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Recreating Responsibly: Arizona Tourism Board Encourages Visitors To ‘Leave No Trace’ | Destinations


# 3: throw away your trash

Every summer, residents flock to Arizona’s parks and wilderness areas. Beyond escaping the heat of the Valley, spending time in nature has undeniable benefits for overall physical and mental well-being. But what impact does our presence have on nature?

Recently, trail and terrain managers across Arizona have faced an unprecedented influx of use on trails and recreation sites. Which begs the question: is this intensive use sustainable? Hopefully the answer is ‘yes’, says the Arizona Tourist Board, and they work to promote a clear message on how to benefit from a connection with nature by becoming a partner in its protection.

The Arizona Tourist Board in partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics has taken a step toward sustainable use by developing seven appreciation principles that visitors should follow while enjoying Arizona’s iconic natural features and destinations. These principles aim to help educate and guide visitors and residents on how to responsibly recreate nature. The goal is to get the public to embrace the “leave no trace” message to ensure that outdoor experiences today can still be enjoyed for generations to come.

Arizona’s 7 Principles to Leave No Trace

  1. Plan ahead and be prepared

  2. Stick to the trails

  3. Throw away your trash

  4. Leave what you find

  5. Be careful with fire

  6. Respect wildlife

  7. Share the outdoors

Learn more about visitarizona.com/leave-no-trace.

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