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Where to see the moon in all its glory in India


With each passing year, adventure travel takes on new meaning. The latest is full moon tourism – packages and tours designed to allow tourists to experience a bright full moon on a clear, starry night. Here is where all you can opt for the same. By Anouchka Goel

In recent years, and particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a resurgence of interest in astronomy. Several people pulled out their telescopes and binoculars, attached a telephoto lens to their DSLRs and went stargazing from their balconies to spot bright, rare and unique stars and planets.

This renewed interest in the sun, moon and stars has given rise to a new genre of travel: full moon tourism. While astrotourism and starry sky tourism have been popular in the country, this type of travel will allow visitors to witness the grandeur of a full moon on a clear, starry night.

Where to Go in India for Full Moon Tourism


Representative image; Courtesy of Gaurav Sehara/Unsplash

Rajasthan is the first state to launch a program for this type of tourism. Previously, the state had introduced astrotourism. With this new initiative, the government of Rajasthan will allow travelers to experience the galactic beauty of the state, in addition to its vibrant culture, palaces, forts, handicrafts, delights and much more. Moreover, this new initiative will attract a whole new group of travelers to come and explore Rajasthan beyond what is shown in the movies.

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Rann of Kutch

Image: Courtesy of Shutterstock

Although not promoted as a full moon tourist destination, White Rann is a beautiful place to view the moon. On a clear, starry night during the Rann Utsav, embark on a night safari on the white sands. Here you can see the full moon in all its glory, and you can even spot its reflection in the white sand and salt marshes on the ground, giving the illusion of a double moon.

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Taj Mahal

full moon tourism
Image: Courtesy of Shutterstock

Have you ever seen a blue Taj Mahal? We thought so. That’s why we invite you to visit this monument of love on a full moon night! The luminosity of the moon gives the entire white marble structure a soothing blue hue, making it look simply ethereal.

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full moon tourism
Image: Courtesy of Ashwini Chaudhary (Monty)/Unsplash

Uttarakhand has several destinations for stargazing. be it Nainital or Bhimtal, each of these destinations offers beautiful clear skies. Moreover, these destinations are also ideal for full moon tourism, as the moonlight falls on the surface of the lakes and adds a soft, illuminating glow to the whole space.

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