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Geek’s Guide to LEGO Tivoli Store Copenhagen


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Now that the virus is behind us, it’s time to travel, and what time is it to be alive! If you visit Copenhagen and visit the Lego Tivoli Storehere are a few things to watch out for.

Considering that Denmark still retains its national currency – the Danish Krone, LEGO prices are going to be expensive. Although this is the country of origin of the interlocking brick, the prices of the sets can be even higher in some cases. From what we can tell, prices compared to Singapore (where we were visiting from) saw almost all sets expensive, but each store was well stocked with many sets you might not find. otherwise be in your country.

That being established, let’s go find the store!

As Tivoli Gardens takes up an entire block, the LEGO store is best accessed via the town’s main square, Rådhuspladsen, and by walking along Vesterbrodage.

It’s indescribable and easy to walk past the store if you don’t know about it. But take the time to look outside to see how LEGO has gone to great lengths to blend in with the Tivoli Garden aesthetic.

But it’s not the entrance that interests us, let’s go inside!

As far as LEGO stores go, the Tivoli LEGO store is pretty normal, with one exception, which we’ll get to in a bit. With two floors, all key thematic verticals can be found here.

For anyone who’s been to the shops in New York, the setup here can be a bit… disappointing.

However, going upstairs is where the magic really happens!

Found in limited stores around the world, the LEGO Minifigure Factory is the highlight of the Tivoli store.

With tons of options and customizations, LEGO fans will need to choose a torso, leg, headpiece, then combine them with a hat and hand accessory.

In terms of price, each custom minifigure costs 89DKK (~US$12) which is a fair penny, but the price is about the same as the Minifigure Factory found in Florida as well.

To get started, all you have to do is go to the cashier, and they will hand you a box to activate the machine, watch our video for the full process –

Printing using heavy duty industrial printers, the whole printing process takes around 10 minutes. If there were more people in the store, the time could increase exponentially.

There was only one person (me) in the store at the start of the spring, so the staff was quite attentive throughout the whole experience.

If it was the height of summer and the holiday season, the queues and waiting time would be a whole different story.

And, finally, here is the finished product –

Depending on the season, the components rotate a bit, so we went with the soldier’s uniform as it was unique to the store.

On the back we have the “I ❤️CPH” which is also a unique print to the store. There are a few other designs, but this one is the most visually appealing.

Without a doubt, a nice piece to have when traveling to Copenhagen as a souvenir. For LEGO fans, if you’re here to shop, it might be disappointing because the Minifigure Factory makes up for the trip!

There you go, a quick look at the LEGO Tivoli store! If you’re lucky enough to travel, check out the rest of our geek travel guides and learn about our loves abroad!

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