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Tourism at its lowest in tourist destinations – myRepublica


RASUWA, August 3: The flow of tourists to Langtang National Park has declined significantly during the current fiscal year. The spread of COVID-19 that has forced the government to impose lockdown and banning orders inside the country has severely affected the tourism industry.

Up to 4,640 people have visited the park since July 2020. Of these, 4,230 are tourists from Nepal, 385 foreigners and 25 from SAARC countries. The number of tourists to the region is 12,285 less than the number of tourists who visited the region in 2019/20. No less than 13,925 tourists visited the national park during this fiscal year.

Tourism has slowed since the COVID-19 outbreak, according to the national park. However, the flow of tourists has started to increase in various tourist areas of the country in recent months.

Before the pandemic, the region had 7,000 to 19,000 tourists who visited the park for study and observation. Tourists from Israel, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Thailand, UK, US, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Uruguay and Singapore are known to visit the area quite frequently. About 90 percent of tourists who come to the national park also visit Langtang.

A tourist visiting the area can expect to see a dozen mountain ranges, famous lakes like Gosaikunda and the historic Rasuwagadhi. One can also observe the rare animals of the world – red pandas, snow leopards and other animals.


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