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Edmonds Highway 99 Revitalization Project Receives $22.5 Million from the State

Govt. Jay Inslee signs the Move Ahead Washington transportation bill on March 25. Directly behind Inslee is Senator Marko Liias of the 21st District.

The City of Edmonds Highway 99 Revitalization Project will receive $22.5 million as part of the Move Ahead Washington Transportation Bill that was recently passed by the Washington State Legislature. The bill was signed by Governor Jay Inselee on March 25.

“This package brings long overdue investments to our most diverse and underserved residents,” said Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson. “It will fund the second phase of our multi-phase transportation improvements along the entire Edmonds Highway 99 corridor.” Nelson thanked Sen. Marko Liias of the state’s 21st District “for leading the statewide effort” for funding Highway 99.

The Highway 99 corridor includes a two-mile stretch through Edmonds and the land area surrounding it. The Highway 99 Sub-Area Plancompleted in 2017, focused on a vision and community-based approaches to make long-term improvements in land use and transportation, with the aim of retaining the positive features of many parts of the corridor.

According to a city press release, the Highway 99 Revitalization Project has several goals, including:

  • Safety and walking: Create a safer environment for pedestrians and transit users by improving sidewalks and adding streetscape improvements.
  • Economic development: Stimulate the economy by attracting and encouraging new businesses, investments and redevelopment with the creation of a more attractive corridor.
  • Identity: Establish a distinct identity along the corridor by supporting existing cultural destinations and amenities and creating a welcoming and engaging environment. A public naming process is being initiated to recognize this area not just as a state thoroughfare, but as a culturally diverse neighborhood. The popular summer night market is also back in 2022.

In August 2017, Edmonds City Council passed ordinances to adopt the Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan and EIS Planned Action. The city is working with a consultant SCJ Alliance to design how the hallway will look in the future. These include both the Gateway to Highway 99 — Stage 1 and Stage 2 Revitalization. Stage 1 construction is scheduled to begin this spring, but the city has yet to respond to our request to details about what this build entails.

the Stage 2 of the Highway 99 Overpass Revitalization the project includes a central raised median for access management, a crosswalk just north of 234th Street SW optionally controlled by a high-intensity crosswalk signal (HAWK), and walkway signage at the North and South Edmonds entry points.

“These areas on Highway 99 will no longer be neighborhoods that you’ll be driving through,” Nelson said. “These will be the neighborhoods you travel to.”

Move Ahead Washington is a 16-year program that includes $16.8 billion in investments for projects across the state, including funding for public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian safety, preservation, and the road maintenance and climate mitigation.

For more information on the Highway 99 Revitalization Project, visit www.edmondscorridor99.org.