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Up to 78% of Taiwanese Hope to Travel Overseas in 2022 | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Up to 78% of Taiwanese hope to travel abroad at least once next year, according to an opinion poll released by Lion Travel on Thursday (December 16).

The travel agency also found that people wanted to fly even though the cost of travel abroad was higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic, ANC reported. In total, 85% of survey respondents agreed to a price increase of up to 20%, while 28% were willing to spend 15% of their annual income on overseas travel in 2022.

While overseas travel was difficult in 2021, 85% of survey participants had traveled within Taiwan, 71% of which made five trips or less, according to Andy Yu (游 國 珍), managing director. branding strategy at Lion Travel Service Co., Ltd.

As for the time spent traveling in 2021, 75% had been absent for 10 days or less, while 12% spent a total of 20 days. The survey also found that 45% of travelers spent at least NT $ 5,000 (US $ 179) per trip within Taiwan.

Renewed interest in international travel was gaining ground as the pandemic appeared to abate, travel agency officials said. The number of landings and take-offs by commercial flights fell by 80%, from 118,116 per week at the end of January 2020 to April of the same year, but they returned to 92,476, or 85.5% of the previous level, in early December 2021, CNA reported. .