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Sketched plans for a sustainable tourist attraction | Midlands property news


Plans have been submitted to restore a historic site in Lincolnshire to enable the creation of a sustainable tourist attraction and educational experience.

Urban Edge Architecture has submitted proposals on behalf of Harlaxton College to regenerate the disused walled garden at Harlaxton Manor, near Grantham.

Urban Edge worked in conjunction with Harlaxton College to create a master plan for the approximately 139.9 acre site.

The walled garden will be made fully accessible and will be organized around a series of viewpoints dividing the area into a series of garden rooms.

The scheme includes associated visitor infrastructure such as a new car park, network of footpaths and playground, while a lawn will create flexible space for gatherings and events such as shows and parties .

Additionally, the listed Gardener’s House would be restored and converted by HP Architects Ltd into a cafe, visitor facilities and an education centre.

Andrew Cottage, Landscape Design Manager at Urban Edge, said: “This is an exceptional project where we have applied our landscape design skills and understanding of the historic environment to provide a practical project. and beautiful which will meet the needs of the college and satisfy the requirements of the historic England and planning authority.

“Once completed, the public will have access to assets of heritage significance that were previously inaccessible to visitors, helping them to understand, appreciate and interpret the past.

“This is a remarkable opportunity for us to be involved in a very exciting project to restore a historic walled garden and make it relevant in the 21st century, creating opportunities for education, participation and horticultural innovation.”

The full design team also includes Focus BCA consultants, CTP engineers, Focus consultants, Inspired Ecology and RPS.