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How this entrepreneur gave up her business and found success


Five years ago, Roota Mittal made a pact with herself that would change her life forever. It all started with a disappointing annual review of his well-paid but unsatisfactory software development work. It made her realize that what she really wanted to do was quit her job and become a travel blogger.

She made a deal with herself: if her blog wasn’t successful in a year, she would return to box life. A year later, Roota was earning double the income from this well-paid corporate job. Three years later, she had raised a million dollars in total and worked with nearly 2,000 clients in fourteen different countries.

But travel writing didn’t get her there. Mittal realized that in order to make a living online, she had to learn how to market her blog so that it would get more views. She ended up using her marketing knowledge to quit travel blogging and build a six-figure freelance marketing business supporting newbies and high-end clients. His clients have made nearly $ 10 million in traceable revenue with his help.

I caught up with Mittal to find out the secrets to his business success, how first-time entrepreneurs can avoid getting stuck charging low rates, his top social media marketing tips for attracting high-end clients, and more.

Stephanie Burns: How did you go from travel writer to marketing expert?

Roota Mittal: My blog was not receiving any traffic and I was frustrated to focus only on search engine optimization to promote it. SEO is slow and I like fast results. So I started researching how to make paid ads work. I spent $ 50 on an ad campaign and found myself with ten potential clients who contacted me as a travel consultant. As soon as I realized the power of social media and advertising, I instead devoted my energy to marketing gigs.

I would use myself as a case study, posting snapshots of my Facebook Ads dashboard on my social media, website, or in posts with potential customers. They could see the amazing results I was getting and wanted them on their own, so they hired me. Strangers on the internet are looking for signs to trust you. Transparency makes it easy for them to trust you. My first client paid me $ 70 per week to run their Facebook ads, but I made sure to double my prices every time I hired a new client. I went from around $ 300 a month to $ 600 to $ 1,200 and so on pretty quickly.

Burns: How did you develop your business from there?

Mittal: I was constantly learning new skills that my clients were looking for, like sales funnels and strategies to increase your Instagram followers with people who end up buying products. I would like to experiment on myself, figure out how to reach 10,000 subscribers, and then offer this service to others. I had long time clients who were happy with me and charged high prices, but I worked so hard with individual cases and didn’t think it was sustainable. So I created a course, Marketing Accelerator Academy, which would allow me to generate more income without taking on more one-on-one clients. So far, it has served over 1,900 clients around the world.

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Burns: You almost got derailed because your blog is not taking off and you are exhausting yourself. How do you encourage other entrepreneurs to keep going when they are “so close” to quitting?

Mittal: Instead of thinking about quitting, consider pivoting. I have rotated several times in my business. If something doesn’t click, it might not be supposed to happen to you that particular way. Try serving a different customer avatar, changing your marketing strategy, partnering with someone, or creating a different offer like I did with marketing.

Also, don’t forget that if you quit now, the game is over. There is no more victory after that. There were a lot of times in my business where I wanted to give up. But I kept going because I believe it’s not done until you win. In 2018, when I started promoting my academy online, I received so many hateful comments on my posts that I wanted to quit. I would wake up in the morning, pick up my phone, and read people who were critical of my accent, my appearance, or the fact that I didn’t have an MBA. I had to remember that my clients, people I know, needed me to help them. So who cares if some strangers are cruel? I also had to stop reading the reviews! I have delegated this responsibility to a member of my team.

Burns: You’ve consistently doubled your rates, but what do you say to entrepreneurs who are nervous about doing it and find themselves stuck charging low rates?

Mittal: Don’t think about how much you charge based on how many hours you work, how long it takes to do something, or who you pay for. Think about your work in terms of the impact it has on your client’s bottom line. If you multiply their income by 10, charge based on that, not an hourly rate. We must also change our mindset. Very often, we don’t feel comfortable charging someone more than what we would spend on our own. Whenever I want to increase my ability to make more money, I’m actually spending more money: I’m going to splurge for a stay or invest in a brain that feels beyond my reach. Every time I do this, my income increases because my financial limit has been increased.

Burns: What should entrepreneurs do if they want to attract high-end clients?

Mittal: I know it sounds surprising, but you need to start charging more. When you approach a high-end customer with a low price, they won’t hire you. They will think, “If this person is so good, why is he charging so little? ”

You also need to focus on customer outcomes. Getting an exceptional customer can be a game-changer for your business. If you get an epic testimonial video or a case study, it can open so many doors for you when you run ads in it and include it in your funnel. I hire a lot of freelancers in my business. I always ask them where their testimonials are and many of them don’t! People are reluctant to ask customers for them. But you need it. If you have a powerful case study of someone who’s awesome, you can tap into that by putting it in a funnel and building a pipeline of clients willing to work with you.

Finally, always focus on the customer first. It’s not about how much money you will get, but what you can offer them. What you have promised them are results. You must achieve this before you sell.

When you are obsessed with your earnings and benefits, this is when things go wrong. When you focus on the customer first, get results, and serve them, this is where you are successful.

Burns: You are helping so many entrepreneurs reach $ 10,000 per month. What’s your best marketing or business tip to help someone take their business to the next level?

Mittal: Being a freelance writer, entrepreneur or entrepreneur can be like riding a roller coaster. When I was starting out, there were months when I would earn $ 5,000 and the next I would barely earn $ 500. I advise my students to always have a waiting list of clients so that your pipeline is never empty. I also remind them that they should market their services all day, every day. Don’t stop just because you have a client.

Burns: Why are you so passionate about the work you do?

Mittal: I know everyone has a dream in their heart, just like I did when I felt stuck in that cubicle writing code. Building a successful business has helped me make this dream come true and I want to help others do the same. I have helped college students earn enough money to go to school and support their families. I’ve helped working moms spend more time with their families and avoid the crazy hours at work by going out on their own. It’s not just about money. It’s about gaining confidence, gaining freedom, and achieving the work-life balance you’ve been looking for. If I can help people do it, I am achieving my goal on Earth!

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