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Kenyan cuisine may be the new tourist attraction


Mahamri served by a coastal hotel.

One hotel in Mombasa has relied on coastal cuisine to attract customers. For breakfast, women, dressed in traditional clothes, cook mahamri, kaimati, mandazi, mkate wa sinia, among other coastal dishes. I sampled the offerings and loved them, a welcome break from the monotony of Nairobi.

The beach and the warm weather are some of the main attractions on the coast. There are other salient and less publicized attractions that I’ll let you speculate. Don’t scratch your head pretending you don’t know.

Why do we forget that food can be a big draw in Kenya? Our food; from biryani, muthokoi, mukimo, at pilaf Where viazi karai are unique and tasty. That is why it is ingenious for this hotel to give its guests a taste of local foods. Find out which hotel it is.

Visitors from the interior and other countries would be more comfortable eating local foods than fast food outlets. The uniqueness of the food makes it very competitive and difficult to copy. Tell a mzungu cook ugali for you. Tell Akinyi to make Muthokoi or Wanjiku to prepare the fish.

Other upscale hotels have tried incorporating local foods from mushenye, which is mashed sweet potatoes with beans, according to Kitale’s Nelly Busanju Sinja.

We must extend our tourist attractions to gastronomy. We have to visit Ghana and learn how they made their food an attraction. In a five star hotel, you find most of their local foods; from crazy at kenke and lots of soups. Remember, these visitors have money. Asians are also great at traditional foods. Do you remember Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese restaurants? What is wrong with having Kamba, Kisii, Luo, Rendille restaurants?

Other countries are known for their foods; like American burgers, Japanese or Ugandan sushi matoke. What is the authentic Kenyan meal? You could say it’s ugali – brown or white? With what type of stew? It’s time to standardize our ugali, mukimo, kimanga, muthokoi and other traditional foods. The former TIC PS Bitange Ndemo is in favor of the standardization of our food.

And who knows, we might end up with Kenyan restaurants in other countries, valuing our country and making us big bucks and catalyzing our economic growth. We should try any strategy that can help us get out of the Covid-19 induced contraction.

What is your favorite food in your country or where you live? Do you think it should be declared a national food?

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