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Should I break up with my host agency?: Travel Weekly


Should I break up with my host agency?

These days, there seem to be more hosting agencies than ever. Even before the pandemic, more and more travel advisors were being pushed to work for themselves as independent contractors (ICs). This was further fueled by Covid-19, which caused many people to upgrade their employees to IC status. The pandemic has also given businesses and individuals time to launch entirely new hospitality agencies. But with so many hosts, how do you choose the right one? And when the time comes to change, how do you break with your current hosting agency?

This week, Trade Secrets co-hosts Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada get down to business with Andy Ogg, co-owner of FindaHostTravelAgency.com.

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In this episode:

. 1:15 – Meet our guest, Andy Ogg, from FindaHostTravelAgency.com
. 1:56 – Travel consultant Nikki compares finding a host to dating – you don’t have to marry the first host you date
. 4:30 – How do you research hosting agencies and review hosts you are considering affiliating with?
. 7:10 – Nikki asks: when is it time to consider switching hosts?
. 11:53 – When you decide to break up with a host, how do you approach that breakup conversation?
. 2:23 PM – Heather switched hosts a year ago. She was looking for a bigger host with more training and an affiliation with Virtuoso. The sense of community at its new host, Departure Lounge, was a bonus.
. 15:48 – Why might a particular consortium affiliation attract more than others?
. 18:16 – An agent lives in a state where CIs are not really protected. They had to walk away from their last host and left behind a number of orders. What kind of advice does Andy have about leaving a host, not just breaking up?
. 8:13 PM – Listener Morgan shares some of the questions she found most helpful the second time she changed hosts (spoiler: there is no such thing as a “perfect” hosting agency).
. 22:27 – Andy shares his top tips
. 24:46 – Which hospitality agency is the best?
. 27:53 – Have travel advisors ever decided to start their own hospitality agency?

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