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Books to inspire both travel and adventure – La Mesa Courier




Summer is here, and luckily the COVID restrictions have gone down. San Die go County Library branches have expanded their hours of operation to provide indoor service Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We also offer our summer learning program with easy registration and participation for all ages, no matter where you are this summer. Register at sdcl.org/summer to see how we can help you read, learn and create! Now that the opportunity to get out and travel while participating in the Summer Learning Program is at your fingertips, you might want to delve into these new books on other people’s travels.

If you haven’t planned a trip yet, Lonely Planet’s “Ultimate Travel List: Top 500 Places on Earth” might be just what you need. The locations shown in this travel guide include hiking spots, museums, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Each of the 500 locations is covered on one to two pages and gives you an idea of ​​what to do and why it was added to the list. This coffee table book includes stunning photos of places like the Zocalo in Oaxaca, Mexico; Bagan, Burma; the Uffizi in Florence, Italy; Hot Water Beach in New Zealand, and more.

“In Gran Tour: Travels With My Elders” author Ben Aitken sheds any millennial stereotypes a reader may cling to and learns that retirees have all this travel for an art form. Aitken gains multiple learning experiences via bus tours across the UK and to Lake Como. He realizes that not only do seniors seem to have a carefree and cordial attitude when traveling, they are fantastic talkers, know all the gossip about other travelers, and are experts at finding the best deals on their destinations. Spiritual charm abounds in this one.

Director Wes Anderson’s films, such as “Royal Tenenbaums,” “Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou,” and “Moonrise Kingdom,” inspired a fan-photography project on Instagram. When people stumbled upon places that looked straight out of one of Anderson’s films, looking ultra-eccentric and idiosyncratic, they photographed it and shared it online. Wally Koval gathered these photos and created a book, “Accidentally Wes Anderson,” which covers places around the world (number one is in our own county). If you’ve seen any of Anderson’s films, you’ll be surprised how perfect these photos are. This book is also available for download with the Libby app.

A family of five puts their normal life on hold to travel the world in “We came, we saw, we left: a year off with the family”. As one might imagine, there are ups, downs and laughter as a husband, wife and their three teenagers immerse themselves in the cultures of the world while trying to stay within their budget. In nine months, they roam six continents, meet a giant spider in the jungle, make lifelong friends and escape a local army. If you’ve had a bad case of cabin fever, try this book, which is also available for download on the Libby app.

For these titles and all upcoming library news, visit www.sdcl.org.

– Denise Smith is the Librarian at the La Mesa San Diego County Branch Library.



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