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Main tourist attractions to visit in Moldova


Bordered by Romania in the western part. Moldova has the unfortunate distinction of being the poorest country in Europe.

Moldova should be explored and appreciated for its history. Every year many people come to this place to cherish its beauty. If you are planning a trip to Moldova soon with family, friends or alone. Definitely, start planning, book turkish airline reservations in any class and save up to 45% on round trips on every flight. To help you, let us provide you with some interesting facts about Moldova so that you can plan your next vacation after you finish reading this article.

In Moldova, where to go and what to do are the main questions.

Orheiul Vechi is the name of the city in Romania

In recent years, Orheiul Vechi has been named the most popular tourist attraction in Moldova. Located in Moldova, it is an archaeological complex that has existed for about two thousand years. In the 10th century, the Mongols took over the area, and the Golden Horde settled there in the 14th century. A better understanding of Orheiul Vechi’s past is possible thanks to the many monasteries, caves, ruins, hot springs and museums that can be discovered within its boundaries.


Located in the north of the country, the capital of Moldova is called Chisinau. There are many parks and historic structures throughout the city. On top of that, there are plenty of casinos, spas, nightclubs, art galleries, and restaurants nearby. You must visit the Nativity Cathedral, the Triumphal Arch and the Natural History Museum of Moldova during your stay in Moldova to fully appreciate the country.


There is a thriving Moldavian community in Saharna. This region is home to the Monastery of the Holy Trinity of Saharna. The “Gipsy hole” waterfall is the best known of the 22 waterfalls along the Saharna River. The city of Saharna in Moldova is a popular destination for Moldavian pilgrims because of a rock print believed to be that of the Virgin Mary. Saharna is an ideal place for people who love hiking and spending time outdoors.


At Cricova, don’t forget to bring your camera! It’s up there with the world’s best wine storage facilities! 1.3 million bottles, 30 million liters of wine, between 6 and 8 tons of wine in each gigantic barrel, as well as dozens of various cognacs and wines, are all buried under a surface 120 miles long. Take this opportunity to stock up on Moldovan wine.

municipal church of tipova

This monastery is one of the largest in Europe due to its size. Three different constructions make up the monastery, which was carved into the rock. The view of the Dniester River from here is truly magnificent. As a result, the oldest churches in the area are the 11th century Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, the 14th century Church of St Nicholas and the 16th century Church of the Horodist. Despite the fact that there is room for 700 monks, barely twenty live there. You can visit a beautiful waterfall not far from here.


Gagauzia is an autonomous region of Moldova located in the south of the country. They only speak Gagauz, and neither Romanian nor Moldavian. The culture of this region, made up of three cities and 27 villages, is strongly influenced by Turkish influences. Although their ancestors fled persecution as Muslims, the people living there today are Christians. Visit the Comrat History Museum to learn more about the area’s past and the people who lived there.

Culinary traditions

Moldavian Zeamă soup is traditionally cooked with homemade vermicelli. Put your hands over your eyes and imagine yourself tasting it. A traditional beef stew, Toscana, is served alongside Mămăliga, which is a dish of polenta sliced ​​with thread and topped with Moldavian cheese and fresh cream. With a thin layer of puff pastry, we make classic Romanian pies called Plăcintele, which can be filled with a range of different ingredients according to your desire. Mouth watering? You will feel more at home in our country even if you do not feel touched by the warmth of our people.

Drink wine, lots of wine, and then more wine

Try some of our award-winning Moldovan blends and vintage varietals to get a taste of our beautiful country. Have you ever thought about better understanding the history of wine? Take a tour of our vast wine cellars, which stretch for tens of kilometers and contain millions of bottles of wine in a variety of vintages. A number of these wineries have been recognized for their achievements by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is understandable that you wonder how such wealth can exist in such a small country.


Because most people think there’s nothing exciting to see or do in Moldova, the country doesn’t get too many visitors. However, a number of interesting places to visit in this small country located between Romania and Ukraine. It is a good idea to know what to do in Moldova. So why wait? Book your trip to Europe with AirlinesMap for a hassle-free vacation experience. Have a good trip.. !