meade Telescope depends on weather conditions.

Entrance to the museum is by timed admissions

The Virginia Living Museum offers timed entry, but once guests enter the facility, they can stay as long as they wish. Visitors without tickets are welcomed as space is available in timed admission slots. The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Admission fee : Adults 13 and over, $23.95; children 3-12, $16.95; children two and under, free.
  • Visits: Behind-the-scenes tours: aquarium, $20; Garden, $20; Live VIP exhibits, $30.

Travel agents receive a thank you gift for canceled SWISS flights


Thousands of passengers have been affected by flight cancellations. © Keystone / Salvatore Di Nolfi

Swiss International Air Lines has agreed to offer travel agents thank you payments of 10 CHF ($10) for flights canceled from its schedule this summer.

This content was published on September 26, 2022 – 12:32


SWISS was forced to cut around 2% of its scheduled flights over the summer months as it did not have enough staff to meet renewed travel demand as the coronavirus lockdowns ended.

In June, SWISS said around 10,000 passengers would be directly affected by the cancellations, while around 20,000 more would be offered alternative options.

Some of these flights were booked through travel agencies, prompting claims for compensation. On Monday, the airline said it had found a solution with the Swiss Travel Association.

The CHF 10 payments do not constitute compensation but are a thank you for the extra work caused by the cancellations, SWISS said.

“Of a total of more than 190,000 flights in the summer schedule, 994 flights booked through partner travel agencies were affected by cancellations or delays,” the airline told Keystone-SDA.

SWISS later announcedExternal link that more flights this fall would be affected by staff shortages. Normal operations are not expected to resume until next year, when new recruits can be found and trained.

Critics have accused SWISS management of miscalculating the situation after initially announcing 780 redundancies last year but then had to revise the figure to 550.

Complies with JTI standards

Complies with JTI standards

Find out more: SWI swissinfo.ch certified by the Journalism Trust Initiative

Supporters push for Montreal-Boston passenger rail



The 14-hour trip would cross Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Quebec.

A St. Lawrence & Atlantic freight train travels Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022, through Auburn, Maine. A proposed passenger train between Boston and Montreal would cross Maine on tracks north of Portland currently used only by freight trains. AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Rail advocates are dusting off a proposed passenger train service between Montreal and Boston, sparking renewed interest in rail travel to bolster a concept that’s been around for more than a decade.

“It’s not a hard sell at all. A lot of people want it,” said François Rebello, a former member of Quebec’s National Assembly and a consultant on the project.

According to a ridership study, hundreds of travelers would ride a private overnight train every day if the hurdles could be overcome to make the service a reality for years to come.

It wouldn’t be a high-speed affair. The promoters envision a different experience – a relaxed ride with a meal and a sleep before arriving bright-eyed at your destination. The 14-hour trip would cross Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Quebec.

The proposal comes amid a rail renaissance and more than $100 billion in rail infrastructure funding approved by Congress.

Maine State Sen. Richard Bennett, a Republican who lives in a neighborhood where the train would pass, said there was a lot of work to be done.

“I’m both excited and skeptical,” he said. “I certainly support the concept and I think it has great promise. I think it can be done.

Market research suggests that about 4,000 people travel between Montreal and Boston daily, and about 1,000 of those would opt for rail service if it were available, Rebello said. The service would be profitable with just 200 runners, he said.

But the proposal is still in its infancy and the obstacles are many.

The track on the Canadian side of the border requires more than $100 million in upgrades and repairs. The track is in good condition in northern New England, but the speed is limited to around 35 mph (56 km/h) for a long distance, and there is little hope of securing additional funds for increase the speed.

Operators would need to negotiate deals with several private owners of the railroad – St. Lawrence and Atlantic, CSX and others – and there could be multiple crews needed for the train. Then there’s the issue of customs clearance with people coming and going to multiple train stops and finding rare gear.

The idea of ​​restoring Montreal-Boston passenger rail service for the first time since the 1960s has been floated for over a decade, and several different rail routes have been launched over the years.

This time, the proposed route would follow the Canadian Pacific Railway from Montreal to Sherbrooke, Quebec, then the St. Lawrence and the Atlantic through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, where a railroad owned by CSX runs through Old Orchard Beach, a popular Maine. tourist destination for Canadians. The final stretch is operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

Vermont Rail Advisory Council member Carl Fowler is a rail advocate who likes the idea of ​​expanded passenger rail service. But he said people needed to be realistic about the challenges of the proposal.

