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Hey Pandas, what are the overrated tourist destinations?




£20 each for my wife and I. Most of the rooms looked half empty, as if someone had looted the place. The displays that were present were not even genuine items. Behind thick glass were plain white PAPER replicas of many famous dresses worn by royalty. Some of them were worth seeing but for £40 we expected a lot more. The staff were really pleasant and helpful so there’s that.

3/10 would not recommend.



bali. Everyone in Australia loves it but I feel like it’s too touristy (?). And dwarves are so boring! There’s always a cloud of it buzzing around your head.



Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Not because it’s not pretty – because it is – but because it’s filled to the brim with tourists from the time it opens until the time they close the park. There is almost no space to walk along the wooden walkways above the water and every two meters someone waves a selfie stick and almost punches you in the face. You almost can’t get from A to B because there are people standing still in the way. You can cross the larger lake by boat, if you’re willing to wait with hundreds of others next to the small wharf and wait a few hours before you can get on the boat (you can also walk around the lake, luckily ). I don’t know, maybe I was there on a bad day, the area itself is beautiful, but it’s been advertised so much that it’s turning into a madhouse. Other parks like Krka or Paklenica were (also) charming and much less touristy.



The big banana is not so big. (In Australia)


AKAELLIE 19 minutes ago

if you hadn’t added that (in Australia) I would have had a lot of uncomfortable questions.


Any major city on the east coast of the United States. Go take your breath away by the Grand Canyon, or the Badlands of the upper Midwest, or a quirky little town of less than 20,000 near a national park or whatever. And don’t tell anyone about this town, so we can protect it! 🙂