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Transportation Hub Proposal Creates Space for Coastal Tourist Train Attraction | the lawyer


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A plan to develop a transport hub at Spreyton and truck freight ‘more efficiently’ between Devonport and Burnie has been presented to the Cradle Coast Authority for investigation. Merseylink bus company owner Grant Bingley said he would leave the scenic but ‘slow and winding’ coastal rail route open to operate a major passenger train attraction benefiting the area. Mr Bingley said he launched the transport hub at a recent ideas forum hosted by Devonport Councilor Gerard Enniss but had been talking about it for several years. Cr Ennis said he presented it to the CCA as a regional peak body to see if it was possible and how it could work. ‘Freight will be trucked to Burnie, and the main line will be free for the River Don Railway to operate a tourist and passenger train for a very scenic journey,’ said Cr Ennis. Mr Bingley said it was about making the freight system more efficient. “At the moment we have slow trains between here and Burnie, and I think we need a transport hub like Brighton,” Mr Bingley said. N OTHER NEWS “Trains will only come to the back of Spreyton and freight is trucked from Burnie and Devonport docks to the hub. “So you don’t need freight trains on the stretch of road from Devonport to Burnie Iron, the slowest piece of rail in the state and the most scenic. If you can remove that part of the line, it will make the rail system more efficient. “You also have the DRR doing its best to get to the main line.” Mr Bingley said it was a costly but potentially hugely beneficial idea and required road improvements around the transport hub. “There’s land at the back of Caltas that might be suitable, which would mean you just have to improve the route from the Bass Highway to that site,” he said. Mr Bingley said this would solve the problem of access to Formby Road in Devonport. He said without freight trains part of the rail corridor along Formby Road could be reclaimed for another route of travel. Mr Bingley said creating a transport hub would cost millions like in Brighton, but was a long-term investment in the future of the area. “They spend millions every day on great things down south,” he said. “As we know, the money is made at the top of this state and flows out the bottom. Let’s keep some of it here.” Mr Bingley said Tasmania should use two-wheel semi-trailers. “Maybe it’s something we could start with all that being trucked in a two-wheeled semi-trailer from Burnie to Spreyton Transport Centre, it would save the roads and employ more people,” did he declare. Cr Enniss said he had already had an initial conversation about the transport hub with the CCA. “We don’t know if that can happen, but if you had a clear rail line between Devonport and Burnie for a passenger train, it would be an amazing rail journey with some beautiful views,” he said. Devonport Deputy Mayor Alison Jarman said it wasn’t “as crazy as it sounds”. “It’s an idea that shouldn’t be dismissed without investigation. I think people need to think long and hard about it, not think of it as a ‘pie in the sky’ idea,” she said. “It won’t be popular with everyone to start with, but in the long run I think it would work, and while it will cost a lot of money, it will pay off over time.” What do you think? Have your say