“There are a lot of problems to solve,” he said.

Developers have engaged with Canadian Pacific Railway and parent company St. Lawrence and Atlantic, and the Canadian government has already considered investing in rail upgrades, Rebello said. Montreal real estate entrepreneur Nikolai Ray has signed with an investor.

About 60 rail advocates, legislators, tourism officials and others gathered in Coaticook, Quebec recently to discuss the vision promoted by the Montreal Night Trains Foundation, and view a proposed map. Transportation officials from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont were notably absent.

But the project will not start anytime soon. The most optimistic view is that the project would need at least two years to become a reality, he said. However, obtaining funding and rail agreements could take longer.

A motorist could get from Boston to Montreal twice as fast, but rail advocates say commuters would get there in style. People could dine, entertain and sleep in a comfortable bed, supporters say. They would also be spared hotel costs, as they would sleep and shower on the train, supporters said.

The project is appealing both to older drivers who are nostalgic for trains and to a younger generation less fascinated by cars, Rebello said.

Train aficionado Sarah LeBaron von Baeyer, who lives outside of Boston and doesn’t drive, said she ‘wholeheartedly’ embraced public transportation that would allow her to visit family and friends in Canada several times a year.

“I love train travel. I lived in Japan for many years. It was absolutely the best way to get around,” she said.

Associated Press writers Wilson Ring in Montpelier, Vermont, and Holly Ramer in Concord, New Hampshire, contributed to this story.

Water distribution sites continue for Jackson residents seeking drinking water


JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – One by one, hundreds of people flocked to Mount Helm Baptist Church to receive a major blessing.

Organizers say the day is all about spreading love and giving back to those who need it most.

“This includes gifts of water, free food and assistance with utilities. We try to be a blessing to the Jackson community which has been so bombarded by the pandemic and the water crisis, we try to be here to serve,” said Pastor CJ Rhodes of Mt. Helm Baptist Church. .

Rhodes is the president and founder of Clergy Prison Reform. The organization has partnered with the church, hoping to serve as a light to those going through dark times.

“We believe it is our role and our responsibility to serve, especially the least among us and especially when we [the church] have been blessed with resources that we are called to give back. It’s part of our DNA. That’s what we do,” said Pastor Rhodes.

In South Jackson, Christ Tabernacle Church is also giving back by loading residents with crates of clean, drinkable water.

“A lot of people say the crisis is over, but no, the crisis isn’t over because probably about 80 percent of Jacksonians say they’ll never drink water again,” Christ Tabernacle Hosea pastor said. Hines.

Hines is the church leader and national leader of a group called ANCEBA. He says the church is proud to give back and will continue to do so until this crisis is over.

“They answer what we call the bugle call by simply helping their brothers and sisters, certainly because it’s a dilemma. When you drink corroded or polluted water, there are diseases attached to it,” Hines said.

In fact, Hines says the next water giveaway will be at his church on Monday from 4-6 p.m.

“Jackson is my home, I love Jackson and I’m trying to do everything I can about this crisis we’re going through.”

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The best airplane seats? Here’s a guide to meeting your comfort needs


Whether you want to take the short flight over the Gulf of Mexico to Cancun or are preparing for a long-haul flight for that perfect weekend in Istanbul, the seat you take can make a pleasant trip or, on the other hand, excruciatingly long. And while comfort is always a key consideration for many of us, there are other factors in choosing a seat than comfort. These include the views it will allow a passenger to have – and the posture – although almost all of us have no say in this.


Some passengers also have their own seat idiosyncrasies like front versus rear; or center against window. In this article, we offer a guide to help vacationers choose the best seats based on their comfort needs. Let’s dive into it.

Here’s why you might need to choose a seat near the airplane window

Passengers look for various factors to determine comfort. They are also in all these different situations that would make a radical recommendation both invalid and absurd. There are those who want to take a nap while others want to devour classics like “The Great Gatsby” or “To Kill a Mockingbird” – while reclining in their supposedly comfy seats. Depending on a passenger’s situation, it is sometimes enough that the best seat is the one near the window. And for good reasons.

