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The step-by-step guide to making perfectly crispy Jalebis


Jalebi is one of the most popular sweets in Indian cuisine and it is widely available throughout India. The history of this dessert dates back to the Arabic word zulabiya. Jalebi is made with intricate patterns which make it even more delicious. Can you make the perfect jalebi at home? If not, we have given the whole step by step jalebi recipe here for you to make lip smacking easy at home for your family and guests. Check the recipe below.


Flour, suspended curd, sugar, ghee, green cardamom powder, saffron, corn flour, baking soda, sunflower oil, water, rose oil.

The measurement of these ingredients can be decided according to your needs.

Jalebi’s recipe:

1-Mix the corn flour, flour, baking soda in a bowl, then add the ghee.

2-Then add hanging curd and water to make a thick paste. And keep it aside to ferment for 8-10 hours.

3-To make the sugar syrup, boil water in a saucepan at medium level, then add sugar to it and mix well until it is completely dissolved.

4-Then heat some oil in a pan to fry the jalebis. And put the jalebi mixture in a clean muslin and make a small hole in the middle to let the dough come out.

5-Then make circles on the oil with the dough and fry them until they become crisp.

6-Then take the jalebis out of the pan and dip them in the sugar syrup. Make sure the syrup is lukewarm and not very hot. Soak the jalebis for 2-3 minutes, then take them out and place them on foil or foil.

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