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Alabama launches ‘all-in-one’ tickets to help tourists explore the state


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A new system will allow travelers to purchase “all-in-one” mobile tickets for admission to attractions in different parts of Alabama, tourism officials said.

With ticket packages available by region and attraction type, the new system allows tourists and tour operators to create itineraries at no additional cost.

“The message to consumers is that they can spend less and do more in Alabama with the ‘all-in-one ticket,'” Gray Brennan, deputy director of the Alabama Department of Tourism, said in a statement.

Six packages will be available, one for Huntsville and one for North Alabama; the Shoals region of northwest Alabama; Birmingham Attraction Ticket; the Birmingham Family Fun Ticket; the ticket for the Montgomery attraction; and the ticket for the Montgomery, Selma and Tuskegee attractions.

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A butterfly rests on a flower at the Huntsville Botanical Garden in this file photo.

Ticket packages range from one to three days, and the most expensive option is $90 to visit multiple attractions in Huntsville and northern Alabama over five days, the ticketing website says.

“Basically, you pay one fare and you can visit as many attractions as you want that are part of that package,” Brennan said.

To date, 39 attractions are participating. The state’s Gulf Coast and other areas are expected to be added later as options, according to an announcement.