A seat near the window should be the choice of those who want to get some sleep inside the plane. This is because unlike an aisle seat, which is subject to a lot of traffic by aircraft staff and passengers, a window seat usually tends to be a foot or two away from frequent activities. Again, sitting near the window will ensure that other passengers don’t have to wake you up when they want to use the bathroom or just stretch a bit. In addition, the window can act as a headrest, which makes sleeping a little more restful. But as we will see, a window seat is not always the best seat; and certainly not in all situations.

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Here’s when to choose an aisle seat

In a survey where ten thousand customers were asked about their favorite seats, an overwhelming majority (nearly 60%) chose the window seat. It can lead many to imagine that a window seat is still the seat of choice, especially if comfort is all we crave. The truth is that passengers often consider other factors unrelated to comfort; especially the ability to capture incredible exterior views – when choosing a window seat. But for those who just want a little comfort, an aisle seat might actually be the best bet.

For example, for those who want a bit more legroom, an aisle seat will do. Usually this is a concern for tall passengers who can feel uncomfortably cramped in seats near the window where short passengers can both curl up or stretch their legs up to their toes and at the ankles. Then again, if comfort has been elusive on a plane that takes forever to land, passengers will want to be the first out. In such cases, an aisle seat may make sense. For beefy passengers, it’s a no-brainer.

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When other seats may be ideal for maximum comfort on an airplane

There are times when a window or aisle seat does not guarantee comfort. For example, passengers who want a smooth ride without feeling the jerks of the plane — or the turbulent motion — may want to choose a seat in the middle of an airplane. The reason for this is that the turbulence is usually more pronounced in the seats furthest from the wings of the plane which are, in a way, the center of gravity of the plane. For those looking for comfort in the broader sense of safety, sitting in the back of an airplane seems to offer better prospects for survival than in other areas.

When you’re on an airplane, it’s easy to empathize with passengers traveling with their families, especially when those families are made up of young children. This is because children can be frustrating, restless and uncomfortable. A row of bulkheads is best for the comfort of these passengers, as they provide more space for children to have room to move and stretch, even if it’s just slightly more than in other areas of the aircraft. Also, in most cases (not all), the bulkhead seats are near the toilet. This is important because children like to go to the toilet. Finally, for those who need to plug in their laptop or charge their iPhone, the middle seats are ideal. That said, many airplanes are now equipped with USB outlets for each seat.

Here is the verdict. There really is no better seat on an airplane for comfort. It all depends on the unique situation a passenger may find themselves in.

Want to escape ? 10 money-saving tips for thrifty travelers | Travel


MINNEAPOLIS — Traveling in 2022 presents a dilemma. Most of us yearn for distant adventures after tight quarantine. But that pent-up demand has been met by high prices for just about everything, especially gas. Airlines, airports, hotels and car rental companies are often understaffed, undersupplied and overbooked.

“Everything is so weird right now,” Linda Snyder, vice president of travel agency AAA Minneapolis, succinctly summed up. “But it is not impossible.”

A little extra research, planning and – especially important right now – pivoting in your travel plans can go a long way. Here are tips from Snyder and other travel experts for creating an affordable vacation.

Stay close to home

“Obviously we think it’s a smart option all the time, but especially now,” says Amy Barrett, Explore Minnesota’s communications manager. As airfare and gas prices rise, Barrett’s team is emphasizing routes for road trips with just one tank of gas. Look at campgrounds, hiking trails, and paved bike paths.

Start with your plane ticket

“Before you book anything else or request certain days off, always look at airfares first, because right now you really don’t know what you’re going to get,” advises the site’s Kyle Potter. Web and newsletter. ThriftyTraveler.com. He highly recommends the Google Flights search engine for finding good travel dates, where one-day or one-week flights can be $200 to $300 cheaper than another. “It could push some people over budget before they even get there, especially families.”

Avoid peak hours

Summer is over, but weekends and some busy weeks can be expensive in fall and winter. “Late October and early November are an excellent window,” she adds, distinguishing between Mexican and Caribbean destinations. Flying mid-week is also a great way to save – and that’s also true when you’re not traveling.

