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Airport strikes: Ground handling officers work walk-in for 24 hours in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide


Travelers are being warned to expect massive delays at three major airports next week as hundreds of airline industry workers are set to strike.

Over 350 Dubai National Air Travel Agency (Dnata) ground handlers will leave work for 24 hours on September 12.

Employees will be based at Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide airports.

The strikes will primarily impact international operations, although the ripple effects are expected to hurt domestic travel.

Tasmanian Senator Jackie Lambie told the Today Show on Monday that the last thing the country needs is more strikes for a year.

“We cannot afford to do this in the country,” she said.

“If you want a smooth transition out of Covid, then give them the pay they deserve and keep going.”

Ms Lambie urged travelers not to direct their frustration at ground handlers, suggesting instead the root cause of the problem was outsourcing of jobs.

“We need to get back on our feet, so get back to the negotiating rooms,” she said.

Workers at both companies are demanding more guaranteed hours for part-time workers and fair wage increases in their company agreements.

Transport Workers Union (TWU) National Secretary Michael Caine says many employees are bedeviled by the threat to their pay and working conditions at a time when massive staff shortages are increasing pressure at work .

“Dnata and Menzies floor workers are forced to go on strike for the first time because they cannot afford to stay in this industry if the extreme downward spiral in wages and working conditions continues,” he said. he declared.

Many Dnata workers are currently only guaranteed 20 hours a week, despite huge understaffing and pressure on workers to get flights off the ground.

Mr Kaine pointed to the risk of losing more airline workers at a time when the industry is struggling.

“Ground handling is a highly skilled job, but thousands of experienced workers have been forced out of the industry by illegal Qantas outsourcing and the Morrison government denying Dnata workers JobKeeper,” Mr Kaine said.

“Those left are scrambling to pick up the pieces for the leftovers.”

A Qantas spokesperson told 9 News they had measures in place to deal with labor shortages on September 12 and the strike would be felt across the travel industry.

Originally published as Airport ground handlers to strike despite massive staff shortages