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Booyah for Travel Agencies as Booked Trips for Mid-Autumn Festival Boom


Travelers guess lantern puzzles while visiting a theme park in Handan, Hebei province, during last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival holiday on September 20. [Photo by HAO QUNYING/FOR CHINA DAILY]

The upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 10 this year, is expected to improve the performance of the domestic tourism market in short holiday breaks as the market gradually recovers from the negative impact of COVID-19. , according to a recent report.

On Tuesday, Trip.com Group, China’s largest online travel agency, saw domestic air ticket booking volumes double and train tickets quintuple for the Mid-Autumn Festival, compared with those recorded during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in June.

Meanwhile, group tours and themed tours saw a noticeable recovery trend, and the two categories’ booking volumes on Trip.com increased by 453% and 525%, respectively, over the same period. the company said.

Although the holiday only lasts three days, the demand for long-distance travel has increased compared to the Dragon Boat Festival, thanks to the optimization of COVID-19 protocols in many cities and the resumption of consumer enthusiasm for the trips.

“This year, tourists have shortened their decision time and booked their trips only a few days in advance, and cancellation rates have been higher. This has compounded operational uncertainty for many businesses on the water side. offer,” said Xie Xiaoqing, senior researcher at the Trip.com Research Institute.

“Whether the domestic long-distance travel market can further drive growth still depends on the COVID-19 situation in various locations. How to encourage revisits with more products and improved content has become a new challenge for tourism businesses,” Xie said.

The campsite, which has established itself as a beacon of hope in the tourist market this year, has seen its popularity continue. The gross merchandise volume of bookings of camping products for the Mid-Autumn Festival jumped 58% compared to the Dragon Boat Festival. What interests young travelers most is the existence of interesting activities, the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the quality of the selfies they can take, Trip.com said.

In addition, moon gazing, a traditional Mid-Autumn Festival cultural custom, has boosted the growth of the local night tourism market. Theme park tours, river cruises and city night tours are particularly popular with consumers, said Tongcheng Travel, an online travel agency.

Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday for family reunions when most people take trips to visit family members, more and more people opt for leisure vacations. Consumers in the Yangtze River Delta region and the Pearl River Delta region showed higher travel demand, Tongcheng said.

From Monday, the fuel surcharge for plane tickets will be reduced again after a drop in August. A fuel surcharge of 60 yuan ($8.7) will be charged for each passenger on domestic flights under 800 kilometers, and 120 yuan will be charged for each passenger on flights over 800 km. Both will be 20 yuan less than current levels, according to national carriers.

“Continued reduction of fuel surcharges will benefit the business performance of the domestic air transport market. For the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, more people are expected to travel by air,” said Cheng Chaogong, head of tourism research at Tongcheng.