Vacation rental now more than ever

Besides the fact that you often pay more for less at many hotel chains, there is another important reason to search for private homes or apartments with favorable reviews on Airbnb, VRBO and other rental sites: meals are also become more expensive. “If you’re not a foodie and don’t mind going out to eat a lot, think about how much money you can save by getting a place with a kitchen where you can cook for yourself,” Snyder says. Vacation rentals are often suitable for large families or groups of multiple hotel rooms, as long as everyone can get along.

Europe is a relatively good deal

With the Euro falling to almost the same value as the US Dollar (around 12% drop), your money can go a lot further across the Atlantic. “A good dinner in Paris right now can cost you $70 instead of $100, which is a week,” Potter says. Some US travelers are still worried about COVID restrictions, but things are wide open, at least as of press time.

Get off the beaten track

“Instead of Italy or Ireland, maybe look at Portugal or Switzerland for better airfares,” says Snyder. Potter points out that South Africa and Iceland have been good travel deals in recent months. For destinations on this continent, he suggests looking everywhere for budget airlines such as Sun Country, Spirit, Frontier and now Allegiant fly. “Even though you would never fly on one of these airlines, they drive down the prices of other airlines,” Potter says.

Use those miles and points

Hey, at least your higher credit card bills can add more airline miles. Minneapolis-based frequent fliers John Eichten and Colleen O’Dell saved enough miles on their Chase Sapphire visa in a year to cover the cost of a ticket to London last summer. “Essentially, we saved $1,450,” raves Eichten, who also cashed in Marriott Bonvoy points for a four-star hotel in the usually expensive area around the Tower of London.

Public transport

It’s not just for locals and Rick Steves. Car rental prices, too, went through the sunroof. Using trains and buses can save you $100-200 a day, especially in Europe and major US cities. Eichten says of their trip to England: “Petrol is very expensive there, but the prices for trains, buses and the underground haven’t changed.” For those who insist on their own wheels, Potter points to universal search engine Auto Slash to find deals from rental companies, and car-sharing sites/apps such as Turo (think: Airbnb for vehicles).

Get Your Sea Feet By far, the best travel deals right now are on cruises. Cruise lines have been hit hard by COVID and are desperately trying to bring customers back with great deals while staying strict on COVID testing and vaccine requirements. “Obviously it has to be based on your comfort level,” Snyder says, “but if you’ve ever thought about going on a cruise, now is the time.”

Plan ahead for next year

Yes already. Although gas and other travel costs have fallen slightly since mid-summer, travel experts agree that things won’t stabilize anytime soon. Booking ahead can help you avoid inflated costs next summer. “Look for things that are fully refundable, or close to it,” Potter advises.

Gadson resigns as Superintendent of Salt Lake City Schools


SALT LAKE CITY — Timothy Gadson III has resigned as superintendent of the Salt Lake City School District, ending months of controversy that began almost immediately after he took office.

The move comes the same day the school board voted 7-0 on a separation agreement with Gadson. Following mediation between the two parties, the district and Gadson agreed to offer terms of settlement to end his brief tenure.

Gadson will remain with the district as a consultant until June 30. Whether he will receive his full salary will be determined in the settlement and announced next week.

Although he was appointed to the position in February 2021 after spending time as the Associate Superintendent of High Schools with Anoka-Hennepin Schools in Anoka, Minnesota. Gadson didn’t officially start in the role until July 1, 2021.

At the time, Gadson was hailed as an education leader who puts students first and served as the district’s first-ever black superintendent. But his brief stint in the role was marred by several complaints ranging from travel issues, favoritism and inappropriate behavior at work.

A FOX 13 investigative report showed the district spent more than $60,000 investigating complaints against Gadson, but only issued verbal warnings for undisclosed infractions.

In July, Gadson was placed on administrative leave by the district, with multiple sources claiming the board had called for his resignation. A few weeks later, Associate Superintendent Gwendolyn Johnson-White tendered her resignation.

Following Gadson’s firing, the Salt Lake County School District will now seek its fourth superintendent in four years.

Hilarious one-star reviews of top Texas attractions


We scoured Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor for one-star reviews of some of the state’s most iconic tourist destinations. The results did not disappoint.

One TripAdvisor user disliked Big Bend National Park, saying “the lizards weren’t friendly.” Another thought the Alamo was too depressing “since it’s about death.”

