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Indonesia launches learning program in tourist destinations


The program is one of the good solutions to overcome employment problems.

North Minahasa, North Sulawesi (ANTARA) – Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower has said it will massively develop skilled human resources in five super-priority tourist destinations – Lake Toba (North Sumatra), Borobudur Temple (Central Java), Mandalika (NTB), Labuan Bajo (NTT) and Likupang (North Sulawesi).

“The apprenticeship program implemented in the five super-priority tourist destinations marks the start of the massive development of qualified human resources in the tourism sector”, said Friday the Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah, in Likupang, North Minahasa District, North Sulawesi.

The program is part of the government’s efforts to optimize and resolve various challenges regarding Indonesia’s demographic bonus, which it is expected to experience in 2030-2040, she added.

The challenges include the era of digitization, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the employment sector and the low quality of Indonesian human resource skills, she said.

Thus, in order to take advantage of the potential and employment opportunities as well as to meet the challenges, the ministry is improving the quality of Indonesian workers through a triple qualification policy – qualification, development and retraining, Fauziyah informed.

In addition, graduates of vocational schools, diplomas and universities who still need to develop their skills and work experience can participate in the apprenticeship program in collaboration with various industry players, she said.

“The program is one of the right solutions to overcome employment problems, including preparing skilled workers with the right skills for the job market,” she added.

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During the program, participants will be able to gain real work experience, which will strengthen their attitudes, work behavior and skills, in line with labor market demand, the minister said.

The ministry, through the director general of vocational training and productivity, allocated the budget for the domestic apprenticeship program each year through deconcentration funds, she added.

In 2021, it is expected that 7,800 apprentices will be disbursed in 34 provinces of Indonesia, she said.

In particular, to support the five super-priority tourist destinations, there will be an additional 470 apprentices, of which 110 will come from North Sulawesi, she added.

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