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The city of Sylhet, Bangladesh, named one of the best places to visit in 2022 by TripAdvisor


Situated along the right bank of the Surma River, Sylhet is one of the oldest towns in Bangladesh, blessed with vast natural, historical and cultural heritage. Thanks to this, the city was named one of the best places to visit in 2022 by the online travel agency TripAdvisor.

Welcoming the news, a key spokesperson for Points of Interest in Sylhet, a local tourism agency, said: “Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the escalating effects of climate change, the town of Sylhet has definitely borne the burden of lower visitor numbers. to that of previous years. Therefore, we were incredibly thrilled to see it feature at the top of TripAdvisor in 2022 and we hope this will help bring international attention to all that the city has to offer.

Offering tours and assistance with restaurants, resorts and hotels, Sylhet Tourist Places has remained committed to continuing to create the best and most authentic experiences for tourists, despite various recent challenges. “Travel like a local” is one of the guiding principles of their approach to tour services and which has received several accolades from customers all over the world.

‘Sylhet has so much to offer, amazing sights like the Bholaganj SadaPathorthe famous Ratargul Swamp Forest or the jaflong, to the historical tours of the city where one has the opportunity to see the handwritten copy of the Holy Quran at the Kendriya Muslim Sahitya Sangsad, to the incredible hospitality of the locals and the incredible gastronomy. There is certainly something to see and do for everyone and we remain at the service of our customers, ready to create memorable experiences for all who visit our beautiful city and our beautiful country. We want to create authentic experiences for tourists so they can truly interact with our awe-inspiring history, landmarks and culture. added the spokesperson.

Commenting on the best time to visit Sylhet, the company highlighted January-March as it is outside the peak travel season, but still enjoys good weather conditions and has the least amount of rainfall. The company encourages all interested persons to access its website to make reservations and obtain additional information.

About the tourist places of Sylhet

Provide information, support and reservation services to tourists, Points of Interest in Sylhet is recognized as one of the essential local agencies in the region. Their team of passionate and professional people helps customers with tour guides to the most famous and beautiful sights in the area, as well as information on hotels, resorts and restaurants.

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