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White House says experts should guide COVID response, not courts


JThe White House has said public health measures should be guided by science, data and experts after a federal judge’s ruling led to trains, planes and buses switching to the optional mask of the day to day.

The Justice Department is still reviewing the decision and may appeal, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.


“We said from the start that our course of action should be guided by science and data, and by experts,” Psaki said. “When we made this announcement, the CDC said it needed 15 days to assess the impacts of increased cases on hospitalizations, deaths and hospital capacity. reasonable fact.”

The federal mask mandate for public transportation and transportation hubs was overturned Monday by U.S. District Judge Kathryn Mizelle in Tampa, eliminating the requirement, at least temporarily, for travelers across the country.

The mandate had recently been extended through May by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But following the decision, a Biden administration official said late Monday that the Transportation Security Administration would not enforce the warrant while federal agencies review the decision and weigh next steps.

“The CDC recommends that people continue to wear masks on domestic public transportation,” the official said.

President Joe Biden is traveling to New Hampshire today to deliver a speech on infrastructure, and aides and members of the media traveling with him were required to wear masks aboard Air Force One.

“The CDC continues to advise and recommend masks on airplanes,” Psaki said. “We follow the recommendations of the CDC, and the president is. We would advise all Americans to do so.”

After the plane landed, Biden made his own statements to the press that did not appear to confuse those of his press secretary.

When asked if Americans should wear masks, Biden said it was “up to them.” When Biden was asked if the Justice Department should appeal the court’s decision, the president said he hadn’t “talked to the CDC.”

For now, Americans will decide individually whether or not they want to follow the CDC’s mask-wearing advice. PSAKI lamented to reporters that the decision was made by a federal judge rather than public health authorities.


“Public health decisions shouldn’t be made by the courts,” Psaki said. “They should be done by public health experts.”