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Challenge Michele Fitzgerald’s Boyfriend, Age, Profession and Family


Perhaps best known for being the sole survivor (winner) of “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng”, Michele Fitzgerald is a reality TV star who is serious on any reality TV show she is a part of. Her victory in season 32 of “Survivor” put her in the spotlight and Michele got the chance to participate in “Survivor: Winners at War” (season 40), where she finished on the podium as the second runner-up. . Michele’s participation has always excited fans, and as a result, there is quite a buzz surrounding his appearance in “The Challenge” season 37 “Spies, Lies & Allies”. Let’s dive into her life and find out all there is to know about her, okay?

Age and family of Michele Fitzgerald

Born May 5, 1990 to Ralph and Linda Fitzgerald, Michele Fitzgerald is 31 years old. Since childhood, she fell in love with her hometown – Freehold Township, New Jersey, and still resides there. Growing up alongside a brother, Joe, and a sister, Kim, Michele comes from a loving family and maintains a close bond with those close to her to this day. The reality TV star’s family has always been her top priority and her social media posts make it very clear.

Michele even shares a close and intimate bond with her siblings, which is nice to see. In addition, she still supports her family and takes time despite her busy schedule to stand by their side through thick and thin. Michele holds her family responsible for all of her successes and mentioned how grateful she is for her education.

Michele Fitzgerald’s profession

After graduating from high school, Michele Fitzgerald enrolled at Montclair State University in 2011 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies. Michele made a living throughout her college education working as a public relations specialist at her university, as well as working as a food server and caterer. She graduated in May 2013 and interned at Rock the Earth for three months before finding a job with Island Company as a Seasonal Sales Associate in April 2014. Since then, Michele has never looked in. back as she quickly headed for a successful career.

In December 2014, she started working as a travel consultant at Liberty Travel before having the opportunity to appear on ‘Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’ in 2016. After her brilliant performance on the reality show, Michele returned in the travel industry and worked as a Tour Consultant at EF Education First. Finally, in November 2018, she left her touring consultant position and took on the prestigious role of Business Development Manager at Palace Resorts, where she still works today. In mid-2019, she filmed “Survivor: Winners of War” and finished second.

Michele Fitzgerald’s old relationships

Michele Fitzgerald has confirmed that she was in a relationship with Wendell Holland, the winner of “Survivor: Ghost Island” before their appearance in “Survivor: Winners at War”. The two reportedly started dating in 2018 and were initially happy together. However, things didn’t work out between the couple and they decided to go their separate ways. While the exact date of their separation is still unclear, Michele and Wendell have made it clear that they are still on good terms and respect each other as friends and companions of “survivors.”

According to reports, following a loving conversation on Twitter, Michele briefly dated “Survivor: Philippines” alumnus Peter Yurkowski. In April 2020, Michele also referred to herself as Pete’s “girlfriend” in a tweet, which more or less seemed like a confirmation from the reality TV star. However, the alleged relationship did not last long and the two broke up.

Michele Fitzgerald’s boyfriend

In 2020, speculation about Michele’s exit with Dean Kowalski, the finalist for “Survivor: Island of the Idols,” began to circulate. The rumors surfaced after the two were spotted together on Michele’s Instagram Stories. In addition, they also continued to comment on each other’s posts. Finally, in October 2020, E! News confirmed the two have been dating since July 2020. The report even mentioned that they were trying to keep their relationship off social media.

Image Credit: Michele Fitzgerald / Instagram

With the couple’s preference to stay out of social media and the public sphere, their current relationship status is unclear. However, with no reports of their split, we can assume that Michele and Dean are still together. With Michele now climbing to new heights with her participation in “The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies”, Dean is sure to support her throughout the process. We wish the couple the best for the days to come and hope that their lives will be filled with joy and mirth.

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