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Week 3 RP Mission Guide


Each Royale Pass in BGMI offers players several weekly missions that they must complete to get their hands on the rewards. While many tasks are repetitive in monthly RPs, specific assignments are unique and help users enjoy the game more each week.

As Week 1 draws to a close, the Week 2 missions are live. There is a specific mission that players need guidance on.

What steps should BGMI players take to travel in an Armored Air Drop Vehicle?

The arrival of Week 2 of Month 11 Hidden Hunters Royale Pass allowed EZ License Card holders to gain access to Week 3 missions before others. Along with several repetitive missions, a new mission that requires them to travel over 3200 meters in an Air Drop Vehicle (BRDM – 2) has also been incorporated.

To complete the mission, users need to follow some simple steps. Here’s a guide on how they can go over 3200 meters in a single match and earn 75 RP points:

  • Players must play a ranked or unranked match on Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi, or Livik. Playing unranked classic mode will save them from losing points even if they die in-game while completing the mission.
  • Individuals should go to a safe location and search for the Flare Gun. If needed, they should also keep a fuel canister to add to the airdrop vehicle.
  • After finding the Flare Gun, users need to get out of the safe zone and shoot it, which will allow them to get the Air Drop Vehicle (BRDM – 2).
  • Finally, players must mark a location and track if they have traveled more than 3200 meters.

List of missions available in week two of BGMI’s M11 Royale Pass

A total of 12 missions have been incorporated into Week 2 of the M11 RP. This will allow BGMI users to get a total of 1225 weekly RP mission points, which will help them progress through RP levels.

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Here is an overview of the Week 2 missions and the RP points that can be obtained.

  • 100 RP points: Use adrenaline syringe in classic mode – 6 times.
  • 75 RP points: For every 100 minutes spent in Classic and Arena mode matches.
  • 150 RP points: Finish 16 opponents with ARs in Pochinki (Erangel) in Classic mode.
  • 75 RP points: Finish four opponents with M24 in Classic mode.
  • 75 RP points: Use the mechanized barrier in Core Circle – 15 times.
  • 75 RP points: Blow up the secret room doors on the Livik map in classic mode – 5 times.
  • 75 RP points: Finish ten opponents with SKS in Classic mode.
  • 100 RP points: Pick up the Smoke Grenade in 16 matches in Classic mode.
  • 75 RP points: Win three matches while equipping the Tier 3 Spetznaz Helmet with teammates in Classic Mode.
  • 75 RP points: Give 24 in-game likes to your teammates.
  • 75 RP points: Win 20 matches in Arena mode.
  • 75 RP points: Complete 12 matches in Arena mode with friends.

Many new BGMI RP holders have already started the task of completing the weekly missions and are waiting for the unlocking of the week 3 missions.

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