To compile this list, the Express-News used the most commonly named Texas tourist destinations on the web.

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These one-star reviews have been edited for length but not grammar to preserve their authenticity.

The Alamo

Unusual perspective of the historic Spanish Mission and Texas Fort, The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas.

Richard McMillin/Getty Images/iStockphoto

“For those of us not from Texas, your time would be better spent looking for the place with the best margaritas.”

“It was a great visit but it’s a little depressing as it’s all about death.”

Walk on the San Antonio River

People enjoy the San Antonio River Walk through downtown, Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022, in San Antonio, TX.

People enjoy the San Antonio River Walk through downtown, Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022, in San Antonio, TX.

Mark Mulligan/staff photographer

“Just got home from the dirtiest, smelliest BOG in the country! Even NOLA isn’t that bad!

“I disinfected my shoes every time I returned to my hotel.”

“The Riverwalk is an awful nightmare of smells, walking hazards and crap restaurants.”

Houston Space Center

Crowd attending the opening ceremonies of Space Center Houston in 1992.

Crowd attending the opening ceremonies of Space Center Houston in 1992.

Betty Tichich/Houston Chronicle

“Mostly a sparse collection of poorly executed child button-pressing exercises and billboard presentations. They must get NASA engineers or doctors to reinvent the place, because it’s only shit all around.

“Is this the best the government can offer? I mean, it’s NASA for shouting out loud, they put a man on the moon.

“There’s nothing cool to see but a space toilet.”

Big Bend National Park

A hawk flies over the Chisos Basin October 16, 2016 in Big Bend National Park in West Texas.

A hawk flies over the Chisos Basin October 16, 2016 in Big Bend National Park in West Texas.

John Moore/Getty Images

“It rained on me. In the damn desert. I mean, what is that?

“The lizards weren’t friendly.”

“Too many stones.”

enchanted rock

The pond behind Enchanted Rock.

The pond behind Enchanted Rock.

Pam LeBlanc/Contributor

“I honestly had to go back and read why Enchanted Rock was so enchanting…it’s a round rock/mountain.”

“There’s nothing enchanted about that.”

“Just a cash grab.”

The Texas State Capitol

The Texas State Capitol in Austin on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

The Texas State Capitol in Austin on Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

Elizabeth Conley/staff photographer

“No Ann Richards or Rick Perry shot glasses in the gift shop. But they had a George W. Bush book. So I guess that’s fine.

“the ugliest state capital imo.”

“Too old.”

“It’s Texas, what are you waiting for?” »

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza on November 21, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.  People visited the museum and Dealey Plaza on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy as he rode in a presidential motorcade at Dealey Plaza.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza on November 21, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. People visited the museum and Dealey Plaza on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy as he rode in a presidential motorcade at Dealey Plaza.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

“Honestly what a race, my wife wasn’t a fan and tried to leave but I was blown away. 1/5, don’t think I’ll be able to come back.”

“I was dozing off. Unless you’re a Kennedy fanatic, history buff, or assassination buff, this was an expensive waste of time.

Fort Worth Stockyards

Texas Longhorns at Fort Worth Stockyards.

Texas Longhorns at Fort Worth Stockyards.

JMichl/Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Sad. Pamphlet made it look like a stampede. People queuing in the street for about 7 steers to slowly walk down the street with dog handlers. A bit overrated.

“Drunks and wannabe cowboys.”

“I guess if you like cattle and gift shops, this is a cool place. I don’t like any of these things.

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch, a public art installation and sculpture created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels on December 22, 2020 in Amarillo, Texas.

Cadillac Ranch, a public art installation and sculpture created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels on December 22, 2020 in Amarillo, Texas.

Josh Brasted/Getty Images

“I drove 2 hours 30 minutes from Lubbock Texas just to see spray painted cars half stuck in the ground…”

Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural caves from the bridge.

Natural caves from the bridge.

Carlos Javier Sanchez / Contribution

“Commercial Caverns would be a better name.”

