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Germany becomes a popular destination among American tourists


Travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth.com looked at traveler data for thousands of policies purchased for travel between Thanksgiving and New Years in the United States. Germany has consistently climbed to the top of the list of European destinations every year, especially during the holiday travel season.

During the rest of the year, it is preceded by other popular tourist destinations including Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

Germany climbs to seventh place

Overall, Germany’s popularity has grown from the 14th destination to the seventh most popular destination during the holiday season, and the first among European countries.

Squaremouth reported that in addition to more travelers visiting Germany during the holidays, these travelers are also spending more money. On average, travelers spend 84% more on trips to Germany during the holiday season than the rest of the year. They also spend less time there, with an average travel time of 11 days during the holiday season, compared to 21 days outside of these months.

Meanwhile, the lingering impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are also evident in their booking behavior, for example showing an increase in travel insurance purchases.

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