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Welcome to NYLON City Guides, your one stop shop for the perfect vacation. Here, you’ll find the ultimate recommendations for places to stay, eat, drink, shop and more for the world’s hottest cities – all tested and approved by NYLON editors. Read on for your ideal NYLON approved itinerary.

Thanks to Milan Fashion Week, which closed its Spring / Summer 2022 season last week, the northern city is often synonymous with Italian fashion. But let’s not forget that the largest city in the country has a lot of style too. Yes, we’re talking about Rome, home of Valentino, Bulgari and Fendi – but the beauty of the capital isn’t limited to its shopping potential (although rest assured, it’s plentiful). Here our guide to Rome including where to stay for the best views of the city, where to have the best cocktail in town, and where to get some really good vintage bargains.


There are plenty of options when it comes to Rome, but your search should start with Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, a sprawling hilltop estate that will satisfy just about any type of traveler. Want to discover the sites? Look no further than out the window, as the property’s elevated vantage point offers pretty epic views of the city. And while you’ll feel just far enough away from the bustling city center to breathe, the hotel is only a quick five-minute ride from downtown. Want to relax? There’s an outdoor pool (and another a short walk inside) with full bar service and enough pool chairs to make sure you always have your favorite spot.

The bedrooms have just what it takes to remind you that you are in Rome, yet still feel right at home (we also recommend taking a few selfies in the golden bathrooms on each floor). Along with a spa and on-site activities like tennis and running tracks, the real must-see here is eating. Rome Cavalieri has the only three Michelin star restaurant in Rome, La Pergola, a fine dining experience with stunning views of the city. For something a little more casual, try a poolside dinner in Uliveto for a meal rich in locally sourced seasonal ingredients.


If you’ve studied abroad in Rome (or seen a TikTok from someone who studied in Rome), there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Tonnarello. Located in a picturesque square in the middle of the Trastevere region, Tonnarello serves excellent, affordable pasta dishes worthy of its five stars on Google (based on over 26,000 reviews). Don’t be put off by a long queue – a table for two usually becomes available every few minutes. And a piece of advice from a former student abroad: give it an Italian name to earn some favor on the waiting list. The best extra bets for top notch pasta include Osteria Delle Coppelle (perfect for a romantic evening); Felice a Testaccio (sit outside and kiss the seemingly put-off waiters – that’s part of the experience); and for a quick but memorable lunch, try the stuffed sandwiches and arancini balls at Trapizzino Testaccio.

You should eat enough ice cream during your trip to Rome, no matter how long, that it deserves its own section. Gelateria dell’Angeletto in Monti may not be the most traditionally decorated store, but in our estimation it has the best value for money in town; on a hot day, go for a fruit flavored option and prepare to be amazed when the peach flavor tastes like real peaches (American ice cream never could). For a great vegan option, head to Gelateria Del Viale for a scoop of chocolate, along with their signature rose flavor – a must-have.


Whether you fancy a casual cocktail or a big night out (RIP perennial hotspot G Bar), Travestere is once again the place to go. The always lively neighborhood offers everything from chic cocktail bars (Freni e Frezioni) to local pubs (Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà). For a place that ticks both boxes a bit, head to Salotto 42, located right next to the Pantheon. Grab an outside table for the best people-watching and browse their long list of specialty cocktails, which range from classics like Mint Julep and Moscow Mule to what’s known as “Crazy Apple”.


Let’s put that aside: the things you’re supposed to do in Rome are worth doing. Before boarding the plane, book your Vatican tickets and prepare for a morning worthy of frescoes, ancient maps, and generally stunning architecture. You will be glad you did.

Once you’ve exhausted all of the must-haves, it’s time to go shopping. Rome offers some of the best vintage finds in the world if you know where to look. Fortunately, the best stores tend to be clustered around each other, making it easy to make an afternoon out. If you’re going to stick to just one neighborhood, head just south of Trevi and stroll down Via del Boschetto. Here you’ll stumble upon Blue Goose and Flamingo Vintage, both of which have select choices ranging from vintage ’80s blouses to high-end designer shoes. If you’re up for a good dig, try Pifebo for some great old-fashioned college shirts and all kinds of denim (and for those really up for the challenge, next door is Pifebo Kilo Shop, where you can buy by the pound). Bonus points for all rare Fendi finds.

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