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How to plan the perfect destination wedding


Excess has always been central to the wedding experience. While cocktails and cake aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, why not help your guests relax or at least recover from the festivities? “More and more travelers are taking a holistic approach to health and wellness beyond just their physical health, to include their mental and spiritual wellbeing,” says Jennifer Campbell, Product Manager, Asia, for the luxury tour operator Abercrombie & Kent. “While some destinations immediately come to mind for their wellness offerings, such as India or Southeast Asia, others are less obvious but just as transformative. A safari in Kenya or Tanzania is inherently a spiritual experience. It’s organic and raw, but it also allows guests to indulge in a range of spa treatments while being lulled by the sounds of the bush,” says Campbell. “In Peru, local participation in ancient traditions is embedded in the local culture and still very much alive today, especially in the Sacred Valley.”

Wherever you and your partner say “yes”, the people you share that moment with will be a big part of what makes it unforgettable. As your guests begin to arrive at the hotel and your itinerary kicks into high gear, remember to stop for a minute, take a deep breath, and smile—you’re officially on vacation with all your favorite humans!