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Kristina N. Hernandez Eddy honored as Woman of the Month for May 2021 by POWER – Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized

Mount Laurel, NJ, July 15, 2021 – (PR.com) – Kristina N. Hernandez Eddy of Mount Laurel, New Jersey has been honored as Woman of the Month for May 2021 by POWER (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) for her outstanding contributions and accomplishments for over 17 years in the fields of marketing and consulting. Each month, POWER features women to represent their professions and industries because of their expertise and success in their chosen specialty.

About Kristina N. Hernandez Eddy
Kristina N. Hernandez Eddy is the owner of KR1STNA Media, a consulting firm providing marketing, media and sales strategies. KR1STNA Media brings expertise in business, marketing, media, advertising, events, entertainment, travel, processes and procedures, engagement, branding,
sponsorships, quality, automation, technology, accounting and more. As a US-based business consulting firm serving local and global clients, they offer powerful information and professional services such as project management for various departments including marketing and sales, research and development, media and public relations, and other key business topics. Ms. Hernandez Eddy is responsible for consulting, business administration, organic growth methods on social media, project management, creativity, printing, advertising, marketing, sales, automation, networking, processes, procedures and business development. Kristina is also head of quality assurance at Harte Hanks, where she is responsible for email quality assurance for several large companies, project management and team management.

Serial entrepreneur and dedicated professional, Kristina Hernandez constantly builds strategic relationships and brings together business opportunities to find creative solutions that meet clients’ needs. Kristina is a renowned project manager. It brings its clients and partners together in projects, developing synergies in areas such as events and travel, consumer engagement, business development, marketing and sales, technology, multimedia, among other key areas. . Using her industry knowledge and experience in entertainment, events and travel, she is able to create unique opportunities for her clients. Kristina is known for seeing gaps in systems and processes, confidently tackling problems at the root of the problem. Her passion for networking and her resourceful prospecting skills, her knowledge of proven strategies, her personal attitude and her professional abilities help her maximize results for clients and partners. Throughout her career, Kristina Hernandez has excelled in leadership roles. She offers a solid understanding of multiple platforms. Her dedication and motivation have led her to success as a business owner (KR1STNA Media) and quality assurance leader (Harte Hanks), and her commitments to her clients and teams are unparalleled.

Born December 8, 1987, Kristina attended ICPR Junior College-Arecibo, Puerto Rico, for International Business Management and Marketing. She received an AS in Business Administration, Management and Operations from Rowan College in Burlington County, New Jersey. She is self-taught in marketing and digital media. Previously, she was Director of Sales Marketing for Station Avenue Products and Director of Sales and Marketing at A Fork in the Road.

Kristina volunteered as an Assistant Teacher at A Child’s Place School, Assistant Therapist at Githens Center which provides quality educational and therapeutic programs for people with disabilities, and as a Marketing Consultant for Sheltered Yoga. In her spare time, Kristina enjoys traveling and networking.

For more information, please contact: https://www.kr1stna.com/.

About POWER Magazine (Professional Organization of Women of Recognized Excellence) and Powerwoe.com
POWER-Professional Organization of Women of Recognized Excellence is an online organization and community. POWER Magazine is an exclusive, digital print magazine featuring celebrities and everyday working professional women. Our mission is to provide a powerful network of women who will guide, inspire and empower themselves to be the best they can be. Through our valuable services and collaboration with like-minded professionals, our members can potentially gain the recognition and exposure they deserve, as well as gain the knowledge of those who have already succeeded.

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