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CDC issues new COVID guidelines on how to travel safely while on vacation


The safest way to spend your vacation is at home, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But if a vacation trip is already planned, the federal agency has tips for keeping friends and family safe while traveling domestically or internationally.

If you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past three months, you do not need to be tested or quarantined before traveling, unless otherwise directed by the state (that is, (i.e. from Hawaii) or the country you are visiting. .

Face masks are always required for all public transport – planes, trains and buses – regardless of immunization status. Masks should be worn correctly – over the nose and mouth – inside airports and train stations.

If anyone in the vacation group is not fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends delaying the trip until everyone has had at least two injections of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna or one injection of COVID vaccines from Johnson & Johnson.

Children under 12 are still not eligible for vaccines, although the CDC is examining whether emergency use approval could be extended to Pfizer to distribute vaccines to people aged 5 to 11.

Although masks are not required in outdoor spaces, the CDC recommends wearing one in crowded outdoor venues, such as an outdoor concert or movie, and for all activities where you are in close contact with those who are not fully vaccinated – especially if you are traveling to an area with a high number of COVID-19 cases.

Once you arrive at your destination, watch for symptoms, isolate yourself, and find a COVID test if you develop one.

If you decide to stay home or celebrate in your community, here are some tips for staying safe:

Host a home decor party.

Host a video chat party with your family and friends.

Plan a special holiday meal with the people who live with you.

Hold an outdoor celebration with everyone at least 6 feet apart.

Watch or attend virtual events and celebrations.

Drive or walk around your community greeting neighbors. Bring a food or a gift to your family, friends and neighbors and leave them at the door.

Celebrate outdoors with your neighbors and friends. If you’re celebrating indoors, let in some fresh air by opening windows and doors, if possible.

Volunteer to help others in need.

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