[email protected]

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Eat in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi’s culinary scene is shaped by a myriad of influences. Emirati, French, Peruvian and Japanese, there is a plethora of cuisines to discover. Here’s what not to miss when you’re in Abu Dhabi, as you’ve experienced firsthand. By Chirag Mohanty Samal

Eating out in Abu Dhabi can be daunting – you’re inundated with a sea of ​​mind-boggling options and will need advice on what to choose. And we’re here to help! While five-star hotels in Abu Dhabi offer award-winning fine dining, there are also many iconic local restaurants that have maintained their tradition of serving unique and authentic dishes. If you love good food and a great atmosphere, Abu Dhabi is sure to exceed your expectations.

T+L recommends the following must-try restaurants when visiting Abu Dhabi.

Bou Tafish

One of Abu Dhabi’s oldest restaurants, Bu Tafish opened in 1968 as a humble restaurant on a boat selling fresh seafood cooked with flavorful spices using simple techniques – something which they have continued to this day. Founded by a Palestinian immigrant, Bu Tafish was named after the late Sheikh Zayed, who was a regular. Now located in Al Bateen Marina, the modern restaurant is designed in a nautical fashion with wooden boats, oars and lifebuoy rings forming part of the decor and waiters dressed in sailor attire. The wide range of fresh fish, shrimp, squid and oyster dishes will delight seafood lovers, and diners can choose from a mix of grilled meats served with a special sauce. According to Wael al Tamini, whose father founded Bu Tafish, it’s the “secret” sauce that has been hooking regulars for years. Some diners who came to the restaurant as children are now bringing their families for a trip down memory lane.


For a memorable dining experience, Coya is the place to be. Delicious Peruvian cuisine is perfectly complemented by sumptuous interiors, mood lighting, steel latticework partitions, leather upholstery and floor-to-ceiling windows offering sweeping views of the Al Maryah neighborhood. Must-try dishes include seafood ceviche, tuna tartare tacos, and veal chops with sesame and pickled radish. Or opt for the Chef’s Tasting Menu, a real highlight. Coya also offers some interesting cocktails with optional infusions that you must try!


A relatively new addition to Abu Dhabi’s bustling dining scene, Kaizu serves up authentic Japanese cuisine in an immersive, theatrical setting. The concept was born after founder Shadi Shawqi ate sushi for the first time in his life and was completely fascinated by it. After traveling to Japan to research and try different variations of sushi, he opened Kaizu. Dark wood interiors, dim lighting, and realistic murals create a sense of drama, but the food takes center stage. All types of sushi with a myriad of ingredients are aesthetically plated like works of art. Here, it’s a feast for the eyes and the stomach!


Located on Yas Island, Ishtar is named after an ancient Mesopotamian goddess and offers visitors a taste of Arabian culture through its ambiance, food, and entertainment. Contemporary interiors with Arabic lamps and traditional furnishings, as well as outdoor seating with stunning views of the Yas Marina Circuit, provide the perfect place to relax and have a good time. Ishtar adds a refined touch to the area’s street food and serves them with great enthusiasm. You can enjoy meat grills, seafood barbecues, hummus and a variety of local breads. Don’t miss the exceptional belly dancing performances beautifully choreographed to Arabic music!


Bushra by Buddha-Bar at Yas Bay Waterfront blends Middle Eastern and Levantine influences to present a unique menu curated by star chef Greg Malouf. The extensive menu features grilled lamb chops, wild sea bass risotto as well as French lentil tabbouleh, haloumi fondue and ras kibbeh. The cocktails created by Buddha-Bar’s expert mixologists also deserve a special mention. Try Bushra signatures like Levante, Bushra Mule and Crescent to taste unique concoctions infused with Levantine ingredients. As for the décor, inspired by 19th century literature, music and visual arts, the restaurant beautifully blends different colors with Arabic textures and patterns to create a unique experience.

Kai Lounge

Abu Dhabi has a vibrant nightlife and Kai Lounge, the posh dining establishment at the World Trade Center Mall, is a thriving example. The hip atmosphere with metallic shades, plush sofas, and high tables makes for an ideal venue for evening cocktails and an intimate party spot. Kai Lounge offers well-crafted cocktails and an impressive wine and champagne list. The fusion cuisine menu features Japanese sushi, sashimi and katsu as well as Latin favorites like taco bites and octopus carpaccio.

For more details on Abu Dhabi’s dining offerings, visit visitabudhabi.ae

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