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Ohio Ski Resorts 2022


PENINSULA, Ohio (WJW) — Vail Resorts is preparing to open its three local ski resorts for a new season, hoping to put some of the challenges of 2021 behind them.

The company aims to open stations in Boston Mills, Brandywine and Alpine Valley on December 17.

Resorts could start snowing as early as this weekend.

“Temperatures are dropping this weekend, so we’re hoping to fire up cannons to make piles of snow, we don’t know if it’ll open early, but we’re still looking at December 17 as a start date,” the carrier said. lyrics Jake Campbell.

The resorts are looking to rebound from a difficult 2021 winter in which warmer than average temperatures in December combined with staff shortages to keep two of its resorts closed at the start of the season and limit the opening hours of Boston Mills.

“I think that was our biggest challenge, and we raised the minimum wage to $20 an hour, so I can say with confidence that we’re well staffed right now, there are still a few positions left,” he said. said Campbell.

Additionally, the company was still struggling to follow health and safety protocols as COVID-19 remained a concern.

Campbell said vaccination and masking requirements have now been lifted, as have last year’s restrictions on accessing resort dining areas.

During the off-season, the company made a major investment in its lifts at Boston Mills and Brandywine.

A total of about five million dollars was spent to install new elevators that could carry twice as many people.

“So that means more time on the snow, less time in the queues, which is really going to increase the experience you have at those resorts because those are our main lifts,” Campbell said.

Some additional facelifts will be noticeable inside the stations themselves.

And while whether resorts actually open largely depends on the elements, resorts are already offering online packages for the upcoming season, hoping to catch up with last year’s challenges.

“I grew up with these stations too. I learned to ski and ride here like many of you have, and it really takes a lot of dedicated staff and team members to bring this place to life, and I’m so thrilled to welcome everyone for this season,” Campbell said. .