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Enroll in HMSA’s Medicare Advantage Plan


If you’re 65 or older and looking for a Medicare Advantage plan, now is the time to choose a plan for 2023. You can enroll during the Medicare Advantage enrollment period, which began Oct. ends December 7. Your new plan would begin January 1, 2023. Tina Sybinsky, Senior HMSA Plan Sales Consultant, joined us with details on HMSA plan premiums and health benefits.

Tina shared, “Next year, HMSA Medicare Advantage $0 premium plans will be available on all islands. No matter where in the state you live, you can get an HMSA Medicare Advantage plan with no monthly premium. Additionally, HMSA Medicare Advantage plans now offer dental benefits for $0. You can get dental exams, x-rays, fillings and more at no extra cost. $200 per year for eyeglasses, including contact lenses and glasses. And you can see your primary care provider for a $0 copay. Now that’s something worth smiling about.

HMSA’s Medicare Advantage plans include benefits that provide coverage for medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision, and additional benefits such as telehealth, travel, and fitness that go beyond original health insurance. They have an extensive network of over 5,000 doctors, hospitals, and other providers statewide.

To enroll in an HMSA Medicare Advantage plan, call (808) 948-6235 or 1 (800) 693-4672 or visit hmsa.com/advantage.

To learn more, you can attend a free HMSA Medicare Advantage workshop, in person or online. For a schedule of workshops, visit hmsa.com/workshops.