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Montgomery unveils new tourism campaign ahead of Black History Month


Experience Montgomery, the official destination marketing organization for Montgomery, Alabama, has launched its new pre-Black History Month tourism campaign, “The Journey Starts Here,” with the goal of promoting the city as the birthplace of the civil rights movement.

The recently relocated Montgomery Visitor Center. (photo via Montgomery Experience)

The campaign includes place markers across town with quotes from famous civil rights activists, as well as QR codes linking to a location website and suggestions of what to visit next in the area. Sidewalk stickers will soon be put in place in some places with the same purpose.


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Colors and geometric shapes also highlight the website and the new Montgomery Visitor Center, located in One Court Square. Visitors to the Visitor Center can take advantage of the new City Ambassador program, in which locals provide an overview of historical sites in the area, such as the Freedom Rides Museum or the Rosa Parks bus stop.

“Montgomery’s story as the birthplace of the civil rights movement resonates around the world. As people continue to seek out useful and meaningful travel experiences, Montgomery continues to deliver stimulating cultural and civic experiences that remind us of how far we’ve come and inspire us to continue fighting for change, ”said Ashley Jernigan, Executive Director of Destination. Montgomery.

“With this campaign, education and inspiration have never been more accessible to visitors to Montgomery, as they can now interact with the sites of some of our country’s most significant events.”

For more information about Montgomery, please visit the Experience Montgomery website.