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Delhi Police Arrest Fake Travel Company, Arrest Fraudster


NEW DELHI: A fake website deceiving innocent people under the guise of offering discounted travel tickets online has been busted by the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit of the Delhi Police Special Cell with the arrest of ‘accused.

Aviral Rawal, 33, a resident of Dwarka Sector 4 was arrested for defrauding many people.

The IFSO had registered a case based on the complaint filed by a certain Yogendra Shah, in which he alleged that the scammers had created a fake website www.travelook.in and defrauded more than 90 people under the guise of booking a flight.

During the investigation, the police carried out technical examinations of the estate and also followed the financial trail. “The victims’ bank statements were reviewed and it was discovered that transactions had been credited to the account of ‘Wing In Travel Advisory private limited’,” he said.

After analyzing the victims’ bank accounts, the police discovered that payments were being sent simultaneously to many recipients.

“Further down the financial trail, it was discovered that the alleged individuals were using Google Search Engine Optimization facilities and their website was displayed at the top of search results,” police said.

After a brief investigation, digital fingerprinting and manual surveillance, the suspect was identified as Aviral Rawal and arrested following a raid in Gurugram.

During interrogation, Rawal revealed that he sent a letter to customers stating that the ticket could not be processed and would be refunded within 4-5 business days, but he never refunded any money. money to anyone.

Rawal had taken a BBA course and spent time working towards an MBA, police said, adding that he set up Wing In Travel Advisory Private Limited in 2017.

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