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Lost Ark Hidden Story Travel Guide: “What Makes a Hero” to “Tododo Song”


Lost Ark’s Arkesia may finally be open to the West, but some of its most sought-after treasures, the Hidden Stories, are shrouded in mystery. In our Lost Ark travel guide, we explain how to find some of the game’s most important requirements for the Adventurer’s Tome.

Amid the spectacular Arkesia shores of Lost Ark lurk a whole plethora of secrets just waiting to be uncovered. When you’re done tearing through the hordes, you might be looking to tick all the boxes in your Adventurer’s Tome; your faithful journal that accompanies you against all odds.

While taking down creatures like the Chaotic Chuo lets you fill in some of the gaps in your little book of secrets, hidden stories make up a huge part of each region’s individual chapters.

The fact is, however, that they are hidden (obviously) – so how do you find them? We’ve broken down the locations of several of the game’s most wanted hidden stories to help you with our Lost Ark travel guide.

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From the safety of Prideholme to the dangers lurking in Feiton; there is a lot to explore in Arkesia.

Lost Ark Annika Hidden Story: Sir Druden’s Past

Nestled amidst emerald hills and stunning woodland vistas, Annika’s most treasured hidden story tells the timeless tale of Sir Druden’s past.

From the quaint village of Delphi Township, head to Prisma Valley via Triport (0:39 in our travel guide). From here follow the road to the left until you reach a once proud villa now overgrown with foliage. Amid the rubble and vegetation, you’ll find a collection of old papers, which dig deep into the story of this famous warrior.

Hidden History of Rethramis: The Cursed Watcher

With the religious center of Prideholme overlooking the scourge-torn lands of Rethramis, you’ll need to be prepared to venture into the wilderness in order to find the hidden history of The Cursed Gravekeeper.

Travel to Rathramis Cathedral, a sanctuary fallen into chaos. From the Triport (1:22 in the video above), take the left exit down the stairs, then go right to find the Cathedral Cemetery. Stick to the right to find the story of the cursed guardian, also known as Rudric, the world boss of the region. But beware, when the dead tread the earth, the living fill their coffins!

Lost Ark Yudia Hidden Story: Tododo Song Locations

Characterized by its dazzling solar salt plains that reflect the scorching sunlight, Yudia is home to traditionalist nomads who place a high value on community and heritage. To keep the past alive, you can experience four different parts of the Tododo Song, a popular song among the local youth.

Your first stop will be Nomadic Camp at Ozhorn Hill (2:04 in our guide), where going along the right edge of the area will allow you to collect three out of four pages. From there you will find a large valley to the southwest. Head there to find the final piece of this playful puzzle. This whole mission is stopwatch, however, so go up!

lost ark yudia mora ruins entrance
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From the ruins of Morai to the hill of Ozhorn; there is a lot to see in Yudia.

Lost Ark Luterra Hidden Story: What Makes A Hero

Another hidden story spread across several different locations, What Makes a Hero of Luterra suits a realm literally named after one of Arkesia’s most legendary warriors.

In the peaceful canton of Village of the Barre des Lacs you will find the first part of this centuries-old tale next to the General Merchant of the hamlet (2:17 in our video). From there, go to Medrick Monasterywhere the next page is to the right of the Triport. Gray Hammer Mine is next on your list, where if you hook to the right of the waypoint, you’ll find the little village that’s home to the third part of the story.

The last episode of this story of bravery can be found west of the last Triport in the Hills bound by battle. Designated by a massive crescent moon-shaped boulder, you can’t miss the resting place of this elusive final chapter.

Hidden History of Arthetine: Welcome to Arthetine

Perfect for first-time adventurers looking to delve into the history of Cykin’s wild tech world. The Welcome to Arthetine Hidden Story is a must for keen adventurers.

wildly wonderful Dr. Bergstrom’s Laboratory in Totrich, head north (3:36 in our travel guide) until you reach the four-way intersection. To the northwest is a rowdy tavern called “The Thirsty Sprocket”, where your prize is just up the stairs to your right.

Hidden History of Feiton: Delain Research Report

A realm shrouded in smog and toxic fumes, Feiton is home to the demonic Assassins, the Delains. Lurking in the shadows ready to pounce, this mysterious civilization has kept many documents about its origins; as well as details on who is next on their hit list.

Head to the unnamed valleywith the Triport East being your destination of choice. Turn left (4:21 for those who prefer a visual aid), or counterclockwise, in every little nook and cranny to uncover the four parts of this hidden story; but again, we urge you to be quick, lest they fade into shadow.

Lost Ark Assassin Class Deathblade Shadowhunter Female Slices Air While Looking At The Camera
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The Delains are a demonic society built around the killing of their prey.

Shushire’s Hidden History: Gross Mouth Baker

Encased in sheets of glistening ice and battered by blizzards, Shushire may not be the most hospitable region of Arkesia, but its winter glory makes it a must-see. Tucked away in the middle of the snow is the hidden story of Foul Mouthed Baker, a story of little kittens and lots of stolen bread.

From Rigens Village Waypointwalk past the Plaza and look left (5:01 in our guide). You’ll see a small cat bowl on your left, which has been the scene of a lot of mischief.

So there you have it for our favorite hidden stories in Lost Ark, and where to find them.

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