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USTOA Advocates for Responsible Travel with Sustainable Susie


The United States Travel Operators Association (USTOA) would like you to meet “Sustainable Suzie”, the star of its new comic strip, which promotes responsible travel.

“By day, she is a USTOA tour guide named Susan who provides advice for travelers as well as examples of destinations and travel companies that are adopting viable and sustainable practices to ensure there is a world to explore for future generations,” the organization said.


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“Meanwhile, her alter-ego Suzie battles with the villains bent on contaminating the planet.”

USTOA has a long history of advocating for sustainable tourism and hosted its first Sustainability is Responsibility Summit with Visit Norway in Bodo, Norway last May.

“Travelling sustainably means being aware of the impact tourism has on the environment and the communities we visit, and our goal for the comic is to break down any barriers travelers might have to understanding that even small steps can make a big difference,” USTOA said. President and CEO Terry Dale.

“While a comic strip may seem unorthodox, Sustainable Suzie humorously conveys the essential messages of responsible travel, a much more digestible way of understanding problems, issues and solutions.”

In the comic, which emphasizes the need to protect nature reserves and cultural resources, Tour Guide Susan leads a small group of travelers to such committed to sustainable tourism as Korea, Tenerife and Norway.

“The storyline cleverly uses classic comic book tropes – superhero beats villain – to illustrate that sustainable travel is about choice,” USTOA said.

“Awareness is key,” Dale said. “And that’s what Sustainable Suzie is all about, to make ‘sustainability’ accessible and achievable so we can all make responsible travel decisions that respect the places and people we visit, leave a smaller footprint and, most importantly, do no harm.”

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