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Many encountered icy road conditions during weekend trips


BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Icy road conditions across much of Vermont on Sunday resulted in slips and crashes.

“The roads have become icy. Ice cream is delicate.

According to Dan Shepard of the Transportation Agency’s office in Colchester, crews started salting the roads around 5 a.m. Sunday, after freezing rain and cold temperatures left many roads skating rink.

“The foreman was out early this morning and was watching the roads. Once things started to look like this they were about to hit us, they got the crews on the road. “

Meanwhile, many woke up in their cars completely covered in ice.

According to the Hinesburg Fire Department, crews were responding to a vehicle crash in the area, when their fire truck lost control and slipped 500 feet, before hitting a guardrail.

Tanner Weston was salting sidewalks and parking lots, and says that while the salt helps melt some of the ice, there can still be some slippery spots.

“Salt doesn’t always cure everything and if we run out of it a bit, there will be ice right there. Always keep your eyes open, ”Weston said.

Shepard also suggests checking for these signs.

“If it just looks wet and people are following the cars and there’s spray coming out of the tires, most of the roads are in good traffic condition. When you can’t see the spray coming out of the tires, or you start to see a grayish color, that’s when the roads start to tighten a bit.

He says crews will continue to monitor road conditions and deal with them as needed.

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