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Destination Greater Victoria is investing more than $2 million in a campaign to attract tourists


Destination Greater Victoria is launching a marketing campaign aimed at attracting tourists to the region following the drop in tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organization has invested more than $2.2 million in the campaign, which will target residents of the Lower Mainland, Calgary, Toronto, Washington State and California, as well as secondary markets in Colombia. -Columbia and Alberta.

“This campaign is Destination Greater Victoria’s largest campaign to date and is carefully planned to help ignite and drive recovery,” said Paul Nursey, President and CEO of Destination Greater Victoria.

“These investments are orders of magnitude higher than in any pre-COVID-19 year. Thanks to significant overhead reductions, we have been able to marshal these resources despite our organization’s low revenues throughout the pandemic.

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It is important, according to Destination Greater Victoria, for a region to have tourists from a variety of locations for market recovery.

A spokesperson for Destination Greater Victoria said that in 2020 business in the area was down around 90% compared to a typical pre-COVID year. In 2021, the decline was around 50%.

As the organization plans to target the Lower Mainland as its primary market, additional efforts will be made to advertise in Washington and California, while advertising the conversion rate that makes Greater Victoria a more popular vacation destination. affordable for American tourists.

“The reintroduction of the Greater Victoria travel brand into key source markets such as Washington State and California, where US travel marketers have been very active over the past two years, will present some challenges,” Nursey said. “[H]However, we are confident that Greater Victoria has a solid reputation to build on. Our goal is to help stimulate broad and deep recovery for as many members as possible.

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Destination Greater Victoria is also planning strategic partnerships with Coho and Clipper ferries to help boost tourism from the United States.

“Destination Greater Victoria’s relaunch marketing campaign will help catalyze our business as we relaunch our service,” said David Gudgel, CEO of FRS Clipper. “The last two years have been very difficult, but we are delighted for the spring and summer. Destination Greater Victoria have been great partners and we thank them for their support.