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First glimpse of the perfect waves that break the Sunshine Coast every day


It will be called PerfectSwell® and the waves will look like this – all day, every day and even late into the night!

The developer of Australia’s first Steve Irwin Way approved surf pool, Glenview, has revealed the name of the highly anticipated attraction.

Also, the world leader in artificial waves, American Wave Machines (AWM), has confirmed Sunny Coast Newsit had signed an exclusive agreement with Sanad Capital for its patented technology to be used in the Queensland project.

The Sunshine Coast pool, expected to cost $40 million, will use the same technology as surf pools currently in operation in Shizunami, Japan, and in the United States in Waco, Texas, and DreamWorks Water Park in New Jersey. The Japanese facility has attracted attention as the official training site for the Tokyo Olympics.

PerfectSwell® will be one of three key components of Sanad Capital’s $130 million integrated tourism centerpiece.

The Sunshine Coast attraction will have the same technology as this park in Japan, used during the Olympics.

The state-of-the-art surf pool will be joined by the Actventure water park and the 160-villa Invigorate family resort.

Together they will transform a 25-hectare plot on the Sunshine Coast tourist route, 90km north of Brisbane and 22km south of Maroochydore, into the region’s first major themed attraction in over three decades.

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Shadforth, a leading civil construction company, has been retained to complete the civil works, which will start in the coming weeks after being delayed by recent bad weather.

Despite concerns about the availability of trades and materials, developer Sanad Capital is working towards opening all three elements in late 2023.

AWM Business Development Manager Willy McFarland says the Glenview attraction will be his company’s first PerfectSwell® surf pool in Australia.

“AWM has an extensive patent portfolio covering a myriad of wave pool technologies and features. PerfectSwell® surf technology is AWM’s large-scale, out-of-the-ocean surf site technology,” said McFarland.

Photo: Courtesy of American Wave Machines.

“Preferred by the grassroots surfing community for its high performance, it has been recognized worldwide by surf enthusiasts of all skill levels as a world-class surfing experience,” he said.

Mr McFarland said the Sunshine Coast attraction would contain the same patented technology as swimming pools in Japan and the United States.

However, he said each AWM specification was unique per location and there would be many distinguishing factors for the Australian site.

As for the timing, Mr McFarland had this to say: “Hopefully we’ll be surfing in late 2023.”

“The surf site is built alongside the overall construction project in most cases,” he said.

“It is possible that the surf site itself will be built in a year and the surf will be available as soon as the pool is filled with water.

Photo: Courtesy of American Wave Machines.

“For example, PerfectSwell® Shizunami was built and the site fully completed in less than a year, during a pandemic. AWM is strongly involved throughout the process.

Mr McFarland said wave height and travel time were flexible thanks to the versatile technology.

He said he could cater for “first-day beginners”, right through to elite surf athletes.

“PerfectSwell® was the training platform for the Tokyo Olympics. Let’s not forget that the Olympics are coming to town in 2032 and AWM will be bringing their full line of competitive waves to the venue as well.

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Sanad Capital Managing Director Bradley P. Sutherland said he was delighted that AWM literally came on board.

Mr Sutherland said Sanad Capital had worked closely with the Sunshine Coast Council to deliver the project for several years and looked forward to working with AWM to deliver Australia’s first surf pool to the Sunshine Coast.

What we can expect at Sanad Capital’s Sunshine Coast Surf Pool. Photo: American wave machines.

He said the pool would be 288m long and 80m wide and produce “epic waves all day, every day and even into the night”.

“These guys are the best in the world at what they do and their cutting-edge technology has revolutionized the industry,” he said.

“PerfectSwell® is going to be a great attraction that will fit perfectly into the Sunshine Coast, its vibe and lifestyle.

“Combined with the Actventure Water Park and Invigorate Resort it will attract locals and tourists alike and be something very special for the area.”

Artist’s impression of the Actventure water park.

Developer Sanad Capital’s plans for the Glenview site also include 51 two- and three-bedroom ‘lakeside’ apartments, 23 three-bedroom ‘surfside’ short-term accommodation units, retail outlets and food and retail outlets, a microbrewery and an outdoor cinema.

The attraction is expected to be open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Once fully operational, it is estimated that Actventure, Invigorate Resort and PerfectSwell® will support approximately 320 jobs, many of which are youth-friendly.

The drawable map is set to become the Sunshine Coast’s first major new themed attraction in 33 years, with Aussie World and SEA LIFE’s history dating back to 1989, the Big Kart Track to 1983 and Australia Zoo to 1970 , when it was the Reptile Beerwah and Wildlife Park.