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Baby on Board? Here’s a guide to flying while pregnant


It is generally safe to fly while pregnant, and air travel will not interfere with pregnancy, especially for women who are not at high risk.

Who doesn’t like to travel the world and the seven seas, as the song says? However, the story becomes different when flying while pregnant. That doesn’t mean people will have to cancel vacation and travel plans. On the contrary, many travel lovers take dozens of flights even when pregnant. Indeed, it is generally safe to fly during pregnancy and air travel will not interfere with pregnancy, especially for women who are not at high risk. However, when carrying a baby, every woman is advised to consult with her health care provider to determine if flying while pregnant is a wise decision to make. For example, some doctors require a woman to postpone her trip until the second trimester of her pregnancy. This is when the smallest emergencies arise. Here’s a guide that provides the best tips for flying while pregnant.

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Flying while pregnant Tips: airline rules

A woman should check the airline’s rules if she is flying while pregnant. She must inform the airline of her situation to avoid any surprises at the boarding gate or at the check-in counter. Generally speaking, the majority of airlines allow pregnant women to fly without problems or restrictions until they reach their 36th week of pregnancy.

However, a woman should check her airline’s rules and inquire about this, as some operators require documentation proving gestational age. The healthcare provider issues this document.

This is why a woman should first check her health with her health care provider to determine if she is allowed to fly while pregnant.

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Here are the best tips for flying during pregnancy

A woman should take precautions and follow these top tips for flying during pregnancy. For example, many women will be concerned about fatigue or morning sickness when flying while pregnant in their first trimester. That’s why they may feel better booking a short flight rather than a longer one. They would also feel more comfortable knowing what to put in a carry-on for a short flight. This is because pregnant women have to pack many items and things when traveling. During the first weeks of pregnancy, women will also be concerned about the safety of their baby. Indeed, according to the NHS, during the first three months of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is higher, whether the woman is traveling or not. Although this issue is not related to stealing during pregnancy, a woman will feel more comfortable discussing it with her doctor or midwife.

The story changes during the second trimester of pregnancy. Women may believe that this is the most amazing time to fly during pregnancy, as they will have overcome morning sickness and regained their energy levels. There is also a very low risk of giving birth during this trimester, which reduces the stress level of pregnant women. It is recommended that they get a pregnancy pillow that makes their life comfortable when flying during pregnancy. As previously stated, pregnant women are advised to obtain a fitness to fly letter from their health care provider to present to the airline in case they request it. Another thing to remember is to put all medical records in your carry-on.

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Tips for Flying During Pregnancy: Dos and Don’ts

There are many do’s and don’ts when traveling pregnant. For example, a pregnant woman should consider wearing compression socks when traveling. She should also make herself comfortable by wearing loose clothing. Water is essential and people need to drink constantly even when they are not pregnant. Thus, pregnant women should drink plenty of water during their flights. Some pregnant women suffer from swollen feet. That’s why they should consider wearing slip-on shoes. A good idea would be to sit just a few rows away from the on-board lavatory when traveling pregnant. Women are also advised to maintain blood circulation while moving when flying during pregnancy. They should also consider reading the in-flight health advice.

On the side of what not to do, there are plenty of tips for flying while pregnant. Women shouldn’t be shy on the plane and they should ask for a seat belt extender if they feel the need. It is against airline safety policy for pregnant women to sit in an emergency exit row. Thus, people should avoid doing this when flying during pregnancy. When women have no one with them to help them, they should consider packing lightly when pregnant to avoid lifting heavy bags.