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Hahalolo app paves way for revival of global tourism


LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hahalolo, a pioneering travel social networking app, promises to explode in growth by the end of 2022 with expansion plans in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa.

The Covid pandemic has affected the global tourism industry, forcing companies to change their models to overcome the difficulties.

In addition to the OTA applications available, social networks are considered an effective platform to promote cultural destinations while helping businesses to increase their revenue and directly approach customers.

Hahalolo has become a new leader in integrating OTA and social media features on the same app. Launched in 2019 amid the Covid pandemic, this super app has helped the tourism industry in 192 countries and territories overcome challenges and rebound when tourism reopened.

In partnership with thousands of travel agencies, hotels and hundreds of airlines around the world, Hahalolo has the best facilities of an online travel agency. This awesome app has integrated features of a leading social network to help users easily book travel services and share their experiences on their personal pages. Hahalolo creates opportunities for users to earn money by posting high-quality content on their personal pages or participating in affiliate marketing programs when booking flights, hotels, and tours. Mr. James Dang, CEO of Hahalolo USA, said the app had attracted nearly 10 million users in two years. However, the rate of active users would be higher when the coin mining feature is launched on the platform. New users will receive coins equivalent to 10 USD after registration. For other activities, users will receive up to $1 per day in vouchers to book flights, hotels or tours. Bonus points would encourage users to create high quality content. This makes Hahalolo a valuable hub of information about different destinations and cultures around the world.

“Hahalolo aims to honor and promote cultural values ​​around the world and bring people together,” said Mr. James Dang.

Based on the achievements of reviving global tourism after the pandemic, Hahalolo has started planning its expansion in late 2022 in popular markets such as: India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Africa region with the aim to reach 25 million users by December 2022. Hahalolo will have a grand opening for the branch in India on August 29. The US headquarters will also be modernized and opened in November 2022.